Love sitting on a deep porch while it’s raining. ❤

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Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.


I can remember one of my favorite memories as a kid was when my folks rented a cottage on a lake on my Dad’s summer vacation.  There was a screened in porch that looked over the lake and one day when it rained, my Mom made corn chowder for lunch for my brother and I and two of our friends that we had water skied on that beautiful lake with their boat the day before.  With the soft rain coming down and that chowder and good times laughing and enjoying that beautiful lake and wonderful friends.  Always will remember my Mom’s corn chowder and the love she put in her cooking.  She was the best cook ever.



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Being out in the rain isn’t bad if you have the right gear.  A rain jacket and rain slicks work pretty good.


I like a good fowl weather jacket.  I wish that I had a jacket like that with me when I was at a sports event and unexpected rain came up.  Got drenched before.


Then you just have to dance in the rain.  Kind of fun, anyways.


Little kids love the rain just like baby ducks.


I always open my window just enough to hear the rain.  Then I feel cozy and safe from the elements of pouring rain and yet I can enjoy the sound of the rain.






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