The above setting is what I would like to own.  I like the view, the pond and the space it has for a garden


I like a dream garden area like the above.  The manicured hedges making little compartments for flowers, the arches for climbing roses, the garden path with a circle of flowers around an urn fountain.


On one of my favorite fashion blogs I saw what they call Kuhfs that attach to a 3 inch cuff on your jeans.  So cute but they cost over $30.00.  They had all kinds of patterns.


I can’t even imagine having the above view.  I love it.


I like Hollyhocks.  They are so old fashioned and pretty.


Sunflowers are also one of my favorite flowers.  There are a lot of varieties of sunflowers, but the above one is one of my very favorites.


One of my favorite facebook friends has a border collie called “Masie Grace”.  So cute how he took a photo of the young border collie herding baby lambs for practice.

download (1)

On QVC last night they had a ring that is called a love ring.  One of the meanings it could be is how a little baby wraps it’s hand around your finger.  They said that it would be a beautiful mothers day gift.  It would always remind you of your child.  So precious.

Mother and Newborn Baby Holding Hands
Mother and Newborn Baby Holding Hands
Camels Hump from Charlotte, Vermont.
Charlotte, Vermont.

Charlotte is over 100 miles from where I live, but I’ve seen views like that of Mt Ascutney which is near here.  My best friend when I was a kid had a view of Mt Ascutney from their living room window that reminds me of this photo.

And that is my thoughts for today…..




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