April 6, 2016


I like the above jacket from L L Bean.  It’s perfect to wear for today as it is a cloudy and kind of chilly Spring day.  The color is called Basil, I think.


I also like the above vest for Spring.  It’s from Nordstrom and I saw one a lot like it at T J Max, but they sold out fast.  I think that it would be fun to work at T J Max, because you would be there when cute stuff came in and would be able to purchase it before it’s gone.


I also like the above top that I saw on one of my fashion bloggers.


I also like a wrap dress.


And then the above dress from Nordstrom, I think, was on my favorite fashion blogger.  It’s called Petal Showers Sheath dress.


It’s always fun to have a dungaree jacket.  I also saw this on my favorite fashion blogger’s post.  So that is what I would buy if I had the money.  All of them and then some.


I really like the above Vera Bradly 3 zipper hipster purse.  It was on sale at Zulily for only $29.00.  What a buy.  You save about $30.00 or so from what they are in the store.  They have a Vera Bradly sale every once in a while.  Last year I got a Vera Bradly smart phone case and I just love it.


The smart phone case has a zipper compartment for ID’s, keys and money.  Then it has that neat handle.  It really is perfect for carrying your phone and works really neat when you go for walks.  Also fits neat in your purse and protects your phone.



I found the above recipe for Maple Cake with Maple fudge frosting.  It has real maple syrup in it not the extract or something.  It’s called Canadian maple cake.  I put the recipe on my Cake pinterest board and definitely have to try it.


It sounds like the cake my Mom used to tell about that they used to make when she was a kid.  She would have loved this cake.


Then Barefoot Contessa made the above Spring Green Risotto for her Jeffrey today.  It has fennel, asparagus and peas in it.  Also white wine, lemon and parmesan cheese.  She gave the recipe on a facebook post and I pinned it to my Barefoot Contessa recipes board.  Definitely am going to try and make it.  Looks perfect for a cloudy Spring day like today.


Then I saw a recipe for Lemon Gelato.  I like anything lemon.  I pinned that recipe on my ice cream machine board.  Nice Spring treat.

So that’s what caught my interest today.


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