Early mornings


I like to start some days with a beautiful, early morning walk.  There’s a nice walk within a few miles from where I live that goes across a dam.  I love the view of the mountain in the distance.


I love to see the early morning dew and the early sun trying to burn it off the ground.


Country roads in the Fall are just beautiful.


I love the above hoodie.  It’s fun to go for a walk early in the morning with a warm hoodie.


I like the above sweatshirt, also.  It’s warm and cozy.


I like the above poncho type jacket when it’s extra chilly.


A nice steamy thermos of coffee to enjoy along the way.


I love the creative ideas that people have.


A nice breakfast to have after a morning walk is apple cinnamon oatmeal with a little maple syrup over it.  I make it the easy way by just slicing an apple over a half cup of old fashion oatmeal and a cup of water.  Then I sprinkle cinnamon over the apples and put it in the microwave for 3.50 minutes.  Then just put a little maple syrup over it or not.


I found a new smoothie that I really like.  It’s called a Razzle-dazzle Raspberry-Cherry smoothie.  I used almond milk, yogurt and frozen raspberries and sweet black cherries.

And that’s my musings for this morning.




Le Creuset


I love to cook and I know that the pans that you use make a difference in how recipes turn out.  I love Le Creuset.  They are wicked expensive, but worth every penny.  The above is the start of my collection.  I got it because it’s oval shaped and can be used for a lot of recipes plus the lid can be used as a grill pan.


Then I got the matching utencils.  I love them.


The above is what I want next.  I love all the different ways the pot and the fry-pan lid can be used.


I also want the trivet from Le Creuset.


The French coffee press and total coffee deluxe is my next goal to add to my collection of Le Creuset.


Then the ultimate to add to my collection would be the above.  I absolutely love everything about that pot.


And, because I can’t help myself, I want the above Quatrefoil dutch oven from Le Creuset.


I’m attracted to the Soleil and the Marseille.


Sur la Table has an online course from Jacques Pepin for only $29.00.  That is definitely on my goals list.  I want that course.  It’s awesome because you can take your time with it and study it any time you want.  If you go to one of the Sur la Table cooking classes that they have, a class like that it would cost 5 times or more that price.  Plus it’s about 100 miles from me where any of their cooking classes are available.

I like French cooking.  They know how to get flavor in food.

And that’s my musings for today.




I love Pumpkin Patches.  So colorful.


Pumpkins are just a sign of Autumn.


People are so creative with their displays of pumpkins.


And nature is beautiful in her display of color with a pumpkin patch.  I love how the pumpkins are on the ground and all the vines are connecting them.


I love the above photo.  It’s so natural looking.


I love how people put pumpkins on a fence.


I love a Blue Moon pumpkin.


It’s amazing how they grow huge pumpkins sometimes.


My son had a big pumpkin that he put out for the squirrels at the end of the season last year and two squirrels got so fat that they could barely climb up the trees.


It’s just a beautiful time of year and pumpkins just add to it.

Monday – Sept 26, 2016


I love the color of the above kitchen and the carved granite farmers sink.  That would be beautiful to have in a cottage near a lake.


Kind of a neat book is the Simon Pearce Design for Living.  I love how they make the beautiful wine glasses and hurricane lamps.

6818A small hurricane lamp like the one above costs $100.00.  It is a second and a regular blown glass lamp would cost even more.  But they are beautiful.


I like butterflies and the above cameo necklace that is made from the conch shell is just gorgeous in my opinion.  It’s on HSN home shopping.



They even have the earrings to match.


I love the neat ways to wear a Fall scarf.


I like some of the inspirational things that I come across.  I print them out and put them in my organizer sometimes for inspiration.


A neat salad for Fall that has apples, walnuts, kale, cranberries, blue cheese and a Goddess dressing.


I love Fall tablescape ideas.


The French can make a meal out of a baguette, cheese, wine and a Figs.  I could go for that. 🙂


I like the maple leaf with the monogram initial idea for a door.  Looks like they just glued the twine to the leaf.


I love the above photo looking out from inside a covered bridge.


I just love Fall and the mountains.


I love Farmhouse porches.


And I love old wheel barrels.


I also like how the fallen leaves look in the water.  So colorful.


I like the above spice blend chart.  I printed it out and put it in my favorite recipes cookbook.


I love country roads in the Fall.  The crisp air and the beautiful color.

And that’s my Monday musings.


Fall Decor


There are such cute ideas out there to carve pumpkins.


You can really have fun with it.


Lots of creative ideas.


I like the Ernie and Burt pumpkins.


The mason jar candle Fall candle holders with gluing leaves on the outside and the raffia bow is neat.


I like the candle holder idea for a centerpiece on the table.  The yellow and orange candles with the mini white pumpkins and then the berries around the base of the candle is so cute.


I like the above pillow that someone made on Etsy.


I like white string lights and the above is a nice Fall use of the lights idea.


Someone made the nice Fall sign on Etsy.  It looks really nice next to a barn and then the basket of leaves and a pumpkin.


I think that pumpkins look neat with candles in them and the berries around the base of the candles with a Fall leaf here and there.


Another cute Fall pillow that someone made on Etsy.



I love Le Creuset pots and the little Pumpkin cocotte is so adorable to have for Fall.


A creative idea for using wine glasses.


I like the little mason jar scare crow idea.


I like the above porch with the mums, pumpkins and Fall door wreath.


I like the table centerpiece idea  with the round mirror under it that reflects the light of the candles.


I like the creative ideas that people have.


Pumpkin topiarys are really a cute idea.


I like the idea of a monagram or house number on a pumpkin.


Love the above idea with the lantern, pumpkins, Mums and the ivy with the brick steps.


Gotta love the Gourd-eous guys.


I like the simplicity of the above little beauties.  Great on a table center or mantle.


Can’t believe that Christmas is only 90 days away.  I love the decor for that.

And that’s my musings for today……


Saturday Sept 24, 2016


I was looking up some nice Fall recipes and I came across Butternut Squash Ravioli.  I pinned the recipe on my Pasta board on my Pinterest.


Then on one of the Cooks Country shows, they showed how to make Apple Pie with Cheddar crust.  They used two kinds of apples that they cooked first in a dutch with the brown sugar and spices and all.  Then they cooled the apples.  They made the crust in a food processor using half butter and half chopped cheddar.  I pinned the recipe on my Fall recipes board on my Pinterest.


I found a Vegetarian Lasagna that sounded really good and pinned the recipe on my pasta board on my Pinterest.


Then King Arthur Flour had a recipe for Old Fashioned Apple cake with brown sugar frosting.  Sounded good to have with a cup of coffee.


Then King Arthur Flour has online classes that sound awesome.


Bread making classes are really expensive at their Norwich classes.  Big savings on the on line class.


All kinds of classes to choose from.  I love it.


I always liked Elizabeth Taylor’s style.  I have a book that I bought on sale at a Borders book store years ago that showed all her jewelry.  Beautiful book with all kinds of colored photos.  I paid next to nothing for it and I treasure it.  I saw the same book on QVC  recently like in the last year that they were asking like hundreds of dollars for the very same book.  It’s a collectors item.


I love jewelry.  The above style ring is gorgeous in my opinion.  I love the cushion cut center stone and then the baguettes around it.  If it were real diamonds, it would cost thousands of dollars.  But it’s on QVC made by the designer Victoria Wieck for only $149.00.  She designs real rings like that and uses the same designs for replicas in stones that look real.  I just think it’s a beautiful style.


The above photo came up on my facebook from memories of a photo I took about 4 years ago.  I remember it was taken in Chester, VT when I was at a craft fair that they have every year in the Fall.  The carriage was on the lawn of one of the Country Inns along the main street of Chester.


Today the temperatures were chilly and I made a Lentil soup for lunch.  It was perfect for my Rachel Ray “Little Hoot” dishes.


I just love the colors of Fall.

And that’s my musings for today…..


Favorite Things Friday


One of my favorite things is McDonalds ice coffee.  A lot of times when I go shopping, I get one of those ice coffees to enjoy along the way.  So refreshing.  I turn on my favorite radio station and take a country road along the river where I don’t have to speed and can just enjoy the trip.


I like Kringle candles.  They have a store in Massachusetts just over the Vermont border.  It’s a beautiful store and all the candles are white.  One of my favorite candles.


I like Poland Spring Sparkling water with lemon.  I always buy a six pack and put the water in a tall glass with ice and a lemon slice to enjoy.  At a convenience store, one small bottle costs $1.49.  This week at the Market Basket, a 6-pack is $1.50.  Pretty nice savings.


I like Cameos.  I had one similar to the above, only it had a diamond on the necklace.


I adore the above bracelet.  It’s on my bucket list to be able to get one.


I love plants.  Martha Stewart had a neat idea on her website to grow more plants from your own succulents.  Those plants are expensive and to grow all those from a few plants is an awesome idea.


I don’t do sweets.  But anything in moderation.  My favorite is soft batch chocolate chip cookies.


I like the Temp-tations Fall products.  The pumpkin pie dish is cute to have for Fall.  I wouldn’t buy it though because I have had baking dishes that I bought from that line and they crack after using in the oven.


But I like Temp-tations dinnerware.  The above pattern is adorable to have for Fall.  I love the mugs and the little pumpkin salad plates.  Then the bowls are a good size.  Their dinnerware is really nice.  I have 3 different patterns of their dinnerware and I love it.

Abstract background


I like inspirational sayings.  Sometimes I print them out and put them in my organizer.


I like the Mason bowls that King Arthur Flour has.  They remind me of the bowls that my Mom and Gram used to use all the time.


I also like King Arthur Flour air tight containers for the pantry.


I like covered bridges.  If you make a wish when you are driving through the bridge, it’s supposed to come true.


I like some of the Fall fashions that I see on my favorite fashion bloggers web pages and how to wear gray this Fall.

And that’s some of my favorite things for this Friday.


Thursday Sept 21, 2016


I like when you drive up from Keene, NH on Rt 12 and there is a place along the way called the summit where you can see distant ski areas.  It’s so pretty in the late Fall.


The above is such a typical  look in the early morning when the fog is just starting to lift and the sun is trying to come through.  The leaves are just starting to turn color because of the cold nights.  Beautiful country road.


I love country roads in the Fall.


I like Yankee candles.   They always have a nice Fall selection.


On my facebook, I got some really neat pie crust ideas.  The above looks so fancy and would be beautiful to have for an impressive looking Fall apple pie.


I love the recipes from Country Inns and I found a recipe for Spiced Pumpkin Creme Brulee from the Chesterfield Inn.  It sounds really good to me and it has unsweetened pumpkin puree, brown sugar, 1 egg, cinnamon, ginger and light cream in it.  Then just granulated sugar for carmelizing.    I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest Fall recipes board.


The Woodstock Inn had a recipe on their website for fondue using Vermont cheddar that sounded good to me.  One of my favorite programs on TV is Rick Steves travels to Europe.  He’s always enjoying fondue and a glass of wine somewhere like Austria or the French Alps.  I like his programs that are on public TV channels so much that my gentleman friend donated $160.00 to the station and got me every video Rick Steves ever made and his Europe travel guide books.  Love it.


I wanted something quick, easy and healthy last night for supper and I saw a recipe on the back of a box of  Kitchen Basics unsalted vegetable stock that was in my pantry.  It was Vegetarian Bean Chili.  So good with a little shaved cheddar on top.


I always wondered if you could grow anything from those lemon seeds that are always in the lemons.  What a neat idea on how to plant them that I came across.  And the lemon leaves smell so good.


I like Melissa d’Arabian recipes and the above recipe came in my facebook today for “His-n-Her Mocha Smoothies.  It has  1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/2 cup brewed black coffee, 1/4 cup protein powder, 1/4 cup oats, 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder,  1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1/2 banana and 3/4 cup ice blended until smooth.  Sounds good to me.


Then I came across a new fashion blogger that has interesting ideas.  I like the ideas for styles to wear to the gym.


Then on my facebook, I got the above idea on how to wear fashions that flatter the figure.


One of the tips was to have your clothes tailored as a little as a half inch here and there can make a big difference in how flattering a garment is.  Myself, I can’t afford a tailor but I would really like to learn how to tailor my clothes myself.


Also, an interesting tip was Vivian Lou Insolia weight shifting insoles for your shoes.  It prevents foot pressure ever so slightly adjusting pitch and position of the foot to shift weight to the heel so that you can wear sexy high heels comfortably.


All kinds of fashion tips and one that I really liked was the NYDJ fit jeans which is a patented criss-cross panel that is designed to tuck and trim the tummy in front while lifting and contouring curves in the back.  They said to find a really good fitting pair of jeans and then buy 2 pairs.

Also the 60’s A-line skirt is back in fashion to wear just above the knee.

And that’s my musings for today.  It’s sunny and going to be unseasonably warm today here.  Tomorrow it’s going to start being more like Fall in temperatures.




Sept. 21, 2016


I love the above table idea to have in a sewing room.  It gives plenty of space to cut out a pattern and a place for the sewing machine.  Plus it has storage cubbies.  It looks easy to make, also.  My gentleman friend has every tool ever created I think. I call him tool man. Plus he has a woodworking shop where he has made cabinets.  Would he make this for me?  I don’t think so.  No time.  But my grandson likes to do stuff like this and he’s really good at it.  I think that he made one similar for his Mom.


I don’t like the color of the sewing table.  I like Benjamin Moore paint and I think that I would paint the table simply white.  I think that I would put Antique look knobs on the pull out drawers.


I also like the above idea to store material in a sewing room.  It’s an old wire spool refinished into a fabric display.


I like the above chalkboard idea.


I like the above idea for cheese and grapes.  So cute and so easy to do.  Love the little celery stem.


I have a recipe for cut out cookies that is from a 1970’s Better Homes and Garden cookbook.  The cookies are like a shortbread and I used to make all kinds of cut out cookies for my kids.  I like the above pumpkin cookie idea.  King Arthur Flour has a neat pumpkin cookie cutter.


I also have a recipe for New York Cheesecake from that 1970’s Better Homes and Garden cookbook.  That recipe isn’t in their newer cookbooks.  It is one of my favorite recipes.


I love Butternut Squash soup.  An easy recipe that I make is there is a frozen butternut squash that is in a frozen block in the freezer section at Marketbasket.  I put a half of cup of unsweetened almond milk, a half cup of unsalted vegetable broth, the frozen squash, a little applesauce and a little plain yogurt in a saucepan.  I like it especially on a chilly Fall day.


I love to visit a local Apple orchard this time of year.  On weekends they make apple cider donuts.  They have a machine just like the above and you have warm, delicious donuts there.  Plus cold apple cider and also Hot spiced  apple cider.  The views at that orchard in the Fall are just awesome of distant mountains and they have tractors with  wagons hitched to them and they go all over the orchards for free tours.  Love it.  I always buy a 5 lb bag of Macintosh apples there every week or so in the Fall.  The apples are just scrumptious.


I love the radishes that are at the Farm Stands right now.  I just take some cream cheese and put some herbs in it and spread it on a sliced baguette with the sliced radishes.  I don’t know, it just seems like something French people like.  And I love anything French.


It’s oatmeal for breakfast time again.  I love the bananas, sliced apples, chia seeds. pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, wheat germ and ground flax-seed.


I love the wagon with the Mums and pumpkins in it.  People have such neat decorating ideas.


I bought some Indian corn to put on my door.  I love the looks of it for Fall when you put it in a swag like that.


I love how people decorate Fireplace mantels for all the different seasons.


I like the above outfit for Fall.  My favorite fashion blogger has links to a lot of her friends fashion blogs.


I like the above chalkboard art.

And that’s my musings for today.




Tuesday Mid September 2016


I love Farm stands and now the apples are available.  I usually go for the Macintosh, but yesterday I tried a Honey Crisp.  It was soooo sweet and good.  A nice treat.


I love sunflowers and I have been wanting to get a couple of stems and put them in a little blue mason jar that I have.  The sunflowers are about $8.00 or $9.00 for a bouquet in the grocery stores and just not in my budget.  But I knew they were $1.00 a stem at this farm stand that I went to yesterday and I was going to buy 3 stems.  But they didn’t have any left because the rain had trampled down their garden and it was late in the day for the few that they had available.  But there was a bouquet by the register and they offered it to me minus the jar for $4.00.  I thought for a second and just thanked my lucky stars.  I love that bouquet and it just brightens my table.


I saw that they had corn and I know that it is getting late in the season and the corn will not be available much longer.  I saw a really neat recipe for grilled corn on the cob.  First of all they mixed some butter with herbs and made a flavored butter in a bowl.  Then they took a piece of aluminum foil and folded it in half and then folded the edges and made what they called a boat.  They put the butter in that boat.  Then they clipped off the visible silk so that it wouldn’t burn on the grill and grilled the corn on all sides while still in just the inner leaves for about 6 minutes.  Then they removed the leaves and swished the corn around in that flavored butter in the boat and put it back on the grill to get grill marks on all sides for a few minutes.  Then they swished it in the flavored butter again.  I thought that it really looked good.  Then I would like to make some end of summer corn chowder with some sweet, fresh corn pulled off the cob.  Love it.


They had some really good looking tomatoes, but I know the source where they get some of those tomatoes and they are $1.00 less a lb which is quite a savings.


Also the cherry tomatoes are less elsewhere, also, though I was tempted to pick up some of those for salad.  I have to be careful on what I spend.


They had all kinds of pumpkins and they are much more of a reasonable price then the grocery store.  Love their display with the cornstalks.


I love all the different kinds of radishes that this farm stand has.  Especially the French radishes.

I had just a fun day and then Dancing with the Stars is on TV Monday nights again.  Plus Hilary Clinton was on the Tonight show.  I just like to see what that clown Jimmy Fallon does with the candidates running for President.  He seems to be as mean spirited in my opinion to the Liberals as well as the Conservatives.

Not staying up late again as it ruins the next day.

And that’s my musings for today.