Fall Decorating


I love window-boxes and I think that the decorative kale looks beautiful in the Fall.


The Kale also looks beautiful in containers.  I see ideas like the above and they stay in my mind and I use the idea over and over when I get the chance.


I like the Fall flower arrangement using a pumpkin for a base looks really festive and it’s nice for a Fall table.


I love how people decorate their front doors with a Fall wreath and then all kinds of pumpkins and gourds along with corn stalks, Mums and kale.


I love it when all the colors of Mums are displayed like jewels.  Just so pretty.


Then there is nature’s own display of natural awesomeness.


I love pumpkins, gourds and Fall leaves.


Blue pumpkins are beautiful, also.


Pumpkins make neat candle holders for Fall.


I like little white lights and the above idea is kind of cute.


Something about an antique truck with pumpkins in the back.  So nostalgic.


I love the look of a hay bale with pumpkins.


Add a wood wagon and it’s even more nostalgic.


Pumpkins in themselves are just beautiful in the Fall.


Pumpkins are colorful and just a signature of Autumn.


I love the look of old lanterns, also.


Fall decorating is fun and brings out the creativeness of everyone.


Autumn is just a very fun time of year.

Autumn Cozy


I love the Tartan Plaids for Fall.  So cozy and warm to take on a Fall picnic.


I would love a picnic with the above view.  Totally awesome.


Have some thermos’s of soup and all kinds of fixings and treats.



I love the above photo.  The heart shaped pond with all the autumn colors around it.  Totally awesome.


I just love this time of year.  Everything about it is everything cozy and it just warms the heart.


The autumn mist is just beautiful.


It’s chilly evenings and a nice time to turn on the fireplace for ambiance as well as to make it cozy.


Beautiful time of year for going on long walks because there is a crispness to the air and the colors of Fall all around.


Remember when gas pumps looked like the above and there would be someone to pump your gas for you?  Now you have to run in and pay first and then get your hands all scented with the gas smell.  Let the wind, rain or whatever blast you.  And to add insult to injury, pay a lot more then it was back then.  Just love the modern ways and all the technology.  Especially when the attendant is on her cell phone and forgets to turn on the pump and you try every button to see what you are doing wrong.


That’s when you feel like “Grumpy Cat”.


I love to remember the old times.  People were cordial and not in a rush all the time.


I love the colors of the Autumn leaves.  It’s like fallen leaves, pumpkin pies and cozy weather this time of year.


I love how the leaves reflect on the water.  So pretty.


This time of year is good for Apple Cider and donuts.


And that’s my musings for today.


Wednesday October 5, 2016


Last year at the Woodstock Inn, I took the above photo.  Love the vibrant colors of the Mums as well as the beautiful Woodstock Inn in Woodstock, VT.


It’s sweater weather and the above v-neck sweater is in style right now.  I will skip on the jeans.  Sometimes I think people have gone mad.


I love cottage style and I think that the above is just my style.  Love it.


I really like French Onion soup.  The above is a crock pot Guinness Irish version of the soup.  It has onions, beef broth, red wine vinegar, Rosemary, beer and low sodium soy sauce in the soup.  Then it has Irish cheddar that has been broiled on French bread.  I pinned the recipe in my soups board on my Pinterest.


If you like Owels, the above is a cute idea for a wreath.


I saw another Sur La Table on line cooking class that is $29.00 that looked neat to me.  It’s from Bon Appetit Healthy-ish.  I wouldn’t mind taking that class.


I like the above Flowering Vines Fleece Wrap jacket.  It’s perfect for Fall.


I like the Lekue Popcorn maker for the microwave.  Fast and easy popcorn with no mess.


I love the above dream idea of a picnic in Paris.  I also saw a summer concert in
Vienna, Austria that was just stunningly beautiful in the Imperial Gardens.  There were people on one part of the concert grounds having picnics while watching the concert like the above blanket on the ground picnic.

My cousin is in a music group in Burlington and they went to Austria last summer.  She has some beautiful photos of that trip.  She majored in music in college and plays the French horn.  She sings in the choir that is the music group that she is in.


I love tea and like the above idea for a Fall tea.


I like my crockpot and the above Veggie Lasagna sounds kind of good.  I pinned the recipe in my crock pot board on my Pinterest.


I love the above idea for using a pumpkin as a vase for fall flowers.  They put a little plastic container to hold water in the hollowed out top of the pumpkin.


Blanket scarves are in for this Fall.  I love the above scarf.

And that’s my musings for today.


Monday, October 3, 2016


I love a cup of tea and I love books.  They both make me happy.  That engraved spoon is neat.


I like the blouse, scarf and stretch jeans in the above.  The boots are not my cup of tea.  Nor the jewelry.  Clunky, ugly color bracelet and the earrings are ugly.  The boots look like my Grandpa’s barn boots that he wore way back.


The above soup is perfect for this time of year.  Also healthy.  I pinned the recipe on my soups board on my Pinterest.  It has Herbs de Provence, white wine and rosemary in it.  Also garlic, butternut squash and kale. What’s not to like.


Well, who hasn’t had their share of hard times and difficult people.  I guess that I’m not alone in thinking I got more then my share.  I would just as soon not grow anymore.  🙂


I really like the above China Closet.  I love the color that they painted it.  They used a special paint to cover the original brown color.  Then a special rub to make the hinges look brand new.  The work, the cost of the paint and all is kind of expensive in my book.  They are saying that they got it for $40.00.  Probably about 100 hours work and $300.00 in paint including an even more special expensive paint for the inside, plus the $40.00 is more then likely a lot less then they paid for the actual cabinet.  It’s an antique.  Come on.  Thrift diving, alright.  But it sure is beautiful.  They also claim the dishes were from a thrift shop for $100.00.    A set like the one in the China closet would never be found in an average flea market or thrift shop in my opinion.  It looks like expensive china.  But what a nice find.  I’m jealous.


I like the above inspiration.

And that’s my musings for today.