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One of my favorite breakfasts is poached eggs on toast.  There is nothing like a just right poached egg and I have watched so many cook shows that I know all the little things that make the egg just right, or at least the way I like them.  And my favorite toasted artisan bread with whole grains and sour dough with melted butter.  Then you eat with your eyes the Chefs always say on the cook shows, so I like my favorite Spring dinnerware to make breakfast more fun.  I could have put an orange slice on the side and a little green parsley to make it look nice.  But with steaming hot French Roast coffee and my matching coffee mug, I was happy as it was.


Another favorite breakfast is oatmeal and I put wheat germ and golden ground flax seed mixed in it.Then I put in a sliced banana, fresh blueberries and a California blend of almonds, pistachios, cranberries and raisins on top.  Then I pour coconut milk over it.  And have my favorite French Roast Coffee with it.  Plus my artisan bread with melted butter.  To make it more fun, I like my Pioneer Woman dishes.

I never have breakfast until after I do my one mile aerobic walk that is conveniently on a DVD and I can do rain, snow or sunshine.  It’s a nice way to start the day.


Sometimes I like to use my Pistoulet dishes with my oatmeal.  I just love the French cottage look of these cute dishes and I l have the placemats to match.


Then my Paris dish and coffee mug to match.  That is a chocolate filled croissant from Burdicks Chocolate in Walpole.  I bought it and saved it for breakfast one day.


Then my favorite frittata which is like an omelette.   I sautee a sliced onion and mushrooms and pour a beaten egg with a little shredded cheddar in it over the veggies.  Then I put more shredded cheddar over the top of it and let the bottom of the eggs cook a little.  Then I put the oven proof little fry pan under the broiler for a couple of minutes and it is just delicious.


Sometimes I feel like being healthy and just have a smoothie in my favorite mason jar.  The above smoothie is just coconut milk, frozen banana, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate cocoa powder and a little maple syrup.  I like it. ❤


Then if I’m lucky enough to go out for breakfast, I like pancakes with pure maple syrup.

As you can see, I like breakfast.  It’s always a fun time and I can’t see how anyone would want to skip breakfast.  I have too many dishes and have fun with them.

And that is some of my favorite breakfasts.


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