Sewing Ideas


Have you ever noticed how it’s almost impossible to find a nice dress that fits and is flattering?  Also how Kate Middleton has dresses that are so ladylike and stylish but also very expensive.  It’s my opinion that if you can find a pattern and fit it like a tailored dress that it would be the ultimate to add to your wardrobe.  What makes a dress expensive is the material and fitting it just right.  Style Arc, which is online, has the above patterns and I pinned them to my Sewing and Crafts board on my Pinterest.

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A pattern for the above designer dress that probably cost a ton of money is a nice find. I think the pattern is about $16.00 and it’s from Australia.   I like the color of the dress and she has a light pink shoe that looks really nice with it.  It’s a Roksandra llincic design and so totally stylish.


I like that sweater and it would be awesome to wear shopping.  I found a pattern for that and pinned it on my sewing and crafts.


I like the above hairstyle.  It just looks so elegant.


I like the Heather dress that is another Style Arc pattern.


I also like the Kate dress pattern the Style Arc has.


Simplicity also has a pattern that is really stylish looking.

I found some Butterick and Vogue patterns that were really nice, also.

Why not dress like a Duchess.  Her clothes are tailor made designer.  To buy them would cost a small fortune.  But to copy the look and have lots of stylish clothes by tailor making them yourself would be a fun and creative idea.  The material that you can find out there is endless and for me it would be trial and error, but fun to try.



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