Hello Spring


Cute little lamb……..


Cute little bunny….


I think it would be fun to have an Easter egg hunt on Easter morning for the kids.




So cute and they love stuff like that.


I like simple table decor.


Pier One has such cute ideas.  Like the cute bunny subtle raised design on their white bunny egg plate.


People are so creative.  I love the bulb digger idea and using the bottom holder of a flower pot with moss and Easter eggs.


Cute napkin and simple idea……


Or the bunny napkin……

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Spring color…….


I like Daffodils.  They are the symbol of hope.



Cute little bunny.


So cute…

Spring time is just a time of new beginnings and it’s also the beautiful time of Easter.



March 21, 2016


Last week on the Food Network, I watched a neat show with Nancy Fuller called Farmhouse Rules.  The episode was “Auctionista” and Nancy went to an auction with some of her friends.  She bought the above hand-blown set of flutes from the 1800’s that she got for $650.00.  She made dinner for her friends after the auction and used the flutes that she bought to make Mimosas.  At the price she paid for those flutes, I wouldn’t dare use them myself.  She likes antiques and buys a lot of them.


On the show, she had previously picked out the items that she wanted to bid on and she wanted the flutes and the above table from the late 1700’s.  She won the bid for $3,300.00.  She then used that table for her luncheon that she made for her friends.  Must be nice.


She made her friends poached salmon and herb rice.  I pinned the recipe to my Pinterest Farmhouse Rules board.


Then she made a Strawberry Buckle that she served with vanilla ice cream and I also pinned that recipe to my Farmhouse Rules Pinterest board.


So yesterday on a new episode of Farmhouse Rules she had Spring Kick-Off.  It was so fun to watch as she started out by making Spiked Vanilla/Mint iced tea.  She just seeped some black tea bags in a pot of  hot water as a base.  Chilled it. Then added Bourban, vanilla and ice and put mint leaves on top.  I love the pitcher and glasses she used.  Probably expensive antiques.


Then she went to a Farmers Market and got all kinds of Spring veggies.  So fun to see that Farmers Market.  The above salad had pencil thin asparagus chopped up, colorful heirloom cherry tomatoes, shallots sliced thin, and Baby Greens.  Then she made the most scrumptious sounding Ranch Dressing that had mayonnaise, sour cream, buttermilk, apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, chives, parsley and minced garlic.  I pinned that recipe on my Farmhouse Rules board, also.  She knew all the vendors at the Farmers Market and invited several of them to enjoy the Dinner she was making from the Spring fresh produce.


She made a Shepherds Pie that had fresh garden peas in the filling and sounded so good.  The topping was just a shredded Idaho potato mixed with Parmesan cheese and it browned in the oven.


I love the filling recipe she had, but I think I would rather make a regular mashed potatoes topping for Shepherds pie.


Then she made asparagus with Hollandaise sauce for her guests, also.


And if that wasn’t enough, she made a jelly roll from scratch and she showed how she wrapped it in a towel while it was warm and then unrolled it and filled it with strawberry preserves that she had made from local strawberries and she made whipped cream to add to the filling and also on top when she rolled it up.

I don’t know about you, but I was impressed.


I think it would be nice to have friends over like that and cook for them.  Have a nice Spring bouquet on the table.


Spring is one of my favorite times of the year.

And that is my thoughts for today.

Favorite Spring Flowers


I love the colors in the above Spring bouquet.


I like the single pink Hyacinth.


White tulips with pussywillows is nice for Spring.


Yellow Peeps with the tulips is a neat idea for Easter.


I like Pansies.  They were one of my Grandmothers favorite.


So many neat ideas for Spring flowers.


Primroses and Daffodils are just sunshine and happiness.


I like all the neat colors of Daffodils.


Container gardening is always fun.

shopping (1)

I love Forsythia and it looks so pretty on a wreath.  I saw a door that had the wreath on a door like the color of the one above and it had grape vine framing the door with white miniature string lights on the grapevine.  It just looked so Spring like.

It’s such an awesome time of the year.

March 19, 2016



Daffodils and pussywillows mean Spring is on it’s way.  I used to make an arrangement of yellow sunshine and happiness Daffodils mixed in with a few Spring pussywillows in a green glass vase.  They looked beautiful and so Spring like.  I got the idea from a florist near where I lived at one time.


So this morning on the Food Network, “In the Kitchen”, they had a contest where 5 winners got the above Easter Basket.  And that is Le Creuset pot for the Easter Basket.  All you had to do to have a chance to win was make a comment on their Facebook page of where you saw the hidden Easter egg that they showed at the beginning of the show.  I spied it behind a fruitbowl and entered the contest.  It’s fun to think of having a chance of winning something so beautiful if you like to cook.


They also showed how to make a cute bunny cake.  So easy using a yellow cake mix.  I pinned that recipe on my Easter Ideas Pinterest board.


They also showed Egg-cellent hacks to make paper towel patterned eggs.  I love their Easter Basket contest that includes the green Le Crueset egg holder.


Debi and Gabriele were guests on the show and they showed how to make Sausage and Asparagus Risotto.  Looked really good.


And then on this mornings Tricia Yearwood show on Food Network, Tricia had Chloe Coscarelli on for a guest.  Chloe won cupcakes wars with her Vegan cupcake recipe and they made and shared the recipe for those cupcakes.  The cupcakes are Lemon-Olive oil cupcakes with Coconut Whipped Cream.  The whipped cream is actually coconut milk that is in a can and they refrigerated it and took the cream of the coconut milk from the top and added lemon extract.  It is a $10,000.00 winner recipe.  I pinned that recipe to my Pinterest cupcake board.  They also shared a couple of good sounding Vegan recipes.  Saturday morning Food Network has mostly all new shows.  They had some really fun shows this morning if you like cooking and baking.

So I really enjoy the cook shows and that is where I spent my morning.  It’s a beautiful sunny day today and I think I am going out for a nice long walk.  I skipped breakfast, so I think that I will make a mushroom and sauteed onion frittata for like a brunch.  I love Saturday mornings!

And that is my thoughts for now.

March 18, 2016


I like Spring flowers.  There are all kinds of them in the stores right now in pots that you can buy.  It’s even more beautiful when they start blooming in the Spring in gardens.

Mt Tom

I love the above photo that was taken on Easter morning at a sunrise service on Mt Tom in Woodstock, Vermont.

Easter bunny

When my son was little, we used to tell him that the Easter Bunny lived in a field across from our house where we used to live.  Now he brings his little kids to the same spot and tells them that is  where the Easter Bunny lives.  It’s fun when he tells us about their expressions.  Love it.


I think tulips are beautiful.  The above tulips were the color theme one year at the Woodstock Inn.  Every year they have new themes.


Cute little lamb. ❤

And that’s my thoughts for today.



March 17, 2016


Cute little captured Leprechaun.


I want to have a Shamrock Shake at McDonalds today.  So fun for St Patrick’s Day.


We were going to do our tradition of going down to Bernardston, MA and have corned beef and cabbage at the Four Leaf Clover Restaurant, but Sigurd got a bad cold and we can’t go.


The above is the corned beef and cabbage that they have at the 4-leaf Clover restaurant.  So much fun to have on St Patrick’s day.


Another fun tradition is Chocolate Guinness cupcakes with Bailey’s Cream Cheese frosting.  Yum!


I like the above mug and the cute idea of making bread pudding in it using a microwave.  The recipe was on the Today Show website.


Guinness beer is so Irish……

Happy St Patricks’s Day!



March 16, 2016


This month is National Craft Month.  I like the Anna Griffin stuff that they had on HSN Home Shopping today.  I especially like that French style chair.


I love the above idea for a French style sewing and craft room.  The French looking cabinet and the chandelier and French doors.  I would have the French doors looking out over garden paths.


I like the above idea, also.  I like that table with storage shelves and lots of work room.


I like to crochet and the easiest to do is granny squares.  I like the colors used in the above.


I like how they put a shelf over the farmers sink in the above kitchen.  I think that is a stained glass type huge sun catcher over the shelf.  I like the faucet and I like the window cabinets to display dishes.


I like the looks of the above bird house.  One year at our local library they gave out plain bird houses and you could design it any way you wanted.  Then they auctioned them off to raise money for the library.  I made mine the color of the one above and had a copper roof something like the roof on the above photo.  My friend, Sigurd, made the roof in his wood working shop with some copper that he had.  I call Sigurd my “Tool Man”  because he has every tool to work with that was ever created, I think.


I like the looks of the above spring Afghan.  That is awesome crocheted in granny squares, and I like how the pink pops with the black border.


I think that the above little bunny cupcake is adorable.


I think it would be fun to have something like the above in a sewing room for inspiration.


Storage boxes are expensive, but if you buy a plain one and cover it with a material that you like, I think it would be fun to store favorite magazines on a book shelf.  I think with a glue gun, it would be reasonably easy to do.


I like the above material to use on the storage boxes.  And then just the light green with white dots for a lining.


The Flower and Garden Show is in Boston this week.  Really beautiful ideas there.  I am checking on ways to get there…..Maybe I can figure out something.  It costs a lot to park your car and the traffic is not fun to drive in.  So I’m thinking of one of the bus tours that includes the ticket and also dinner on the way back at a really reasonable price.  I think the dinner is your choice of Yankee Pot Roast or Stuffed Haddock.  What a nice day that would be.  Sunday is the last day and Friday is better to go because weekends are really crowded.  It might be OK to drive down to Boston if you left your car at a T-line on the outskirts  of Boston and then took that into the city right to the Flower Show and also would not have to pay so much to park your car.

And that’s my thoughts for the day.