June 1, 2016


Something about a country road in the early morning when the fog is just lifting.  So peaceful and tranquil.


Neat how the above old license plates are shaped like the state of Vermont.


The foggy morning sunshine.


I saw 2 programs Sunday on TV that were interesting.  One was by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and the other one was by Dr. Haylie Pomroy.  Dr. Fuhrman wrote the book “Eat to Live” and Dr. Pomroy wrote the book “The Fast Metabolism Diet”.  They both were all about micro-nutrient fulfillment.  I went on pinterest and found more information on what they were about.  I took a little information from each and I think I’ll try and read both their books.



A lot of information on not only the right food to eat, but the importance of exercise and being happy and counting your blessings.

The first day of the month is here.  Time to pay all the bills.  Maybe do a little shopping.




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