Wednesday, Oct 12, 2016


Beautiful Fall day to go for a walk.  I love how the leaves crinkle when you walk through them.


I think that Swans are so graceful and love how they grace the beautiful background.



I like tablescapes and the above for a breakfast table is just so country and so colorful.


The cottages at Cabot Cove in Kennebunkport, Maine are just plain awesome.  People own the cottages, but rent them out when they are not there.


The cottage that I thought was especially awesome was the one called “The Anchorage” which had a view of the harbor.  I love how they decorated it.


All the cottages have a name and they are all decorated different.  I love Maine and would love a cottage in a harbor like that.  So beautiful.  Even a visit to a cottage like that would be awesome.  You get to use kayaks if you want and if you rent one it includes breakfast brought to you each morning and housekeeping and linens.


I like to watch the Create channel on TV and this morning they showed how to knit a pair of slippers.  Plus the pattern is free on  It’s on Season 5, episode 8.


And they showed how to make the above scarf using a cable stitch.  That pattern is free, also.  That would be fun to make.


I saw a recipe for a neat Fall smoothie that I am going to try.  When you put a frozen banana in a smoothie, it just makes it taste like a shake.  And then the pumpkin puree, vanilla yogurt, maple syrup and ginger.  Yum.


The above Apple-Pumpkin bread sounds really good to me.  I pinned the recipe on my breads board on my Pinterest.


I just love how people decorate their front doors and steps in the Fall.


I was watching Cook’s Country and they were testing insulated bags to see which one worked the best.  They decided that the Rachel Ray Chill Out Bag worked the best to keep cold groceries the safe temperature the longest plus held a lot of groceries, was the right size and easy to pack.  I knew that QVC had these Rachel Ray Chill Out bags but they didn’t have any of the purple ones left and you had to spend $29.00 plus shipping to get the above one along with a smaller version.  I found the purple one on Amazon for $15.00 plus shipping.  I love it.


Also on Cooks Country they showed how to make sausage meatballs and sauce.  The recipe was not easy to find but I persisted and pinned the recipe on my pasta board on my Pinterest.  I also printed out the recipe because it was really a neat idea how they used a food processor and mixed in fennel and herbs into some ground pork and also baking soda and water to make it tender.  Then they mixed in bread cubes, eggs and the sausage taken out of the skins using the food processor.  Then they baked the meatballs for 15 minutes at 500 degrees.  Then they used crushed tomatoes, tomato sauce, fresh basil and I forget what else to make the sauce and they simmered the meatballs in the sauce.


I like the above view.  I always dreamed of living somewhere near water.  Just beautiful any time of the year in my opinion.

And that’s my musings for today.



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