April 19, 2016


I love the above photo of a Spring Arbor.  The early morning light is just beautiful.


I also love Spring blossoms.  Again, it’s early morning light.


Another chocolate recipe winner on King Arthur Flour website was Chocolate Birthday Cake.  Looks like a fun cake to have for birthdays.  I pinned the recipe on my Cakes board on Pinterest.


Then on Le Creuset they had a recipe for Coq au Vin Blanc.  So it looks like they just used white wine instead of red wine in the recipe.  I think that would be really neat because the red wine turns the chicken red in the regular Coq au Vin recipes.  I pinned that recipe on my Le Creuset recipes board on my Pinterest.


I saw a recipe for grilled bacon wrapped scallops and peach Bourban shrimp.    Now I’m hungry……. I didn’t know where to pin that recipe, but I think I pinned it on my Pinterest Fish board because I don’t have a seafood board.


Then I noticed a recipe for cauliflower that looked kind of neat that was on my Pinterest main screen and I pinned it to my veggie board on Pinterest.


I like the above style for on the side of a stairway.  I just love that chair style.  The lavender with the white is neat.


My favorite fashion blogger had  rolled up jeans and she had a kind of fushia color sandals with a matching blouse that I thought was neat on her blog today.  She also had the similar bracelets and watch as the the above.  Her sandals were Sam Edelman GiGi sandals and very comfortable and good for your feet.  She rolled her jeans twice and it looked effortlessly chic.


I’m no fashion blogger, but I like clothes and fashion.


I think the above is a neat outfit.


I actually met the photographer that took the above photo at an art show in Woodstock.  He calls the above photo “Spring Blossoms”.  So awesome how he has an eye for light and a gift for photography.  He puts the photos on canvas with a special machine that he has and it looks like art work and a painting.


I like the above style window overlooking an English style garden.

And that’s my thoughts for today.


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