End of Summer Days


Lots of colorful flowers around.


I like the colors that compliment each other.


Simply pretty.


Corn on the cob is so sweet and delicious this time of year.  When I was at the farm stand yesterday, there was a man in line behind me that must get the same thing every day.  The clerk said, dozen ears Gary?  He nodded and was off to his car with a smile on his face after paying the clerk.  Butter and Sugar Corn on the cob with melted butter and sea salt.  Simply one of the deliciously sweet and fun sides for this time of year.



I like Frittatas.  But my favorite is to sautee sliced onions and sliced mushrooms and then add the beaten egg and Vermont Cheddar Cheese cut up in little chunks.  Then I save some of the cheese to put on top.  I use a small fry pan that is oven proof and after browning the bottom of the Frittata, I put it under the broiler for just a few minutes.  It puffs up golden brown with melted cheese and is scrumptious.


I like the above hanging plant idea.  I love that planter with the ivy.


I love how the Woodstock Inn has Kelly Gardens and they grow all the veggies that their Chefs use in their awesome recipes.


Then the Woodstock Inn has flower gardens and they use the flowers for their tables.  So beautiful.


I like sun catcher planters with ivy in them.  And the above one has a little Spider Plant in it also.  I’ve taken baby spider plants that fell off a big spider plant and rooted them in water and then they grow into a huge Spider plant that can be replanted and it has new baby Spider plants on it.


Woodstock, Vermont is beautiful this time of year.  All the little shops have window boxes and I love the white Hydrangas and the covered bridge that is right in the middle of the town and they call it the “Middle Bridge”.



I saw a neat recipe that uses zucchini that looked good and is easy to make.  They put capers and olives in a bottled marinara sauce.  Then they baked Cod in parchment paper and put it over zoodles.  I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest Zoodles board.



Because I love all things French, I think the above is the ultimate key chain.

And that’s my thoughts and inspirations for the day.

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