Monday – December 12, 2016


New fallen snow is just so pretty.


Little squirrels don’t really like the snow that much.


I love how the snow kind of frosts pine trees.


The snow can be really beautiful.  But the weather says that an Arctic blast of really cold air is on the way for next weekend.


I love new fallen snow looking out a window.

female Red-bellied Woodpecker with Cardinals

Cardinals like sunflower seeds and Downy Woodpeckers like suet.  It’s unusual to see them together at a bird feeder.


What a neat idea to put the white lights on the gazebo.  Really looks pretty with the snow falling around it.


I like the above window seat all decorated for Christmas.


Vermont Country Store has some really cute Christmas ornaments.  I like the above Raggedy Ann ornament.


A really neat cookbook for Vermont in your kitchen is the Vermont Country Store Cookbook.  It’s 5 generations of family recipes.


Flannel shirts are warm and make a nice gift.


I like Yankee candles and they have a main store in Deerfield, MA which is right near the southern Vermont border.


All kinds of beautiful candles and ideas.


I just love all the cute ideas at Yankee Candle.  Almost every mall around has a Yankee Candle store in it.  And the Hallmark stores usually have Yankee candles as well.  But the main store in Deerfield, MA is really awesome to shop in.


King Arthur Flour store has flourless chocolate cookies that I just love and they have the recipe for the cookies on their website.  I pinned the recipe to my cookies board on my Pinterest.  That store which is near Dartmouth is about the most fun store to shop in ever.


There is a Wine and Paint place somewhere near Manchester, VT  where you can get a group together and pick a painting that you want to paint and have a party.  An instructor will help you paint.  I was looking at the choices to paint and I love the above painting.


You can buy wine and food there or bring your own.  What a fun idea.


Another choice to paint that I liked was the above sail boat.


A lot of people have ham for Christmas dinner.  My Mom always used to make her ham with a brown sugar and pineapple juice glaze and then she put sliced pineapple with a cherry in the middle and cloves like the above.  A place where I used to work used to always give their employees a huge spiral cut ham at Christmas along with neat gifts.


My Mom used to put maple syrup on oatmeal.  I put some apple and cinnamon on my oatmeal this morning and also some walnuts.  I have some maple syrup but forgot that I had some as I bought it the last time I was out shopping.  It was a good morning for warm cereal and hot coffee after digging out my car from a lot of snow.

And that’s my thoughts for this snowy day.



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