January 2, 2016

The paperwhite bulbs that I planted are budding, but not fully out yet.  The following is a photo of how the bulbs I planted last year looked on New Years day last year:


Stratten Mountain is not far from where I live in Vermont.  The following is a photo of their snow board park.  I think a lot of the younger people all like to snow board instead of ski.

Stratten MT snowboard

Jay Peak is in northern Vermont.  You can see the mountain from the fields on the farm where my grandparents lived.  They owned an 80 acre farm near there.  I think it is beautiful country.

Jay Peak

Woodstock, Vermont is a beautiful town.  We like to go there for bike rides in the summer.  In the winter they have sleigh rides that look like a lot of fun.


Vermont is really a beautiful state.  The only problem is that there is not much work.  The few jobs that there are, do not pay well.  Employers attitudes are to make one person do the job of 3 people and if you don’t like it, you can be replaced in a New York second.  In Burlington, there is more work and they do pay better.  But other areas pay better in other states, so young people do not stay in this state.  People that have made money in other areas have summer homes here and then the ski people sometimes have a second home near the ski areas.  State laws have driven most farmers out and then the taxes drove most employers out.  That’s the way I see it, anyways.


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