Chocolate and More


When I think of my favorite chocolate, I think of old fashioned chocolate cream pie.  It’s like a chocolate pudding with whipped cream in a buttery, flaky pie crust.


Then decadent chocolate cheesecake.  Yum.


Brownie ala mode is a favorite.


For Valentines day, heart shaped shortbread cookies are always fun.


It’s wicked cold outside today and a good day to stay cozy inside.  Maybe read a good book by the fireplace.

The Republican debate was on TV tonight.  To me, it would be nice to see a candidate that was for family values and would strive to try to make a strong economy.  Someone that realized that the majority of the people are middle class and in order for the economy to grow need good paying jobs to get money to spend on products that are manufactured.  Free trade is not working in my opinion and instead of worrying about the world, concentrate on the home country.  Education is important, but values and honesty are also important.

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