December 29, 2015

We finally got some snow last night.  It’s a mixture of sleet and freezing rain this morning.  The following little guys decided to take a break:


The snow would be pretty if you didn’t have to travel on the roads.  7e29341bfef360d13009adad48365975

On the interstate, people sometimes do not slow down.  Kind of scary when you are driving along, being cautious and a car zooms by and throws up a pile of slush into your windshield.  And if you get into the tracks of slush of someone that goes off the road, it’s not easy to recover.  Then there are the hills and side roads.  Best to have winter tires and 4-wheel drive if you have to go to work in the early morning.

We definitely didn’t get a “Northeaster” type of storm.





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