February 10, 2016


We got just a dusting of snow this morning.  And snow flurries on and off all day.


The main rivers are still not frozen over, but it’s supposed to get really cold this weekend which will be more like it usually is this time of year.


The following is the casual style clothes that I like.  It’s not easy to find clothes that fit well and compliment your body type.


I like the following teddy bear faux fur jacket.  I think that it would be perfect for wearing when it isn’t really cold out, but cold enough to need something to take the chill off.


For a dress, I like the criss cross style that is very flattering to any figure.


I think the following coat is casual, yet sophisticated.  I think it was featured in the New York Fashion week with the Paris Street Fashion.  Like the color.


I like the look of a vest with a long sleeve T-shirt.


I like the following style, also.



I also like the colonial look of a farmhouse.


And that is my thoughts for this winter day.



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