January 27, 2016


I think that Vermont barns are beautiful.

The covered bridges are beautiful, also.  I like to go across the Bridge in Windsor, VT over across to Cornish, NH and then go shopping up to West Lebanon, NH. following old Route 12 going up along the Connecticut River.

This bridge was built in 1866, the fourth to cross the Connecticut River at this spot between New Hampshire and Vermont since 1796. Until just a few years ago it was the longest covered bridge in the United States at 450 feet. It’s known as either the Cornish-Windsor or Windsor-Cornish after the towns it connects Cornish, NH and Windsor VT. Precendence is given depending on which side of the river you’re from. This was made using my IR converted Nikon D100. In this case more than any other the effect is one of a very early light snow. In reality the hills are covered with the first changing of the Autumn leaves. For free, interactive maps of the covered bridges in the U.S. visit http://coveredbridgemap.com .,

I love to shop in West Lebanon.  There are several stores that I like including TJ Max, Price Chopper and Kohls.  They also have an L L Bean in one of their malls.  After shopping, it’s fun to have lunch in Applebees.  I love their soup and salad lunch special that comes with a really home made tasting bread stick.


Then they are happy to make you a frozen Sangria swirled into a Mango Margarita while you are waiting for your lunch.


And if that is not enough, the Triple Chocolate Meltdown dessert makes for a wonderful lunch. The molten lava cake and scoop vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce is awesome.


The drink and dessert are all extras that only on a day when everything has gone wrong day and you need the extra boost.  Totally sinful, yet delightful.

It used to be fun to go to Borders Bookstore and look at all the awesome books they have there.  And I always bought a book.  But that store is closed now.

Yesterday I went through one of my slow cooker recipe books and put tabs on recipes that I want to try.  It’s definitely crock pot weather.

And for television I like to watch “Fixer Upper” which is a program where they go in and do a house over.  I like what they did to the following master bedroom.  They found that French antique fireplace cover at an Antique store.  Fun to see the designs that they come up with.


So on winter days, there are always interesting shows on TV.  I like to watch Martha Stewart’s Cooking School on Vermont Public Television.  Also you can travel all over Europe with Rick Steves.  With xfinity cable, if a show is missed or you want to watch it again they have a channel with all the shows available.  I really like Comcast where you have phone, internet and cable TV all on one bill.  And if you see a recipe you like on the Cooking Channel, you can go in on their web page on the internet and save it to your Pinterest recipe boards or print it out.


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