Sunday December 4, 2016


I like the Pioneer Woman’s Christmas dishes.  I think that they are beautiful to have for the Christmas season.  And they are reasonably priced at the Walmart.


I like the Pioneer Woman’s Adeline collection, also.


I love the above Adeline footed bowls.  Could be used as a fruit cup or for ice cream.


Then the water goblet.  So pretty.  I just love dinnerware.  I think the red Adeline would look nice with white dinnerware.


I also love jewelry and fell in love with the above Heidi Daus cuff bracelet that she calls “Evening in Salzburg”.   How pretty and elegant to wear on a special evening out.


And then they have the earrings to match.  So pretty.


The above outfit minus the necklace they have would look really neat with the cuff and earrings.  I like the black turtle neck and the black tights with the green skirt idea.


I like the above idea using peppers for dip and the arrangement of the veggies.  The red and green looks like Christmas colors, also.


I like the above snowflake pin.  It’s not a Heidi Daus as she puts Swarvzoski crystals in her jewelry which I love, but I still like the looks of it.  I think that it would look nice on a basic black dress.  It just sparkles.

I watched Ina Garten’s cooking for Jeffrey on TV this morning.  I mean she makes a fritatta for a brunch and she can’t use just cheddar cheese.  She has to have gruyere cheese which probably costs about $15.00 an ounce and she has to have a half pound of it.  And not bacon, she has imported from Italy pancetta which costs 10 times as much.   And then she has Belgian waffles and she can’t make them in just any waffle maker.  She has to have a special Belgian waffle maker that probably costs $300.00.  Then a fruit platter with about $100.00 worth of fruit.  And then smoked salmon and not just any smoked salmon, a “good” one she always says.  So for a brunch for 4, she probably thinks nothing of spending a good amount of money.  Or a huge amount.  Fun to watch but not at all practical even for a very special occasion to want to make.  And Ina, I am sure only thinks nothing of spending all that because the Food network pays for it for her show.  I bet even with her millions, she does not waste a penny.  And would not spend $500.00 on a brunch for 4.

My idea for a fun cook show to watch would be on how to have a nice time cooking and not have to go bankrupt trying the ideas.

And that is my thoughts for today.



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