My Latest Lose Weight Idea

Because the holidays are upon us, I want to try and stay as healthy as possible.  So I can’t really go to extremes on any diet.  To keep my weight in check and an maybe go into it more in January, I saw an idea to sip on bone broth.  I found some chicken bone broth at the local Food Co-op.  Took a sip of it and said “no way”.  Yuk!  So today I am going to put sauteed onions, carots and mushrooms in it, a bay leaf, some Italian herbs and some Ancient Harvest (gluten-free) Quinoa rotelle pasta plus some cubed rotisserie chicken for a soup.  Maybe it will be somewhere near able to stand.


Then I will make my own broth if I can find some grass fed beef soup bones.  It might taste bearable.

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