Christmas Wishes

They say that if you make a wish while going through a covered bridge, it will come true.  Wishing everyone a beautiful Christmas.


I like the following outfit to wear on Christmas Eve.  It’s casual, comfortable and Christmas like.  The three C’s.


And I like the following dress to wear on Christmas day.  It’s classic and never goes out of style.


I love this view from the top of a mountain.  So peaceful and beautiful.


I also like Weston, VT this time of year.  It’s just pretty.


The Vermont Country store is just a very fun place to visit.  Filled to the rafters with all kinds of nostalgic goodies.


Then up near Stowe, VT, the Trapp Family Lodge is just awesome.  I had a friend that used to snowmobile across the fields and then have hot chocolate at the Trapp Family Lodge.  Sounds dreamy to me.


hot chocolate

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