May 7, 2016


When I go grocery shopping I go up Route 5 and I like the looks of the new Spring leaves on the above tree that I couldn’t help but notice as I was driving by.  The light green color of the leaves is so pretty and I like the perfect shape of the tree.


Then I was hoping that Hemingways Garden stand was open on the NH side on Route 12 and it was.  I love that place.  I bought a flat of the purple and yellow “Johnny Jumpups”.  They spread like magic and I just like the looks of them.


They had all kinds of really colorful plants there.  I love browsing through all the beautiful displays.

IMG_20160506_134024957 (1)

It’s fun to see all the plants that they have.  But I have noticed from previous years that if you want some of those plants, you have to buy them early because they are snatched up by gardeners fast and they run out of a lot of the most popular plants within a few weeks.


I would buy one of each if I could.


I like the bouquet of daffodils that they had by the register.


I like the above chalkboard that was near the register, also.  They mention their rhubarb and asparagus but their strawberries are really good and will be out before long also.


I like their geraniums and all kinds of potted plants that they have.


They have all kinds of pansies.  There are several greenhouses and little garden paths.  I think Hemingways is one of my very favorite Spring places to visit as well as in summer and fall.

It was a beautiful day today in the 60’s.  They are already starting road construction which is awful but I knew a short cut to avoid the construction and hold ups on the way back.

And that’s my thoughts and adventures for today……


May 6, 2016


One of my favorite garden centers for the Spring is Sunshine Acres in Chester, VT.  I went there on Wednesday when it was raining.  It was still nice to see their green houses and what they have even in the soft rain.


I like the daffodils along the driveway into the greenhouses.


I found a beautiful red Bagonia plant in one of the greenhouses. It looked nice in the console of my car.

IMG_20160504_175825393 (1)

I put it in one of my planters when I got home.  It just cheered up the day.  I noticed that Bagonias not even as pretty as this one were $8.97 in the Market Basket and this one was only $5.00.  I love it.


It’s some kind of Mexican holiday so I looked up a copycat Taco Bell recipe for tacos.  I also have a neat recipe for Taco salad.


So yesterday I took a fun trip up to West Lebanon, NH.  I love that place to shop.  So many interesting stores and fun places to shop.  I love the seasoning that I found that will be fun to put as a garnish on soups.  Yum!


I got some strawberries at the Price Chopper and put them in a canning jar when I got home.  It’s amazing how long they will stay fresh in an air tight jar like that.


They always have pretty African Violets at the Price Chopper for $3.00 and I just can’t resist getting a new one.


Then I saw the most beautiful planter with daffodils, tulips and hyacinths in it.  I mean it’s like a little Spring garden.  I thought it would be at least $24.00 for it and I couldn’t find a price.  Then I saw $8.99 on one of them for a price.  That did it.  One went right in my shopping cart and I just love it.

Canada Goose - Natchez Trace SP Tennessee 04-25-2011

On my way to West Lebanon, I went up Interstate 91 with cruise on.  So fun with the radio on my favorite station.  Then I got an ice coffee at McDonalds for on my way back and came back on the NH side on Rt 12 country roads.  Saw a Canadian Goose along the highway.  Just had a really fun day.

And then this morning Martha Stewart had French macarons and Madeleines on her cooking school program plus cream puffs.  My favorite of all favorites of her cooking schools, though I’ve seen that program a lot of times.  I never get tired of it.

The leaves are just coming out on the trees and are so pretty to see.


Spring is so pretty………

And that’s my thoughts for today.


Mid week


I think it’s a good day for a Spinach Salad.  I have all the ingredients except bacon and I’ll just make some hard boiled eggs and pick up some apple cob smoked bacon.  Simple, easy and quite healthy.


Someone on Etsy made the above cards that are just plain cute for Mothers Day.  What a neat idea.  Some of the cards that are available in the stores cost at least $5.00 and just are not really that creative.


I like the above Royal Albert tea set.  It’s elegant and I just like the gold trim and the combination color of the roses.  Also the shape of the tea cup and how everything matches.


Someone made the above open cabinet from the top of a hutch.  I like the color of it and how neat it looks to display all kinds of bottles, dishes and what nots.


I think I would like to have an at home spa day.  This time of year with the weather cold and rainy half the time it would be nice to just relax and be good to oneself.


I saw the above idea on the Martha Stewart website.  It’s home made bath salts that are made to look like tea bags.  At first I thought it was blending your own tea.  But it looks like lavender and I don’t know what else.  I like simple things but Martha tends to go the difficult, time consuming, attention to detail and anything but simple route.  At least to me it seems that way.  But I like her style.  I wish I had her patience and could strive for perfection.


I would like a vacation and just travel down Route 1 on the coast of California.  It must be a dream I have had since forever.  Stop at Napa Valley and have California wine.  See the beautiful coast line and Carmel by the Sea.  Just to get out of New England and be care free for even a little while.  I can imagine a convertable car with sea breezes and the soft wind going through your hair and the golden sun of California.  Sigh…….

I can be happy anywhere I am planted and I can find a lot that I like about New England.  There is also a Route 1 that goes from Massachusetts to Maine along the East Coast.  Really beautiful.  And the seafood in Maine is just really good from the cold Atlantic water.

Sunrise At The Portland Head Light, Portland, Maine
Sunrise At The Portland Head Light, Portland, Maine

bobs 3

And that’s my thoughts for today……..






I like Weston, VT where there is an old mill by a waterfall next to the Weston Playhouse.  You can see that mill and view from the Weston Playhouse.  I went to a play there one time with my cousin and it was just a really nice day.  We had lunch at the restaurant beside the Vermont Country store there in Weston which is within walking distance from the playhouse.


Double rainbows are beautiful.  This is at a lake in northern Vermont.

VT2012-180 Simon Pearce Restaurant in Quechee

I think it would be fun to have cheese soup and bread at Simon Pearce in Queechee.  Maybe with a glass of wine.  There is a beautiful view of a waterfall and covered bridge from those windows.

VT2012-017 Vermont Country Store in Weston

Remember the old washing machines with the ringer?  So nostalgic.  They have one holding clothes pins for display at the Vermont Country store sometimes.

VT2012-049 Cabot Cheese Store @ Waterbury Center

A place that is fun to visit is Cabot Cheese in northern Vermont.  They have all kinds of Vermont cheese samples to try.


I think the above is a pretty floral arrangement idea.  It looks like cabbage roses to me and the shades of pink and white with the elegant white tea cup looks pretty.  And then the accent of the miniature pink vine type flowers on the side just looks beautiful.  I had a window box at one time that I used to put dark pink petunias in the middle then light pink petunias on each side and then white petunias on each end.  The house we had at that time had siding that was a beautiful color chalet type stain.  That color scheme of the petunias was so pretty with that background that people actually used to stop and admire it.  Even more pretty would be ivy going down on each side.  The petunias just bloom all summer and get more and more full.

And that’s my thoughts for today.



IMG_20160430_143453311 (1)

On Saturday it was a beautiful and sunny day with perfect temperatures.  I went for a walk across the dam that is near here.  It’s near an airport and I watched as an airplane pulled up a glider.  Then I looked and there was a glider floating around in the clouds.  So fun to see.  The air was just so nice and there were fluffy white clouds in the crystal blue sky.  I really like the view of Mt Ascutney.  I worked at a fitness center on that mountain’s ski area at one time.  It had a beautiful indoor pool and all kinds of fitness equipment.

IMG_20160502_111633550 (1)

This morning I had my favorite oatmeal that I put ground golden flaxseed and wheatgerm mixed in with it.  Then I put sliced banana, California blend almonds, cranberries, pistachios and raisins plus plump really good blueberries in.  To make it even more fun, I used my Pioneer woman bowl, plate, coffee mug and matching placemat.  After the photo, I poured Almond milk over the oatmeal.  Then I made some toast using my favorite sunflower seed artisan bread with melted butter on it.  And I like my french roast coffee.  It just makes the morning more pleasant.


I like African Violets and I read an article on how to take care of them.  It said that not to feed it too much plant food as it makes the leaves grow instead of blossoms.  Then it said to make sure the soil is really loose and that makes them blossom.

ca8901d7842a2ddfd1bfff3a79fa7fd3 (1)

I like antipasto and saw a really neat recipe for Antipsto salad kabobs.  Looks really good to me and I pinned the recipe on my salad Pinterest board.


I like anything to do with crepes and saw a neat recipe  for crepes that had white chocolate mousse and cream cheese mousse.  Yum.  I pinned that recipe on my French recipes.


They had like a make it yourself crepe bar.


Then I found a recipe for lemon crepes that I pinned the recipe for on my French recipes Pinterest board.


Then I saw a recipe for Strawberry Pineapple mimosa that sounded good.  I pinned that recipe on my Mothers Day Pinterest board.


Then I saw a neat smoothie basics that sounded good to me.  I pinned the recipes on my smoothies board on Pinterest.

shed 3

I love everything about the above garden shed.  It has like a sunroof for like a greenhouse on one side. I like the rhubarb patch, the garden path and the cedar siding.  The outside light fixture is kind of retro and neat.  Then the added porch.  Awesome.


I like the above Coco Channel teddy bear from Vermont Teddy bear.  I think that it is a collectable and just plain cute.


I like the above flowerpots that are made from kid’s thumbprints.  Such a cute idea.


The ladybug thumbprints are cute also.  Cute idea for mothers day.


I like the above African violet.  Such pretty leaves and it just looks so nice in that color pot.


Then I saw a recipe for vanilla overnight oats.  Looks really good to me and I pinned the recipe on my Mothers day board on pinterest.


Then I saw a recipe for a wine cooler that looked neat.  I pinned that recipe on my mothers day board on my Pinterest.

And that’s my thoughts for today…..


Design Ideas


I look at the above photo and I see things I like and I see how I would like to make it my own design.  I totally like the design of the window and the chair.  For the dining room table and the chandelier, I would change it as follows:

best-page-french-louis-xvi-style-ebonized-dining-table-jansen-regarding-french-style-dining-table-remodel (1)

I like the above dining room set.  It’s just plain elegant in my opinion.  It would look really nice in that bay window with the beautiful view. It’s elegant, yet you would feel comfortable using it for breakfast as well as dinner.


It would look beautiful with the above chandelier type.


I think that the above Claire Murray rug would look beautiful under the French style table and chairs.


I just love the above hutch.  It’s just the right size and you could display your favorite dinnerware, as well as maybe some crystal look glasses.



Then in the kitchen, I love how the above hutch looks.  Especially with the white cabinets.  The only thing I would change is I would make the color similar to the color below.


I like the color of that kitchen island.  And that is how I would make it my own design.

Also, because I have like 8 people visiting at a time I would need more room at the table for dinner.  So I would make a window seat on one side of the table in the bay window.  I love that look.

And that’s what I like.  Everyone is different and has their own ideas.