Thursday Sept 21, 2016


I like when you drive up from Keene, NH on Rt 12 and there is a place along the way called the summit where you can see distant ski areas.  It’s so pretty in the late Fall.


The above is such a typical  look in the early morning when the fog is just starting to lift and the sun is trying to come through.  The leaves are just starting to turn color because of the cold nights.  Beautiful country road.


I love country roads in the Fall.


I like Yankee candles.   They always have a nice Fall selection.


On my facebook, I got some really neat pie crust ideas.  The above looks so fancy and would be beautiful to have for an impressive looking Fall apple pie.


I love the recipes from Country Inns and I found a recipe for Spiced Pumpkin Creme Brulee from the Chesterfield Inn.  It sounds really good to me and it has unsweetened pumpkin puree, brown sugar, 1 egg, cinnamon, ginger and light cream in it.  Then just granulated sugar for carmelizing.    I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest Fall recipes board.


The Woodstock Inn had a recipe on their website for fondue using Vermont cheddar that sounded good to me.  One of my favorite programs on TV is Rick Steves travels to Europe.  He’s always enjoying fondue and a glass of wine somewhere like Austria or the French Alps.  I like his programs that are on public TV channels so much that my gentleman friend donated $160.00 to the station and got me every video Rick Steves ever made and his Europe travel guide books.  Love it.


I wanted something quick, easy and healthy last night for supper and I saw a recipe on the back of a box of  Kitchen Basics unsalted vegetable stock that was in my pantry.  It was Vegetarian Bean Chili.  So good with a little shaved cheddar on top.


I always wondered if you could grow anything from those lemon seeds that are always in the lemons.  What a neat idea on how to plant them that I came across.  And the lemon leaves smell so good.


I like Melissa d’Arabian recipes and the above recipe came in my facebook today for “His-n-Her Mocha Smoothies.  It has  1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/2 cup brewed black coffee, 1/4 cup protein powder, 1/4 cup oats, 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder,  1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1/2 banana and 3/4 cup ice blended until smooth.  Sounds good to me.


Then I came across a new fashion blogger that has interesting ideas.  I like the ideas for styles to wear to the gym.


Then on my facebook, I got the above idea on how to wear fashions that flatter the figure.


One of the tips was to have your clothes tailored as a little as a half inch here and there can make a big difference in how flattering a garment is.  Myself, I can’t afford a tailor but I would really like to learn how to tailor my clothes myself.


Also, an interesting tip was Vivian Lou Insolia weight shifting insoles for your shoes.  It prevents foot pressure ever so slightly adjusting pitch and position of the foot to shift weight to the heel so that you can wear sexy high heels comfortably.


All kinds of fashion tips and one that I really liked was the NYDJ fit jeans which is a patented criss-cross panel that is designed to tuck and trim the tummy in front while lifting and contouring curves in the back.  They said to find a really good fitting pair of jeans and then buy 2 pairs.

Also the 60’s A-line skirt is back in fashion to wear just above the knee.

And that’s my musings for today.  It’s sunny and going to be unseasonably warm today here.  Tomorrow it’s going to start being more like Fall in temperatures.




Sept. 21, 2016


I love the above table idea to have in a sewing room.  It gives plenty of space to cut out a pattern and a place for the sewing machine.  Plus it has storage cubbies.  It looks easy to make, also.  My gentleman friend has every tool ever created I think. I call him tool man. Plus he has a woodworking shop where he has made cabinets.  Would he make this for me?  I don’t think so.  No time.  But my grandson likes to do stuff like this and he’s really good at it.  I think that he made one similar for his Mom.


I don’t like the color of the sewing table.  I like Benjamin Moore paint and I think that I would paint the table simply white.  I think that I would put Antique look knobs on the pull out drawers.


I also like the above idea to store material in a sewing room.  It’s an old wire spool refinished into a fabric display.


I like the above chalkboard idea.


I like the above idea for cheese and grapes.  So cute and so easy to do.  Love the little celery stem.


I have a recipe for cut out cookies that is from a 1970’s Better Homes and Garden cookbook.  The cookies are like a shortbread and I used to make all kinds of cut out cookies for my kids.  I like the above pumpkin cookie idea.  King Arthur Flour has a neat pumpkin cookie cutter.


I also have a recipe for New York Cheesecake from that 1970’s Better Homes and Garden cookbook.  That recipe isn’t in their newer cookbooks.  It is one of my favorite recipes.


I love Butternut Squash soup.  An easy recipe that I make is there is a frozen butternut squash that is in a frozen block in the freezer section at Marketbasket.  I put a half of cup of unsweetened almond milk, a half cup of unsalted vegetable broth, the frozen squash, a little applesauce and a little plain yogurt in a saucepan.  I like it especially on a chilly Fall day.


I love to visit a local Apple orchard this time of year.  On weekends they make apple cider donuts.  They have a machine just like the above and you have warm, delicious donuts there.  Plus cold apple cider and also Hot spiced  apple cider.  The views at that orchard in the Fall are just awesome of distant mountains and they have tractors with  wagons hitched to them and they go all over the orchards for free tours.  Love it.  I always buy a 5 lb bag of Macintosh apples there every week or so in the Fall.  The apples are just scrumptious.


I love the radishes that are at the Farm Stands right now.  I just take some cream cheese and put some herbs in it and spread it on a sliced baguette with the sliced radishes.  I don’t know, it just seems like something French people like.  And I love anything French.


It’s oatmeal for breakfast time again.  I love the bananas, sliced apples, chia seeds. pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, wheat germ and ground flax-seed.


I love the wagon with the Mums and pumpkins in it.  People have such neat decorating ideas.


I bought some Indian corn to put on my door.  I love the looks of it for Fall when you put it in a swag like that.


I love how people decorate Fireplace mantels for all the different seasons.


I like the above outfit for Fall.  My favorite fashion blogger has links to a lot of her friends fashion blogs.


I like the above chalkboard art.

And that’s my musings for today.




Tuesday Mid September 2016


I love Farm stands and now the apples are available.  I usually go for the Macintosh, but yesterday I tried a Honey Crisp.  It was soooo sweet and good.  A nice treat.


I love sunflowers and I have been wanting to get a couple of stems and put them in a little blue mason jar that I have.  The sunflowers are about $8.00 or $9.00 for a bouquet in the grocery stores and just not in my budget.  But I knew they were $1.00 a stem at this farm stand that I went to yesterday and I was going to buy 3 stems.  But they didn’t have any left because the rain had trampled down their garden and it was late in the day for the few that they had available.  But there was a bouquet by the register and they offered it to me minus the jar for $4.00.  I thought for a second and just thanked my lucky stars.  I love that bouquet and it just brightens my table.


I saw that they had corn and I know that it is getting late in the season and the corn will not be available much longer.  I saw a really neat recipe for grilled corn on the cob.  First of all they mixed some butter with herbs and made a flavored butter in a bowl.  Then they took a piece of aluminum foil and folded it in half and then folded the edges and made what they called a boat.  They put the butter in that boat.  Then they clipped off the visible silk so that it wouldn’t burn on the grill and grilled the corn on all sides while still in just the inner leaves for about 6 minutes.  Then they removed the leaves and swished the corn around in that flavored butter in the boat and put it back on the grill to get grill marks on all sides for a few minutes.  Then they swished it in the flavored butter again.  I thought that it really looked good.  Then I would like to make some end of summer corn chowder with some sweet, fresh corn pulled off the cob.  Love it.


They had some really good looking tomatoes, but I know the source where they get some of those tomatoes and they are $1.00 less a lb which is quite a savings.


Also the cherry tomatoes are less elsewhere, also, though I was tempted to pick up some of those for salad.  I have to be careful on what I spend.


They had all kinds of pumpkins and they are much more of a reasonable price then the grocery store.  Love their display with the cornstalks.


I love all the different kinds of radishes that this farm stand has.  Especially the French radishes.

I had just a fun day and then Dancing with the Stars is on TV Monday nights again.  Plus Hilary Clinton was on the Tonight show.  I just like to see what that clown Jimmy Fallon does with the candidates running for President.  He seems to be as mean spirited in my opinion to the Liberals as well as the Conservatives.

Not staying up late again as it ruins the next day.

And that’s my musings for today.

Monday, Sept 19, 2016


Kind of a rainy morning here today, but we need the rain.


The leaves are starting to turn Fall colors here and there.


I like the purple kale with Mums and pumpkins.  So colorful.


I like Pfalzgraff dish patterns and the Harvest pattern is perfect for Fall.


One thing about the Pioneer Woman’s dish line, she makes large dishes.  I like her gravy boat that would be perfect for turkey gravy on Thanksgiving.  The white color would fit in with any dish pattern.


The Pfalzgraff gravy boat that goes with the Harvest dishes looks like it would not hold very much gravy.


I like the above ideas for Fall fashion.  The only thing that I don’t like is the holes in the jeans.  I mean, I grew up in a large family and we didn’t have a lot of money to go around.  But to wear holes in your clothes really does not show much pride to me.  I mean I guess that when you have so much money that you can go around looking ragged and it’s a status symbol of how well off you are, it’s kind of pitiful looking to me.  But then they add a $400.00 purse and $300.00 shoes just to make sure you know the tears in the jeans are meant to be there.  Unreal.


I like cider donuts and cold cider in the Fall.




I think that the above farmhouse style house is just the ultimate.   That is my dream house with the farmhouse porch and then on the back there is a screened in porch, plus a balcony on the upstairs bedroom.   It somehow reminds me of my grandparents as well as my parents.

And that’s my musings for today.


Fall Inspirations and Decor ideas


I like the looks of a bushel basket of fall leaves and gourds with small white string lights.  Looks beautiful in the evening by a front entrance.


I love the above coffee mug idea for Fall.


Cute idea for a Fall decor outside.



Love the crate and bushel basket ideas.


I like Fall pillows and the basket of Fall squash and pumpkin idea.


I like Indian Corn.  It makes a nice door swag for Fall.


I like the above pumpkin decoration idea that was made from an old wood pallet.


Beef Stew is always good when the days start getting chilly.  And just putting all the ingredients in a crock pot in the morning and forgetting it and then having a nice supper all ready is always a fun idea.


Today on QVC they had a Juniors 5 lb pumpkin pie cheesecake that they were asking almost $70.00 for.  I think the above mini pumpkin cheesecakes would be much more frugal and just as good.  I don’t know why you couldn’t add a layer of pumpkin pie filling over the graham cracker crust to make it even more like Juniors.  And I like whipped cream better then the buttercream frosting that Juniors has on top.  That would make a nice Fall dessert.  I pinned the recipe for the mini pumpkin cheesecakes on my Fall recipes board on my Pinterest.  I have lots of Pinterest ideas that I have gathered and have over 700 followers, which is kind of neat.  You can go to my Pinterest by just hitting the pinterest button on this page.


I like the above idea use of corn stocks and Mums to make a mailbox all dressed up for the season.


I like the different color pumpkins like a totem pole idea.  Also the purple kale with the yellow Fall flowers looks neat.  Especially with the white mums and plaid blanket.


I saw a neat idea to make Mums last through the Fall season.  They took a plastic water bottle, cut out the bottom out and put it discreetly so it didn’t show in the middle of the plant with the top of the bottle pushed down into the soil so that when you poured water in, the water went to the roots where it perfectly watered the plant and that is what the plant likes.


I like ideas on decorating and love Martha Stewart’s bedroom idea that she has in her home in Maine.  It’s classic and will never go out of style.  Myself, I would add a little French flair to it and softness to make it comfortable.

And that’s my musings for today.



Mid September


I like the way Pumpkins and Mums look by using the pumpkin as a base for the flowers.  I think it looks especially nice on that type stone of stone wall.


I love Fall and the above idea caught my eye.  So cute.


There are a lot of apple pie recipes out there.  King Arthur Flour has a recipe on it’s website for Vermont Cheddar Apple Pie.  Sounds good to me.


Bourbon Pumpkin Pie sounds really good, also.  Just that little something that brings out the flavor of the pie.  I pinned that recipe somewhere on my Pinterest.  Either on the Fall recipes or Pie board.


I love the ideas that people have for colorful Fall displays.


Vermont mountains put on their own display with beautiful Fall colors.


I really like the above kitchen.  It’s one of Martha Stewart’s designs from her cabinets at the Home Depot.  I love the island, the farmers sink, the lighted cabinets, the 3 windows over the sink with the 3 herb pots, the open shelves on each side of the hood over the stove burners and I love the stainless steel refrigerator with double doors and an ice maker in the door.  The cabinet design is just beautiful.  I think it’s called Seal Harbor.  Martha has a house in Maine called Skylands which is Edsel Ford’s previous summer home and she also bought an adjoining property on the ocean called Seal Harbor and these cabinets are similar to what she has in that kitchen of that house.


I just love the style of the island and the finish on the side for making a table for bar stools.


This works for me for a bathroom.  Yes, please!  It’s not Martha’s taste, but it’s my dream of what I would have built for a bathroom.  I love the jacuzzi tub, the fireplace, the marble everywhere, the view and the rain shower with a glass door.


The GMC Arcadia Donali is what Martha chooses to travel to her house in Maine.  I like the sunroof and the 4-wheel drive.


The interior dashboard is super cool.  The map app tells you where you are when you are when traveling as well as giving you directions of where you program in on your destination.

Very impressive to me.


I follow Martha Stewart on twitter and the above is her latest cook book.  She has been doing book signings in Macy’s and several places recently.

I always liked Martha’s style.  The trouble that she got in for insider tips on trading stocks is so sad.  Hated to see that.


I like the idea of a breakfast nook in a bay window area next to an open concept kitchen.  So sunny and comfy.



I can’t afford the luxuries that a lot of people take for granted.  But I can still see all the beauty that is around us.


Nature is so beautiful and there for everyone to enjoy.



I like the colorful displays that you see in the area for Fall.  I like pumpkins, mums and hay bales together with a classic pickup truck.


A stone wall, pumpkins and a sugar maple tree with the Fall colors is so pretty.


I love the Northeast Kingdom part of Vermont.  So unspoiled and just beautiful in all seasons.


Antiques that have been restored are just so beautiful.


I love to visit Woodstock in the Fall.  It’s just a beautiful town.


I like country roads.  Especially for an early morning walk in all seasons.


A nice Fall salad is baby greens, walnuts, cranberries, blue cheese and apple or pear.  I like an apple cider vinaigrette with it.


My favorite fashion blogger had a perfect little black dress on her blog today.  Her dress was sleeveless.  I like the above little black dress that I found.  It’s classic and if you wear it, you can never be too dressed up or too dressed down.


I don’t do high heels, but the above shoes are what is in fashion for a little black dress.  I like the shoes that are with the little black dress that I also like.



I like the back clutch bag from Stitch Fix that fashion bloggers suggest.


The above Etoile Chandelier earrings from Stella & Dot are a neat idea from the Fashion bloggers to wear with a little black dress.


Also the Celine wrap bracelet.  So in style right now.


I saw a really neat idea on Pinterest.  They just put some twigs in water with floating candles.


I’ve always wanted to have a wine and cheese party.  Love the whole idea of it.  It’s like something that the Barefoot Contessa would have for a get together.


I also like picnics.


It’s also fun to tailgate in the Fall.  A nice thermos of soup with sandwiches.


I love the lakes in the Fall.


I like when the colorful leaves are like a mirror in the water.


Country roads are beautiful.


I just think that Fall is my favorite season.  The temperatures are perfect with a little crispness in the air.

And that’s my musings for today.