March 7, 2015


I like the above wreath idea for a March door.  Lavender is so French and then the Easter eggs in purple with the white pearl accents is just pretty.  I would like a Nantucket grey door with this wreath.    Or a white door would look nice, also.


I like the above Pfalzgraff Iris teacup.  It’s on sale right now, plus another 20% off.


I have a Moto-X smart phone and I needed a new protective cover for it.  I saw this idea on Etsy and ordered one with my initials on the monogram.  I just like it.

2016 short wavy hairstyle

I got my hair trimmed and styled today and had the above for an inspiration.  I can’t believe how nice it came out.  And easy to care for.  The length is just right.  This time of year with grey, dull days you need something to perk up the day.  The beautician is just a real find.  Can’t believe how wonderful she is.


When I got groceries this week, I got some sesame oil and brown rice.  I have soy sauce, the chicken, peas, carrots, onions in the pantry, fridge and freezer.  The above is an easy dish to make that is called “Better then takeout Chicken Fried Rice.  I know that sesame oil mixed with soy sauce tastes just like they have in Chinese Restaurants.  Quick and easy to make and also healthy.

Rav 4 Hybrid

I have a silver Toyota Prius that I love.  I am thinking of getting a new car and I really like the Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid.  It’s 4-wheel drive which you really need in New England in the winter, plus it’s good on gas.


I like the option sun roof.


The neat dashboard……


The console and everything about it.


I also love Woodstock, VT.  It’s a beautiful, picturesque town with beautiful colonial buildings and a lot of history.  Sometimes on Easter, we used to go to the Woodstock Inn for Easter Brunch buffet after going to the Easter service at the Congregational Church.  They have a sunrise service on Mt Tom that is just beautiful.sunday-brunch2

o (4)

The Easter Brunch has an omelette station, even pate, along with ham, sausage and all kinds of fancy stuff plus a huge room filled with just desserts and is just awesome.  They gave everyone a huge pure chocolate bunny the year we went there, also.  There is a dining room that is circular with windows all around it that is beautiful.  We went there a couple of times.

And that is my thoughts for today.



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