April 20, 2016


The daffodils are now out.  So sun shiney and a sign of Spring and also a symbol of hope.

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I love the above photo of sheep with one little black sheep.


Today on QVC they have a today’s special of O-Leary wine.  O’Leary is the guy from “Shark Tank”.  I bought 3 bottles of the mixed variety last time O’Leary was on.  This time I’m liking the 3 bottles of the Cabernet-Sauvignon.  Really smooth and wonderful wine.  I really liked the Chardonay and Pinot Noir but you have to buy 12 bottles to get the mixed package this time.  Little much for me.  I remember when the wine arrived in the mail last time I got some and it was just awesome.



I like the above kitchen basket idea.  It looks neat and saves space.

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I would love to have a secret garden like the above.


I love the look of the above office.  I used to have a desk that looked a lot like that when I was a receptionist at a Real Estate office at one time.  I loved the job so much that I took courses and got my Real Estate license, although it took 3 tries to pass the federal part of the license test.  Not easy for me, anyways.  Hard to get, expensive to keep and I never did anything with it.


The French people call a kitchen garden a Potager.  I would love one like the above.  I love the little brick paths and all.


I like everything in the above style.  It’s totally French looking in my opinion.


I just am attracted to the above type of furniture.  And then the door with all the natural light.  Awesome in my opinion.


I like croissants that are buttery and light.  It’s easy to buy a croissant and then some chicken salad at the deli and make a nice sandwich for lunch.  It’s just a nice treat that is fast and easy to make.  I pinned the recipe for the above chicken salad on my pinterest under cool stuff.  It might be kind of fun to make if I ever felt like taking the time.


Farmhouse Pottery from Vermont got featured in Better Homes and Garden magazine I saw on my facebook this morning.  I’ve seen that pottery at the Woodstock Inn before featured on their website.


I like the above comforter set from Wayfair.  Mostly because I like blue and white and it just looks fresh and airy.


And it includes the pillows.  I love it.


Clam chowder is probably not the easiest chowder to make, but I have some recipes that I want to try until I can get ideas and call a recipe my own.


I think the chowder would be good with some Red Lobster Cheddar Bay biscuits from the copycat recipe that is all over Pinterest.  I copied the recipe to try on my copycat recipe board on Pinterest.  There used to be a Red Lobster near here and I remember those biscuits.  So good.


I like seared scallops.  The above recipe with avacado and pink grapefruit looks like it might be good and also healthy.  I pinned the recipe to my salads board on Pinterest.


I wouldn’t mind a kitchen like the above.  Maybe add on cupboard that had a glass front or something like a hutch.


I adore the above cabinet that is sort of like a hutch to display favorite dinnerware.


One time on Cupcake Wars they had the winners recipes on the food network website and I really liked the recipes for Vegan all natural cupcakes from a California place.  The website for this person had a recipe book that you could download for about $11.00 I think.  I downloaded the beautiful photos and recipes and saved them on a disc.  I love the ideas.


I kind of like the above fashion ideas, but the sandals are a little much.  Although kind of neat.


My favorite fashion blogger had the above jeans idea and combined mint and white for a nice Spring outfit.  The jeans are found at Nordstrom and the color is called mojito mint and they are 30% off she said.  I think they are called Page Verdugo.  And she had Tory Burch Lexington wedges for shoes.  If I could, I would have a huge wardrobe of shoes and pocketbooks.  🙂


I like the above photo called April Shadows.

And that’s my thoughts for today…….







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