February 29, 2016


So cute from King Arthur Flour for Leap Year.  They have a bunny cookie cutter shaped just like that little bunny.



I like the cute deviled egg idea.  There are several recipes for deviled eggs for this idea.



I think the above Sunflower cake is cute also.  They showed it on QVC on the Sunday “In the Kitchen with David” show.  It’s just a yellow cake with chocolate frosting and 18 little peeps in a circle on the cake.  Then chocolate chips in the middle.


I think the Williams Sonoma Peter Rabbit apron and dish towel is cute.


It’s fun to see the dresses that they wear at the Oscars.  The above is kind of interesting for the designer styles over the years.

Easter bunny

I think the above little bunny is cute.


Tomorrow, I am going to get one of those Shamrock Shakes at McDonalds.  So fun for this time of year.

And that is my thoughts for the day. ❤

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