Le Creuset


I love to cook and I know that the pans that you use make a difference in how recipes turn out.  I love Le Creuset.  They are wicked expensive, but worth every penny.  The above is the start of my collection.  I got it because it’s oval shaped and can be used for a lot of recipes plus the lid can be used as a grill pan.


Then I got the matching utencils.  I love them.


The above is what I want next.  I love all the different ways the pot and the fry-pan lid can be used.


I also want the trivet from Le Creuset.


The French coffee press and total coffee deluxe is my next goal to add to my collection of Le Creuset.


Then the ultimate to add to my collection would be the above.  I absolutely love everything about that pot.


And, because I can’t help myself, I want the above Quatrefoil dutch oven from Le Creuset.


I’m attracted to the Soleil and the Marseille.


Sur la Table has an online course from Jacques Pepin for only $29.00.  That is definitely on my goals list.  I want that course.  It’s awesome because you can take your time with it and study it any time you want.  If you go to one of the Sur la Table cooking classes that they have, a class like that it would cost 5 times or more that price.  Plus it’s about 100 miles from me where any of their cooking classes are available.

I like French cooking.  They know how to get flavor in food.

And that’s my musings for today.


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