Tea Ideas


I like vintage tea cups.  On my bucket list is to have an afternoon tea party.


Have all the fixings and everything fancy.


Have something elegant to wear.


Maybe an outdoor garden tea.


Or afternoon tea on the deck.


Fancy swan cookies…..


Reckless abandon French Herb cheese and radish crostinis……


Butterfly tea bags…..


Scones with home made jam……………….


Everything fancy that makes a tea party fun…..


I would also like to visit a fancy tea house…..


My favorite of all favorites would be to visit the Tuck Box in Carmel by the Sea and have breakfast.  They have scones that are from a Scottish recipe and fancy jams.


They have a gift shop beside the place where you can buy that teapot with an image of the Tuckbox on it.


The scones look scrumptious.


You can also buy their jams and scone mix.


Just a fun place and they also have tables outside as well as inside with open beams and a cottage feeling.

TuckBox web lg

You can see the gift shop on the right and then where the gate is, there is like a place for outdoor tables to enjoy the salt air of Carmel by the Sea with your tea.  That place is just awesome and would be the ultimate place to visit and have tea.


One of my fondest memories was when I took a walk across Nantucket Island from Brandt Point to Surf Side.  On the way back, I stopped into this little cafe and had some Peppermint tea.  I remember that tea so well and after the long walk, it just was so fun to have.  I think that Peppermint tea is one of my favorites.

And that’s my thoughts for today on a kind of chilly April Sunday morning.


April 8, 2016


I like the above Tastsville Country Store window.


Banana Bread is really easy to make and it’s really good.  I found a recipe for “Flours Famous Banana Bread” from Flour Bakery in Boston.  The only difference I can see in it from recipes I’ve seen is that it calls for creme fraiche or sour cream.  It also has walnuts in the bread which most banana breads call for.  I pinned it on my Bread board in my Pinterest to save and to try sometime.


Then the recipe for the day on my facebook from the Cooking channel was Barefoot Contessa’s baked Shrimp Scampi.  I love Shrimp Scampi and the recipe is a 5 star on reviews.  I also pinned that recipe on my Barefoot Contessa board on my Pinterest.


I like table cloths and April Cornell has some Country Cottage style table cloths at the Vermont Country Store.  I think the cobalt blue candle sticks with yellow candles looks stunning with the table cloth.


Vermont Country Store also carries the above April Cornell table cloth.  Would love a table like that in a garden.


April Cornell also has cute baby dresses.  The above is called the “romance dress”.


The above cook book is on Amazon and I like how you can look through the book.  I think I might like to add it to my collection of cook books.


I like the above artsy idea of painting by number for adults.


And now they have adult coloring books.  I think the above collection would be fun to have.  On one of the home shoppers networks they have special markers that color really nice.


You know how you can look up and sometimes see neat shapes in clouds.  How neat is the above on looking like an angel cloud!


I like candles and the above candle from The Country Candle is so Spring like.


Kind of cute Mason jar measuring spoons.


I like labels for homemade baked goods, jams, jellies, pickles and more.


I grew up in the country and I just like open fields and crisp, clean air.  But a short time of living in Rhode Island with 6 lane traffic and exciting places to shop and lots of stuff to do always caught my interest as well.

I’m not into fashion, but I like clothes.  It’s fun to read the style magazines and some of the bloggers out there have awesome ideas on what to look for each season.


I like the above top for Spring.


When I got groceries yesterday I got a bouquet of daffodils.  They were only $1.68 for a bunch and they just lift my spirits and make my table look like Spring.

And that is my thoughts for today.


April 7, 2016


I’ve always thought that Swans were beautiful.


I like coffee mugs and saw the above on sale at Pfalzgraff.  I think they would be a nice and cheerful Spring cup to have.


I have the cutest Grandsons and I saw the above photo frame and book ends on Etsy.  Would be perfect for my newest little Grandson’s room.


I think the above outdoor fireplace is awesome.  It’s from the cottages that they have at Carmel by the Sea in California.  Love that 1930’s style.  It’s classic and never goes out of style.


I think that the above trellis and garden gate is neat.  The picket fence is also classic and you see a lot of stuff like that on Nantucket Island.  It’s like going back in time at 30 miles out to sea.


Hollyhocks are an old fashioned flower and you see a lot of them on Nantucket Island.  I think they are beautiful.


I think poppies are pretty also.  They are such easy care and they come up every year once they are planted.


The above is the view coming down Interstate 91 in Vermont in the summer.  I think that it is beautiful.  Another route that has awesome views is Route 1 on the seacoast of New Hampshire.

And that’s my thoughts for today.  Looking forward to warmer weather.  A cold front hit this area and rain today.

April 6, 2016


I like the above jacket from L L Bean.  It’s perfect to wear for today as it is a cloudy and kind of chilly Spring day.  The color is called Basil, I think.


I also like the above vest for Spring.  It’s from Nordstrom and I saw one a lot like it at T J Max, but they sold out fast.  I think that it would be fun to work at T J Max, because you would be there when cute stuff came in and would be able to purchase it before it’s gone.


I also like the above top that I saw on one of my fashion bloggers.


I also like a wrap dress.


And then the above dress from Nordstrom, I think, was on my favorite fashion blogger.  It’s called Petal Showers Sheath dress.


It’s always fun to have a dungaree jacket.  I also saw this on my favorite fashion blogger’s post.  So that is what I would buy if I had the money.  All of them and then some.


I really like the above Vera Bradly 3 zipper hipster purse.  It was on sale at Zulily for only $29.00.  What a buy.  You save about $30.00 or so from what they are in the store.  They have a Vera Bradly sale every once in a while.  Last year I got a Vera Bradly smart phone case and I just love it.


The smart phone case has a zipper compartment for ID’s, keys and money.  Then it has that neat handle.  It really is perfect for carrying your phone and works really neat when you go for walks.  Also fits neat in your purse and protects your phone.



I found the above recipe for Maple Cake with Maple fudge frosting.  It has real maple syrup in it not the extract or something.  It’s called Canadian maple cake.  I put the recipe on my Cake pinterest board and definitely have to try it.


It sounds like the cake my Mom used to tell about that they used to make when she was a kid.  She would have loved this cake.


Then Barefoot Contessa made the above Spring Green Risotto for her Jeffrey today.  It has fennel, asparagus and peas in it.  Also white wine, lemon and parmesan cheese.  She gave the recipe on a facebook post and I pinned it to my Barefoot Contessa recipes board.  Definitely am going to try and make it.  Looks perfect for a cloudy Spring day like today.


Then I saw a recipe for Lemon Gelato.  I like anything lemon.  I pinned that recipe on my ice cream machine board.  Nice Spring treat.

So that’s what caught my interest today.


April 5, 2016


The Robins are back a little early.  We got snow yesterday and it’s going to be cold all week.


When it snows this time of year they call it “sugar snow”.  It somehow makes the sap run longer in the maple syrup making season.


I think the above wine glass is kind of cute.  I saw it on Amazon.


I’ve been refilling my home made spice blends from recipes that I find.  I like my Paula Deen house blend that is good on everything.  I have a little shaker container like the above one with a handle on it that works nice.


I like the above idea for a pantry.  The little stepping stool is neat, also.  I get a Woman’s World magazine every week and this week they had all kinds of ideas for organizing a pantry.


I like plants and hanging plants are fun to have.  The above plant is called “String of Pearls”.  I had one like this at one time and I think I will get another one.


I copied this recipe for a dipping oil.  We don’t have a Carraba’s near here, but there is a Lui Lui where they have a dipping oil similar to the one above.  It is just so good.


I think the above sign is cute to have at a wedding.  When I got married way back, they instructed the ushers to seat the brides family on one side and the grooms family on the other side of the church.


Feeling a little low in spirits today.  I think I’ll just go shopping and have a mocha lava cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Comfort food.

And that’s my thoughts for today.


Today was a very cold and windy day.  I went shopping and got all the ingredients to make a Tuscan Vegetable soup.  I’m going to make it tomorrow using my Le Creuset pot.  I went to the food Co-op to get the zuchini and rainbow chard.  I got the Cannellini beans and caned diced tomatoes at the grocery store.  I had all the rest of the ingredients on hand.  Tomorrow is going to be very cold and a perfect day for the soup.  The recipe sounds really good and also easy to make.  It calls for Parmesan cheese on top to serve.  My favorite.

Elie+Krieger+Tuscan+vegetable+soup (1)

I have some artisan Sunflower seed bread that will be perfect to have with the soup.


I would love a bundt pan shaped like the above cake.  I found a recipe for a lemon cake using a bundt pan that would be perfect to have.  They have a pan similar to the above shape at King Arthur Flour.  I pinned the recipe on my Cake Pinterest board.  Also, the Tuscan Vegetable Soup recipe is on my Ellie Krieger board on Pinterest.  I just bring the recipe up on my ipad and follow the recipe.


I like the above quote.


And I bought a new Ivy plant today.  I love plants.  They require a little care, but just always seem to be cheerful and fun to have.


main_variation_Default_view_1_426x426 (1)

I saw the above recipe for Spring pasta that has made from scratch pasta and sliced at an angle asparagus that looks like a nice Spring recipe.  I pinned the recipe to my Pasta board on Pinterest.  I think I would just use fresh pasta from the grocery store.

And that is my thoughts for today.

April 1, 2016


My youngest son took the day off from work and came over and we had a fun visit.  We went to the Black Rock Steak House and had Fish and Chips.  So fun and it included a salad bar and seafood chowder.

Forsythia Show Off 7523 lr1

I noticed that the Forsythia is out already.  So pretty.


Later in the day today I went shopping for groceries and I couldn’t believe it, but I saw the above colorful bird as I was coming back home traveling down Route 5.  I read that they were in Vermont and they are a North Carolina and Gulf port bird.  So pretty.


The above chickens remind me of the ones that my Dad used to have.  They like to be free to roam wherever they want.  But to keep them safe, my Dad used to try and keep them fenced in.  No matter how hard he tried to keep them fenced, they always managed to get out and be free range.


I think the above photo looks like Serenity.  I would love to have a place on the water like that.


There is a place in Underhill, Vermont that sells pies.  It’s all on the honor system and I have heard that the pies are really good.


Then sometimes on Sundays they sell donuts.  They always have a huge line and they open at 8:00 AM and they always sell out by 10:00 AM.


One of the donuts that sounds really good is the Lemon filled Pistachio donut.


Sounds like a really fun place.




You see a lot of little stands like that in Vermont using the honor system.  So neat.

And that’s my thoughts for today,.