Saturday Dec 3, 2016


I love the PBS stations on cable.  Watching a beautiful Christmas concert in Vienna.  It’s just like almost being there and so elegant and joyous with the beautiful music.


I just love the chandeliers and all the history and beauty of the concerts.


Then they show an evening in Salzburg.  So dreamy and beautiful.


I was thinking what would be fun to wear to an elegant Christmas concert and I think something like the above blue velvet dress.



With the above set of jewelry that sold out on HSN.  So elegant and it was actually on clearance, but I think it looks like a million bucks.  The stones are such a pretty color and I just love the style even though the stones are not real.


And I love the above faux fur coat that is made by designer Dennis Basso that designs clothes for expensive stores but he designed the above coat for a todays special yesterday on QVC and made it at an affordable price in faux fur.  It looks elegant to me and would look beautiful with that blue velvet dress.  The coat sold out in that color.  The collar can be taken off or not and it also has a hood.  So elegant looking.


I also love the above Heidi Daus pin that has Austrian crystals in it.  It would look beautiful to pin on a purse.


The above outfit would be fun to wear also.  I pinned it on my fashion board on my Pinterest just for the idea of it.


This Heidi Daus necklace looks like a million bucks to me but can be bought on HSN for a fraction of a price.  So pretty and festive and not meant to look real.  Just plain pretty.


Then I love the above outfit to wear to a work place Christmas party.  It just looks classy to me.  I would have a smaller heel and a little longer skirt.  But I love the purse and accessories.


We used to have a Christmas party at work where everyone brought something.  I love the idea of the above Red Velvet Cheesecake Trifle.  It’s so elegant looking in that trifle dish.  I pinned it on my All Things Christmas board on my pinterest.


I love the above decorative pillows and throw idea.

I can see so much beauty all around me.  Even though I can’t have any of it, there are more important things in life to appreciate.  I am thankful for the life that I have been granted and find all kinds of little joys every day.

And that’s my musings for today.

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