January 5, 2016

Extremely cold in Vermont today.  We have been lucky with not much snow so far and it just started getting really cold.

I like King Arthur Flour in Norwich, VT.  If you like to bake, that place has everything you ever dreamed of.  It also has a cafe where you can have lunch.  Lots of baked goods also to have with coffee.  I like their flourless chocolate cookies.  Really scrumptious.  They also have baking classes there.  One time Martha Stewart taught one of their classes.  I’d like to take their baguette baking class.

campus-hero-2 (1)

They also have a pizza making class and you get to take home your pizza.


The building itself has all open beams and cathedral ceilings.  All the classrooms have big windows and you can watch them baking.  The store has flours, baking pans, bread makers and just all kinds of interesting things to use for baking.


I like to buy their vanilla that is the best ever.  Also their chocolate chips which are awesome to make chocolate chip cookies with.  Really good chocolate.

A couple of barns that impressed me as being kind of neat are as follows:



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