Little Whims

jay king

What I like about the above bracelet is that the Citrine is my birthstone, I love turquoise and silver plus the style of the cuff is just plain pretty.  It’s something that is on the frivolous list because it just isn’t practical.  Just a whim and way too expensive.

butterfly cuff

Did I mention that I like butterflies and also cuff bracelets.  The above bracelet is a cute style but again on the frivolous list as the price ruins it.


I like the color of the above bracelet and it’s stylish.  Again on the frivolous list.  It’s a classic style, though and I don’t think would go out of style too soon.

cuff 3

I like the above style bracelet.  It would look good with a 3/4 length sleeve white blouse.  I guess I should call this day “cute cuff finds”.   I think the first bracelet on this page is my very favorite.

creuset 3

The above set of Le Creuset is a more practical investment.  Those pans just cook like a dream.  They last forever and are just beautiful to have for the kitchen.  They are expensive, but not really frivolous except for the price is not something that is easy to come up with so goes on my frivolous list.  I have a Le Creuset pot in the above color and the cover doubles as a grill pan.  I just love it.


And then frivolous of all frivolous would be a trip to Paris.  Mai oui!  Now that would be the ultimate frivolous.  Through photos and videos, I know every inch of Paris and all the must sees.

But all of the above are just whims that I could very easily do without.  The most important things in life to me are to stay happy, healthy and to be thankful for the little things.

But it’s always fun to think of all the pleasures that are out there.   I love stuff like that and I can’t help it.

But I have learned at this stage of my life that happiness does not come from whims.  The greatest happiness is making someone else happy.  That is where it is at in my opinion.  When people I love are happy, I am happy.  But if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.  So that’s my excuse to keep myself healthy and happy and then I can give to others.  But I have learned to keep a lid on my whims as they are just whims.  Other things are much more important and anything in moderation and balance is where it’s at in my opinion.


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