May 19, 2016


I think Vermont is beautiful this time of year.


It’s even prettier when the wildflowers come out in awhile.  Probably in a month or so.  I love it when the farmers markets open.


We don’t live that far from the Atlantic coast, so it makes a nice day trip in the summer.  I love the salt air and sandy beaches.


The above cottage is in Madaket on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.  That place is really nice for a little vacation.  Way back you could rent a cottage for around $1,000.00 a week which we didn’t do because we were rent free for completely renovating the inside of a separate owners place.  But now the above cottage is about $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 a week.  Kind of steep and I guess some people actually don’t mind paying it.  All kinds of people sail into that island sometimes as far away as England.


I will never forget the time that we got to spend on that island.  It’s gorgeous.


I love a hammock, especially if it’s between 2 trees.  Nice little breeze and totally peaceful.


Cottage gardens with an arch like the above photo is so easy to dream of.  I don’t know how easy it is to grow it.  I would just buy the plants that were already started.  I think that maybe it would be possible to do.  But it’s an inspiration to me.  I think that those are old fashioned hollyhocks along the fence.  I saw some Hollyhock plants like that all started and ready to plant at a local plant place near where I live.  I have a lot to learn about gardening.  If someone got it started, I might be able to keep the garden watered and put miracle grow on it for plant food.  When I was younger and first married, my husband had a second job where he took care of gardens for some very nice people.  They sometimes sent him home with beautiful plants that I got to plant.  I particularly remember colorful gladiolas and dahlias.


I love little secret gardens and I like to see other peoples ideas.  People are so creative.




I went for a beautiful walk this morning.  Where I park my car to go on the walking trail, is the above fruit tree that is in full blossom.  The air was almost 70 degrees and it was sunny.


I decided to go shopping and I love the above stretch of trees in every season.  Right now, the trees all have new leaves on them and they are just the most beautiful Spring green color.  In the Fall, they are just all orange, red and yellow maple leaves that are gorgeous.


I decided to stop in a furniture store that I usually go by that’s called “Loves”.  And I absolutely love that place.  Awesome furniture and all kinds of interesting stuff.  I love the above wine barrel table.  Can you imagine having that in a wine cellar?!!


I like the above table and chairs.  It just looks craftsman like.


I love the color of the above chair.  I also like the shape of the chair.


I liked their leather chairs with the throw pillows in them.


Beautiful chairs.


Awesome double recliners.  That would be so fun to have in a media room.  I have the popcorn maker and just need a huge flat screen TV to go with it.


I love the above chair and throw pillow.  So cute!


They had all kinds of cute throw pillows.  It just was a really fun store to browse through.


That store is my Happy Place.  It made my day.


They even had Yankee Candles, which I adore.


Fun stuff, everywhere……


What a neat store.  I’m so glad I went in and checked it out.  I’ve been wanting to go in there for a long time.  They have another store that I am going to check out next time that is across the street from them.


When I got home, I made a wrap that came out really good.  I used carmelized onion hummus, power greens, tomato, cucumber and red onion.  Then a flax, bran and wheat wrap.   To make it flavorful, I used Paula’s seasoning as I was building it and Newmans Vinegar and Olive Oil dressing.  It was one of the best wraps I ever made.

Then I made some Ginger/Lemon Tea.  I love it.

Beautiful day.


Lilacs are out


The lilacs are just starting to come out.  If you pick a bouquet of them, the whole room smells the sweet aroma of lilacs.  I love the color of the purple lilacs.

When my son first got his house, he was out trimming hedges and started to trim a lilac bush.  His neighbor came rushing over and actually cried because he was going to cut that lilac bush as she enjoyed them and was afraid of losing them.  Luckily he didn’t hurt them and assured his neighbor that he would not trim any more off it and at the time of year he was trimming, there were no flowers on it and he didn’t realize it was a flowering bush.

In Burlington there is a museum on the Shelburn road that is beautiful to visit this time of year.  They have several buildings and the landscaping has a ton of lilacs all around.


The Lilly of the Valley come out this month also.  They just grow wild along country roads.  I think they are beautiful, also.  The perfume of their aroma is sweet.


Sur la Table has a recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb pie.  It sounds really good and I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest Pie board.  This time of year is perfect for getting strawberries and rhubarb.  All the strawberries from Florida and California are in the grocery stores at a really good price.  Rhubarb is in the Food Co-ops as well as in the grocery stores.


You can even buy that pie plate on Sur La Table.


And they have a lattice cutter for the crust to make it easier to make.


Strawberries in a salad with grilled chicken, pecans and mandarins.  Sounds really good to me.  I have a vinegarette that I make in a small mason jar using apple cider vinegar, a little minced garlic, a little dijon mustard, some Italian herbs that I have in a little grinder and EVOO plus a little sea salt.  I put that dressing on most of my salads.  And I found that if I use a paring knife and make a few slits in the chicken and then marinate the chicken in a plastic baggie using Newmans Italian Dressing  before grilling it the flavor is just really moist and good.


I like cloth napkins and the above pattern is one that I saw Tricia Yearwood use on one of her cook shows.


I don’t have a lot of sweets, but the above cupcake with dark chocolate,sea salt and chocolate covered pretzels looks very awesome to me.  It might not win on cupcake wars because Florian would probably say the frosting was a little much and too sweet.  Maybe just a single swirl or 2 of the second frosting.  I think I watch too many cook shows.


I’m no fashionista, but I like clothes.  The above dress is a classic little black dress.  I wouldn’t mind investing in a dress that wouldn’t go out of style ever and would look good and actually flatter the figure.

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I like tea cups.  The pattern on the above cup reminds me of some dishes that my Mom used to have.  My Mom had a dish set that she kept in what she called the China cabinet that had gold trim and she always got it out for special dinners.

tablescape 7

I like pretty tablescapes.  I used to like to see all the ideas that Sandra Lee on the Food network came up with.  Sometimes she would really go way out and not keep it simple.  But it was always fun to see the creativity and ideas.







I saw some ideas on using Miracle Grow potting soil and planting succulent plants in containers.  Looked interesting to me as I like container gardens and there is Hemingways near here that has all kinds of those plants.


I saw a neat idea to repel mosquitoes with non-toxic DIY Mason Jars.  The recipe called for 40 drops of cedarwood, lavender, lemon and thieves essential oils.  Then 2 fresh lemons, 2 fresh limes, 8 sprigs fresh rosemary and floating tea light candles.


I saw an idea for Crock Pot Turkey Breast and I pinned the recipe on my crockpot pinterest board.  It’s easy to make and you can have turkey for sandwiches, salads and all kinds of stuff.  If it makes too much, you can keep cooked turkey in those food saver freezer bags to take out whenever you don’t feel like cooking.


Aiken House and Gardens is in Nova Scotia, which is an island off Canada I think.  But she has the most beautiful ideas for tea.  She also has beautiful gardens.

dream cottage 17

Aiken’s son and husband built her the above dream cottage on their property.  She decorates it and gardens around it.  Can you imagine having a little summer getaway right on your own property? !  Wow.


I think that it would be fun to have a waterfall like the above and to put pond lillies and water plants and goldfish in it.


I like picnic baskets.  In Putney, VT they have Basketville where you can have your choice between all kinds of picnic baskets.  I love to go shopping there.  One time they had a wine tasting where you could sample all kinds of sparkling wines.  Then they have a huge store with all kinds of interesting stuff.

447b8573a85511a13e84aaf6ba1d086e (1)

My grandmother used to make embroidered and crochet pillow cases like the above.  I always am reminded of their farmhouse in northern Vermont when I see these.


I don’t particularly like dogs as they are a lot of care and they are messy.  But I used to go for walks around a track where I used to live and there was a little dog like the above that would go for walks with it’s owner at the same time as I was walking.  They used to put a little red bandanna around it’s neck and his name was “Sammy”.  Well that dog used go circles around me and go around and around.  Cute little fella.  He always made me laugh.


I like to go for walks in Woodstock, VT.  It is just beautiful there.  The above bridge is called the Middle Bridge and it’s right in the middle of town.  The Ottiqueechie River which I spelled wrong, runs under the bridge.  I have a friend that built rafts when he was a kid and him and his friends floated down that river in the Spring when the water was high.  Very dangerous for kids, but he’s the kind of person that did stuff like that.  He had a Morgan horse that he rode all over the place including Mt Tom trails which is across that bridge.  Beautiful area.


The above is a view from inside the Middle Bridge.


I love going for walks through Woodstock.  They have outdoor tables that are just beautiful to stop and have a little something.


There’s an art gallery that has the most beautiful art in it.  It’s really fancy and just amazingly beautiful.


The above is the fireplace at the Woodstock Inn.  We went there for brunch one Easter Sunday and we had tea in front of that fireplace after brunch.


I think that swans are beautiful.  You see them every now and then in the Connecticut River.  When I was a kid, we used to take picnics over to a place called Vilas Pool.  There was like an arch bridge that went over a waterfall to get into the place and they had swan boats that they gave rides on.  They had row boats and a huge picnic area in the pines.  There was a place to play horseshoes and swings for the kids.  Mr. Vilas made that area on his property and never charged admission and he left the place to the town after he passed on with the stipulation that they would never charge admission.  He also built the high school in the town.  But now there is a regional high school that is huge and all the towns in the area go to it.  Taxes for that school make it almost impossible to own a house in the area.  I would like to go back to a kinder gentler time but you can never go back.  Just have to find ways to enjoy life that way it evolves into.






May 15, 2016


A Cherry Tree is a must have for landscaping around a house.  It’s just so beautiful in the Spring.


A lot of times I’ve seen recipes where the above chart comes in handy.  Especially if you find a French recipe or a European recipe on the net and it has Celsius instead of Farenheit for the temperature and metric measuring for the ingredients.


The above route shows the ultimate road trip.  You would get to see just about all the states.  Looks like fun to me.  I’ve seen a lot of people that were retired take a similar trip and then blog all the way and take photos.  I know one couple that took motorcycles on a similar trip.  That is not something I would want to attempt, especially dealing with weather.  A convertable car sounds awesome, though.  Then you get to be in the open air, yet if the weather gets bad, you’ve got cover.  I think it would be fun to stop at little diners, beautiful country Inns and just enjoy every minute of every day on a nice vacation.


I like ice coffee and it’s fun to put it in a mason jar.  Iced Mocha sounds good, also.  I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest drinks board.  So, today my google chrome somehow got messed up for my browser.  Without google chrome, Pinterest doesn’t work for my Windows 7.  I enjoy Pinterest and have a ton of boards that I pin stuff that interests me.  So, somehow I figured out how to fix the google chrome.  And it was not easy.  I tried everything I could think of from anything I ever learned from the tech people at places that I worked.  I refreshed my connection to the internet by unplugging the connection.  That didn’t work.  I went into the computer and used find and fix problems and did a recovery.  That didn’t work.  So I deleted google chrome and went in and reinstalled another version.  That worked.  But I tried several other things before I finally fixed it so that I had a good browser.  Now I’m a happy camper and have my Toshiba lap top working the way I like it.  ❤


LL Bean is one of my favorite stores.  I like the dress above for summer.  My favorite fashion blogger who reads every style magazine that there is, had a similar dress like the one above on her blog.  She had like a wedge sandal that gave a little lift.  I don’t think flat sandals look good with a long sun dress.  My favorite fashion blogger had a white denim jacket as an option to wear with the dress.

But did anyone watch the Tonight Show last night.  They had a guest on that had like 6 inch spike heels on.  At the end of her song that she did, she turned her back and then turned back around and her heels got tangled up with the microphone post and she went and fell flat on her back.  Unreal.  She didn’t hurt herself but I can’t imagine why anyone would put shoes like that on.


The above photo looks like pure serenity to me.  A light breeze coming in through the window.  Summer wild flowers just making for a cheerful day.  A favorite book.

I saw where Tricia Yearwood’s Nashville home was for sale, so they had a tour online of her house.  She and Garth Brooks have a home together in Oklahoma I guess.  But what a beautiful farm house she has in Nashville.  All I could think was, wow.

Then I saw an article on what she does in a day.  So interesting.  One of the books that she was reading was “The Paris Wife” by Paula McClain.  It’s a love story about Ernest Hemingway and his wife.  I found the book on Amazon and it looks like an interesting book to read.


The above is her farmhouse.  I love the porch and the bay window.  Then the brick walkway.  I really admire her taste.  Pure class in my opinion.  Nashville is so awesome.  When I visited Nashville a long time ago, I was so impressed.  It’s so awesome to see the way they wear cowboy boots and I love the southern accents.  We visited the Country Music Museum where they had Elvis’s gold Cadillac as well as all kinds of country music history.  And we visited Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee while we were in Tennessee.


The above is Tricia’s kitchen in her Nashville house.  She uses that kitchen in her cook show that’s on the Food Network.  I’ve seen a lot of her cook shows and I have one of her cook books.  Can you imagine being married to Garth Brooks???  Plus being a country singer, having a cook show and a cookbook author.  Some people have it all.


The above is one of her living rooms and you can see the pool outside.


Another beautiful living room.  I love the color of the couch and then the damask chairs as a contrast.  And the French doors.  Then the crown molding, soft lamps and a fireplace.  Just wow.  What I like about it is, she keeps it real.  I mean she could have the moon if she wanted it and she likes casual, comfortable, low key elegance.  That’s how it looks to me, anyways.


I think I saw the above clock on Wayfair.  I love the color of it and the style.  The oval shape of it and the fancy scroll.  It looks like something a lady would have on her French style desk.


I like tea cups and the silver birch pattern on the above cup is everything I like.  My Mom always liked birch trees.  She would have loved that cup.  I am a very unlucky person.  I mean it it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all as the saying goes.  I collect coffee mugs and my Mom gave me a coffee mug that had a four leaf clovers on it one time.  I would like to say it warmed my heart to think she tried to bring me luck.


The above cake has maple syrup for a sweetner and it uses wheat flour, so it is actually healthy and it looks fancy.  It’s an upside down cake where you put the fancy pattern of the fruit with a glaze of maple syrup on the bottom of the pan and then the batter on top.  Then you turn it upside down.  Looks good to me.  I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest cake board and healthy recipes board.

I got a King Arthur Flour catalog in my mail today.  So interesting.  I read it from cover to cover.  And I would order everything in it if I could.  🙂


Then they had a page that said “Bake the Cover” and they had the recipe for that pizza.  You could buy a Pizza dough flavor that was a blend of cheese, garlic and other natural flavors that you could add to the yeast dough to give incredible flavor to your pizza.


May 14, 2016


The above cottage with the winding pathway, manicured hedges, green lush lawn and cottage flowers is the landscape that I like.


I like how on Nantucket Island, roses love the salt air and a certain variety of rose climbs and just makes a rose covered cottage.  Then the salt air makes cedar shingles turn Nantucket grey.  The picket fences and cobblestone streets are just a delight.


Blue Hydrangas are just beautiful.


There is so much you can do with a picket fence.  I just love to see all the ideas people have.


I love the above idea for a back yard grill.  It even has a wine cooler.

A secret garden for outdoor dining is just a dream.


A kitchen garden full of herbs and stuff to make garden fresh salads.  I love the style of the above kitchen garden.


I like McDonalds Big Mac, but the bun is full of carbs and I never get one.  So they used to have a Mac snack wrap that was less carbs and a fun treat once in awhile.  But only one McDonalds around here makes the snack wrap and that McDonalds is about 35 miles away.  I only go there when I shop in West Lebanon, NH which is very seldom.  So, I was looking up the recipe for a snack wrap and came across the recipe for a Big Mac Salad complete with the Mac sause recipe.  I love it.  And instead of just iceburg lettuce, you can use a combination of Romaine or any lettuce you want.  I love it!  I pinned the recipe on my copycat recipe board on my Pinterest.


And I found the recipe for the Mac Wrap from Todd Wilbur that I pinned on my copycat recipes board on Pinterest!  Not only that, I found the video from Noreens kitchen for the Premium Chicken wraps from McDonalds.  She says that it’s healthier to use your own ingredients and she had the recipe for katzcradul’s ranch dressing which was the base for all the dressings used on the 3 Premium wraps.  Kind of fun to see how she fed a family of 4 Premium Chicken wraps for less then $10.00 with lots of ingredients left over.


I like the above ingredients for a smoothie.  In my blender, I have to put the coconut water in first and then there is a smoothie button that pulses and then blends for a beautiful smoothie.  I love my blender.

d3d0d6687b4299138013beb052687077 (1)

While I was looking for Wrap recipes, I found a grilled zuchini-hummus wrap.  They used Udi’s gluten free tortillas, kale, red onion, tomato, zuchini, hummus with cheddar or chipolte white gouda cheese.  I saved that recipe on my Wraps board on Pinterest.


Remember when Pina Colada’s were popular.  I still think they are fun.


Another classic is French Onion soup.  I have several recipes for the soup on my Pinterest boards.  I tuck the recipes in my soup board as well as Everything French board.


I like the New York Times recipes.  They had my attention at dark chocolate and sea salt, strawberries and lemon.  New York Times has the best recipes ever.  I follow them on Twitter.


I love gardens.  My Dad always had the most beautiful gardens every summer.  There was a rhubarb patch in the corner that came up every year.  The trend now is raised gardens.  I think those are neat, also.



Sunflowers are another ray of sunshine.






May 13, 2016


I like the above styles for Spring and Summer.  They just are a soft knit and comfortable and casual.


I like the style of the above dress, also.


One of my favorite fashion bloggers had the above top from Nordstrom on her blog.  I think it’s stylish and would be fun to have for summer.


I like the above outfit to have for work out clothes and it’s from Sears.


I like the above blouse, also.


I think maxi dresses are nice to have for summer.


I like blue and white together. The above Claire Murray rugs are just beautiful in my opinion.  And the whole design looks elegant, yet comfortable.


I love the above chicken house.  So neat to be able to have farm fresh eggs.

And that’s my thoughts for today……..




May 12, 2016

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I was looking fro recipes from Cupcake War winners and I came across the recipe for Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake that Chloe Coscarelli from the Chloe’s Kitchen cookbook has.  I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest cupcake board.   That cookbook has some really good recipes in it.


Chloe opened her own restaurant and wrote 3 cookbooks as well as being the first vegan chef to win at Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.


The above photo is her restaurant.


One of the winning vegan cupcake that made her a winner on Cupcake Wars is the above cupcake.


I found a ton of her recipes to try.  The above “End of Summer Frittata” sounds good.


Also, her Farmers Market Panini.


Then her Herbed White Bean Dip sounds really good.


The guacamole Veggie burger sounds good, also.


The Veggie Meatball Sliders sounded good, also.  I put a ton of recipes that I found on my Veggie recipe board.


I saw the above pillow cases on Pinterest that look fun to make and you crochet the edges.  I pinned the idea on my Sewing and Crafts board on my Pinterest.


Then, because I like French recipes, I looked up a recipe for Cherry Clafouti.


The blossoms on fruit trees are just so beautiful this time of year and everything is so green.

And that’s my thoughts for today…..

May 11, 2016


I love this time of year when the blossoms come out on the fruit trees.  If you come up Interstate 91 and your windows are open in your car, you can smell the sweet aroma of the blossoms.  The above photo came into my facebook feed.  I can’t even imagine having a yard like that.  In my dreams, maybe.  It’s Ina Garten’s garden area on Long Island.  She has an apartment in Paris, a house on Long Island and an apartment in New York City.  I think her whole garden area is ideas that she has seen in her travels to Europe.  She goes to Paris a lot.  I watch her cooking show, “Barefoot Contessa” and it’s awesome how Ina and her husband Jeffrey have dinner out in her garden and she makes French recipes.  I have her Paris cookbook that she wrote and I treasure it.


Ina also had a recipe for mixed berry muffins to have for Spring.  The recipe had raspberries, strawberries and blueberries in it.  I  pinned the recipe on my Pinterest as it sounds really good.


I’ve seen a lot of recipes for fruit tarts.  They look so fancy.  Kelsey Nixon on the cooking channel made some on her TV show one time and she made them look easy to make.  I think she used a fluted muffin tin for them.  King Arthur Flour has all kinds of muffin tins.


Tacos look like they would be fun to make.


Fish tacos sound good, also.


Maybe make a Margarita to have with the tacos.  Have some salsa and guacamole with corn chips.  I love my blender.  I think that it may be my favorite kitchen tool.


One of my facebook friends was in Woodstock for a book signing.  I have his book “The Sheepover” and it’s a numbered signed addition.  The book is just a work of art.  John Churchman and his wife Jennifer wrote the book together and it was on the best seller list.

From facebook, I have all kinds of photos of their sheep and Sweet Pea is the cutest little lamb ever which the book is about.


cottage 9

The above patio is in California, but I just love the style of it.  I think that it is everything that I love.

And that’s my thoughts for today…..


May 9, 2016


When I bought the above Spring bulb arrangement last week, I had no idea what color the Hyacinth was or the tulips because I could only see the daffodils and the rest were buds.  Today I found out the Hyacinth is white and the tulips are fancy feathered pink color.  I just love them.  Makes me smile every time I look at them.


Had a lot of fun going to the Black Rock Steakhouse with my youngest son for Mothers Day.  We had maple glazed grilled salmon with baked potato and it included the salad bar.  The salad bar had Lobster Bisque for soup and all kinds of extra special stuff like grilled asparagus, broccoli salad, grilled peppers, all kinds of everything in the salad bar.



So this morning I just made my favorite mushroom, onion and cheddar Frittata and enjoyed the beautiful card that my awesome first son and his family made for me.  They call me “Ma Linda” and that card has a hand print from each of them and their name on the handprint.  The card says, When it comes to wishing “Happy Mothers Day”, everyone wanted a hand in it.  I just love it.  Such a keepsake.  I got to see them all yesterday and hold the new baby who is 5 months old.  One of the most beautiful and fun days ever.

IMG_20160509_114338625 (1)


The love and creativity in that card just warms my heart and it’s a keepsake.  I love it!  Seeing my precious family made for a memorable day.


I ordered a Diane Gilman Scarf-print top on HSN and it arrived in my mailbox on Saturday, just in time to wear it for Mothers Day.  I just like it as it is nice material and fits nice.  The back of it is the same color as the yolk and sleeve trim.


I like bowtie pasta and I found a recipe for colorful looking salad using the pasta.  I pinned the recipe on my salad board on Pinterest.

spring 1

The Cherry blossoms are starting to come out.  Those cherry trees are so neat.  In the winter, the winter birds gather on a nearby birch tree and take turns at about 5 at a time and enjoy the dried winter cherries on the tree.

And that’s my thoughts for today….