New Year


A new year is almost here.  Time goes so fast.  Can you imagine waking up every morning to the above view?  Watching the clouds lift.  So awesome.  Some of the condo’s on the mountain are right on the ski trails and you can go out and ski right onto the trail.  Unbelievable views from the condo’s.


Some resolutions………


I like the French language and actually my Grandfather was Canadian French.  This time of year sometimes makes me think of loved ones who are no longer with us.

snow day

Sometimes a walk in the crisp, winter air with just a dusting of snow on the ground this time of year is refreshing.


Then a Peppermint Mocha Latte to make all the world seem right.





Happy New Year!!!

Everyone has their traditions for New Years.  It’s fun to go out to a nice Inn and have a nice dinner and then listen to a live band and dance.  But sometimes it’s just as fun to stay home and have a nice dinner with the fireplace going.

Private Chef Dinner 395

Then spend the evening enjoying special little treats like the following:


The following chocolate mousse filled chocolate shells are so cute.  The chocolate shells can be found on Amazon and you just fill them with an easy chocolate mousse recipe and whipped cream and a blackberry.  They look so fancy.



Watch the New York Times Square crystal ball drop at midnight on TV.

December 29, 2015

We finally got some snow last night.  It’s a mixture of sleet and freezing rain this morning.  The following little guys decided to take a break:


The snow would be pretty if you didn’t have to travel on the roads.  7e29341bfef360d13009adad48365975

On the interstate, people sometimes do not slow down.  Kind of scary when you are driving along, being cautious and a car zooms by and throws up a pile of slush into your windshield.  And if you get into the tracks of slush of someone that goes off the road, it’s not easy to recover.  Then there are the hills and side roads.  Best to have winter tires and 4-wheel drive if you have to go to work in the early morning.

We definitely didn’t get a “Northeaster” type of storm.





Spa Day

I always wanted to have a spa day at home.  A day just of pampering and doing all things that are healthy and good for you.  I love this little teddy bear from Vermont Teddy in Burlington.


I saw this recipe for Chai Pudding on the “Oh She Glows” blog.  Chai seeds are supposed to be healthy and good for you.  And this recipe has all kinds of healthy ingredients that would be perfect for a spa day.

Chai pudding

Then this healthy bowl that includes sweet potatoes, cauliflower and Cilantro Black Bean Quinoa Salad with Cumin and Lime.

220884b594eab1582174f1d60ca3cd0d (1)

I would love to have a yoga space.  Maybe a soft throw, candles, yoga mat and some inspiration pictures on the wall.

A nice walk outside, an aerobic exercise also.  Maybe do a facial, a manicure and a pedicure.  Soak the feet in a foot soak with rose petals.  Have a bubble bath with candle light.  The ultimate would be to splurge and have a massage, have your hair shampooed, cut and styled.

Have to have a smoothie and something from the juice machine.


Now all that would make life bearable and give you a new outlook and positive attitude.  This time of year needs something to lift the spirits.


December 27, 2015

Today, being Sunday and a weekend after a holiday, it is a good time for just being comfortable and relaxing.  I put the fireplace on and just put some comfortable clothes on and after doing the minimum of housework, enjoyed the day.  I thought of comfort food like slow cooker macaroni and cheese.  Just throw all the ingredients in the slow cooker and it’s done within 3 hours.  I had poached eggs on sunflower seed bread that I toasted for breakfast.  And had some dark roast coffee.


Then in the afternoon, I made some popcorn and watched marathon Finding Bigfoot.  It’s just fun to watch.


A warm and cozy tunic sweatshirt with leggings and warm socks.  Who could ask for more.

December 26, 2015

Day after Christmas and the new year is starting in just a few days.  I noticed that a lot of stores are having after Christmas sales.  Nice time to use Christmas gift cards.

It’s always fun to try new recipes.  Sometimes, anyways.  I’ve seen recipes that sounded good, but had to to be changed here and there to make it to your taste.

One recipe that sounds good is La Potee (French Farmhouse Soup), which has white beans and sausage in it.


Another recipe that might be good to try is Pumpkin Gingerbread Muffins for winter baking.


I saw a recipe for a 10-spice mix to use in a variety of dishes. And also a recipe for 10-spice Vegetable soup that sounded really good.  Most of the recipes are on my Pinterest board under healthy recipes.  The French soup is in my “All things French” board on Pinterest.


10-spice vegetable soup

I love to make up spice mixes and keep them in jars near my stove for when I am cooking.  I have a Chili blend, a Taco blend, an Italian blend and Paula Deen’s house seasoning.  I’m going to try making up the 10-spice blend.

It won’t be long and the ice skating rinks will open.  We have been having unseasonably warm weather lately, but it won’t last for sure.  I broke one of my ankles twice so have to be careful, but I’m going to try ice skating this winter.  Maybe ski mid week when there are not crowds.  Sometimes at Okemo Mountain in Ludlow, they have Vermont day for residents of Vermont now and then and the lift tickets are a lot less.

December 25, 2015

I really like the following Christmas table ideas.




I think the patterns on the dinnerware are really pretty and add to the spirit of Christmas.

Some traditional Christmas day dinner ideas that I like include some of what I grew up with.  My Mom sometimes made a baked ham with pineapple that had like an orange sauce with brown sugar glaze and cloves that were placed in the diamond like pattern that was cut into the top of the ham.


I like Potato Au Gratin and mashed potatoes as well as sweet potatoes with the side dishes.

au gratin potato casserole

Mashed Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

A Christmas pasta salad is pretty and has Christmas colors in it.


My husband used to like Mince Pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream at Christmas.

mincemeat pie with icecream

I like the following Christmas Cake idea.


I like a round table like the following:


I like the following dinnerware, also.  The setting has a soft, Christmas glow.  I like to collect ideas.



It’s always fun to make paper snowflakes to hang in windows.  I have a book that shows how to make pretty patterns for snowflakes.


So Christmas day is here.  Actually, most of my ideas are stored on my Pinterest Boards on the computer.  Maybe some day I will get to use some of them.  It’s always next year with me or I used to be able to do this.  Life has little twists and turns.  To cheer myself up today, I watched Christmas videos on Instagram for awhile.  Some of them are so entertaining and really fun.  No matter how sad sometimes holidays are, there are always little things that make the day better.  Loved ones that are no longer with us always come to mind this time of year.   I read that to do nice things for yourself will always make this time of year better.  Working on this blog is very fun and I really can suggest anyone to find an outlet for your creative side.


Christmas Wishes

They say that if you make a wish while going through a covered bridge, it will come true.  Wishing everyone a beautiful Christmas.


I like the following outfit to wear on Christmas Eve.  It’s casual, comfortable and Christmas like.  The three C’s.


And I like the following dress to wear on Christmas day.  It’s classic and never goes out of style.


I love this view from the top of a mountain.  So peaceful and beautiful.


I also like Weston, VT this time of year.  It’s just pretty.


The Vermont Country store is just a very fun place to visit.  Filled to the rafters with all kinds of nostalgic goodies.


Then up near Stowe, VT, the Trapp Family Lodge is just awesome.  I had a friend that used to snowmobile across the fields and then have hot chocolate at the Trapp Family Lodge.  Sounds dreamy to me.


hot chocolate

Christmas Nostalgia

I like this snowman Christmas mug.  It just makes me smile.

snowman mug

I can remember when my first born son had a pair of plaid pajamas almost exactly like the ones in the photo that looked so cute for Christmas.


That Christmas we were a young married couple.  We rented a house, had a new car, new furniture, new appliances and the cutest little son.  I remember I got those PJ’s in the Sears Wish book catalog that used to come out every year.  I loved going to Sears and getting that catalog. I can remember a lot of toys from the Sears Wish book were under the tree that year.

I like this little bird feeder.  It somehow reminds me of a little French outdoor cafe.  And I love everything French.  I can remember the first home that we owned.  We had a bird feeder with all kinds of sunflower seeds, suet and the whole nine yards hung on the round clothes line in our back yard.  To please our little feathered friends, I remember my husband plowing out through waist deep snow refilling the feeders.  They were just so fun to watch.  All kinds of majestic and cute birds would visit.


This time of year with one year ending and another one almost ready to begin is a time that brings back memories and yet makes you hope for the best in the year ahead.


New little Grandsons.  So cute and just little Cherubs.  Rubber band rolls on their wrists and just little and precious.

Older Grandsons getting their drivers license, playing sports, working part time jobs and just growing up too fast.  Time goes so fast.  I guess this time of year brings it all back.


December 22, 2015

Vermont Bed and Breakfast Style was on the Food Network’s Bobby Flay show this morning.  I liked the Vermont Cheddar & Herb Scrambled Eggs that he featured that were in a Black Pepper Popover.  And he had Maple Glazed Canadian Bacon with it.  The recipe is on the Food Network and I pinned in to my Brunch board on Pinterest.


Then on the same show, he had Vermont Bed & Breakfast Style Baked Apples with Oatmeal and Yogurt.  Looked good to me and I pinned that recipe to my Pinterest Brunch board, also.


But for Christmas morning in Vermont, an easy and fun breakfast is usually pancakes with real maple syrup.


Maybe Eggs Benedict….with a glass of Champagne for brunch if you want to get fancy.


Cinnamon Rolls are always good……


Or a fruit and yogurt parfait is always fun…….


I love this little Maple Syrup container that they have at the Vermont Country Store…..


My Mom used to always like Christmas hard candy and the Christmas candy called Peach Blossoms that has peanut butter in the middle of it for Christmas treats.  She always had some in the house during the Christmas season.  I don’t know how Vermont it is, but it sure is old fashioned.



I like this idea of a candy cane on a napkin at the table setting…..


It’s just a fun time of year and everyone has little traditions.  Love it.