Sugar Snow


There is a wet, heavy snow right now that is pretty because it’s sticking to the trees.  My Mom used to call this kind of snow that is late in the season “sugar snow”.  It melts like sugar and it’s a spring type snow that falls during the maple sugaring season.


I like Spring wreaths and the above wreath next to that color door just stands out.  So pretty.


Kind of a neat idea for a laundry room.  I would want another shelf added for folding.  I love the color of the cabinets.  There is an Annie Sloan Chalk paint that is called “Duck Egg Blue” that looks like the color of the cabinets.  I love the farmers sink idea.


I love the kitchen island idea with the contrast with the island and the white kitchen cabinets.  Neat place to store cookbooks and lots of work space.


I love salads and a neat recipe is just arugula and shaved Parmesan with a lemon vinaigrette dressing.  Love it.  I put the recipe for the vinaigrette in my salads board on my pinterest.  I have 2 pinterest boards that happened when I used my ipad to get to pinterest.  They are both under Linda Tuttle.


I love hanging water gardens.    They look so nice hanging in a window.


They have all kinds of the hanging water gardens on    They are from Vermont and were at the Boston Flower show this month.  I went online to their website and they had videos of the Flower show and even showed Boston Harbor.  It was almost like going to the flower show.  Loved it.


They have neat spiral containers and they come with the plants.


They really impressed me.  So beautiful.

fl show 3 bos

The above is the booth that they had at the Boston Flower Show.  So awesome.

tiny house 4

They had a tiny house display at the flower show and they had one of the water garden plants hung over the table like a chandelier.  So neat.

tiny house 2

The above is the outside of the tiny house.

flower show bos

Love the little breakfast nook in the tiny house and the neat hanging water garden over the table.



I love organizing ideas and the above tea holder caught my eye.  It’s on Amazon and I’m going to get it one of these days.


I love the above coffee bar idea.  She used that Annie Sloan chalk paint “Duck Egg Blue”.


Then for the top of the coffee bar table she used the above stencil that she got online.  She has all the information on  Awesome blogger.

I have not been tending to my blog over the last few weeks.  Everything happened at once to me and now I have a terrible cold.  It’s been one of the worst months of my life.

Feeling more like myself today except for the cold.


First day of Spring



Today is the first day of Spring and the Spring equinox.  Just the thought of the end of winter is refreshing.  Although I heard on the weather that there is going to be a brief Artic blast.



The Crocus are so hearty that they come up through the snow.


When I think of Spring, I think of lemons for some reason.  I saw the above Lemon Cheesecake Mousse which the recipe was in my Pinterest Spring ideas and it just made me smile.


I like lemons anyways but this morning when the sun was just coming through my kitchen window and it was the first day of Spring the lemon on my kitchen counter just looked so sun-shiney and Spring like.  That lemon is the hugest lemon I ever saw. as I bought it in the local grocery store that is more expensive then where I usually shop and I wanted to get my moneys worth.  🙂  I like to have ice water with lemon in the morning before my coffee.


I bought the Beekman Heirloom Dessert cookbook just to get the above Coconut Cake with lemon curd filling recipe.  It’s just like a must have recipe for Spring.


I like cute Easter Bunny cupcake ideas that look very artistic but are easy to make.


The above cupcake is so fancy looking but just using the right frosting tip for the swirl and buying the bunny and flower decoration looks really awesome and easy to do.


I like the above toaster cover idea to have in the kitchen for morning break.


Pussy Willows are a sign of Spring and I think that they look beautiful with Tulips or Daffodils.


So the Spring Equinox is on the first day of Spring.  Have a wonderful Day!



I like the Le Creuset new limited edition pot they have that has a rose on it.  The color and pattern is kind of neat.


The Le Creuset that I like the very best is the white one that has Bon Appetit written on it in red and the god knob which is also a limited edition.


I like organizing ideas and the lazy susans are a neat idea for spices.  I like the pot holder on the inside of the cabinet door idea, also.


The drawer dividers are a neat idea to store kitchen gadgets as it makes it organized and easy to find kitchen tools.


Those drawers that pull out are really nice.  Keeps everything organized, easy to find and neat.


I love closet organizers to make the most of spaces.


A storage bench and basket are always a plus.


A must have is an organized space for cleaning stuff.


I like pantry organizing ideas.


So many neat ideas.  I see ideas and sometimes find ways to use them here and there.


I love Forsythia in the Spring.  The Faux Forsythia is awesome for Spring decorating.  I made a wreath for my front door years ago from Faux Forsythia and use it every year in the Spring.

It’s the first day of Spring in a few days.  Hope that it warms up soon and we don’t get any more snow storms.

Fun Friday


We went down to Bernardston, MA on Friday which is just below the Vermont border.  We were a little early for supper, so we explored the area around Bernardston and drove up a mountain road.  There was a farm that had panoramic views that were just beautiful.  That must be the Berkshires in the distance.


At that farm, they had cute little baby registered Holstein calves that each had their own little private hutch with a little fence.  They were very friendly and had little blue coats on and cute little pink noses.

P1120554 (1)

All along that mountain road, there were sap tubes connected to maple trees and big buckets to collect the sap for maple syrup.


A lot of the farms had neat looking sugar houses to boil down the sap into maple syrup.  Lots of wood piled up outside the sugar houses to use for firewood for the boilers.

Four Leaf Clover-Mar 2011016

Because Friday was St Patrick’s day, we stopped at the Four Leaf Clover restaurant and had our traditional Corn Beef and Cabbage.


Because we spent so much time exploring the area, the Four Leaf Clover was packed with people and we had to wait in line for a table.  I liked the chalkboard in the hall that had the specials written on it.  I could not get a very good photo of it because there were too many people in line.


But I stepped in front of some people for a few seconds and got the cutest part of the special board which was the 4-leaf clover and the cute Irish hat.


We got a neat booth and I like the placemats that they have.


I got the corn beef and cabbage which was fun to get on St Patrick’s day.  They also have home made rolls with are served warm with real butter and they just are wonderful.

While we were waiting in line, there was a couple in line in front of us that were the same age as us and we had fun talking with them.  Then another couple near our table where we were seated said that they go to the 4-Leaf Clover restaurant all the time as they live near there and that the restaurant also had a really nice breakfast.  Really nice people in that area and we just had a fun day.



Happy St Patrick’s Day


I sometimes find four leaf clovers on my walks on the walking trail during the summer months.  The above 4-leaf clover took a nice photo with my cell phone case as the background.



Cute Irish cupcake idea.  I love the green cupcake liner with the little belt idea.  The decorations are probably from a cake decorating web site.


I love the above idea for a veggie tray for St Patrick’s day.



I love the above idea for a centerpiece featuring a little captured Leprechaun.

St Patrick's Centerpiece

So delightful.


A neat idea for the Shamrock shake.  I pinned the recipe on my St Patrick’s day ideas on my pinterest.


Then a wrap using those spinach wraps is a cute idea for St Patrick’s day.


I love the idea of a cozy tea on St Patrick’s day.


If I could visit Ireland, I would want to buy some Waterford crystal and some Connemara marble.

Today on QVC, the special of the day is the above Waterford and Connemara marble Cylinder Hurricane Lamp.  So beautiful.


Cute idea for candy kisses.  The “kiss me” format is a free printable from Pinterest.


I love corn beef and cabbage for St Patrick’s day.  I like how the above plate of the Irish dish is arranged.


I like the above antique good luck charm.  Triple good luck.

So I have a lot of Irish in me.  One of my grandmothers was full blooded Irish.  My grandfathers Mom’s maiden name was McKee and she was full blooded Irish.  My son named his youngest son’s middle name McKee.  Love it.

Have a fun and wonderful St Patrick’s day!


March 15, 2017


Nigella’s Chocolate Guinness Cake with cream cheese frosting sounds perfect for dessert on St Patrick’s Day.  I pinned the recipe on my St Patrick’s day ideas on my Pinterest.


An Irish potato and cabbage dish called Colcannon which is sort of like Bangers and Mash was on my facebook feed today from George Hirsh.  I pinned the recipe on my St Patrick’s Day ideas board on my Pinterest.



A really neat pie place in northern Vermont called Poorhouse Pies has a winter stand that is self serving for their pies.  Two women that are former Chefs make the pies.


When there are pies in there, they put up the “yup” sign.


In the summer, they have their regular pie stand that has a refrigerator inside.


One chef specializes in cream pies and the other chef specializes in two crust pies.


They really know what they are doing and I know where they worked as chefs and found some of their recipes for their pies on the websites where they worked.  They definitely will not give out their recipes if you ask them.


On Sundays on special holidays and stuff they sometimes make donuts.  The donuts are out there early in the morning and the lines start and the donuts are gone within a short time.

I figured out where they might have gotten their recipes from or a close match searching and searching on the web for their ideas on wonderful donuts.


They said that they can’t give out recipes because they make pies in bulk and their recipes are for making a lot of pies at once.


The Pioneer Woman has got a new line of Spring dinnerware on line at the Walmart.  I don’t know if they are in the stores yet or not.  I like the colander that she has for washing berries.  I have a small colander I love for rinsing berries but the above colander would be cute to have.


I like mason jars and the above idea was to use McCormic food coloring in the water to make plain mason jars have a color.  You can get that food coloring on Amazon.

cookie 2

Cut out cookies are so fun to make.  The above are cute ideas for Easter to personalize cookies.


I like the above decorating idea for Spring.


Although it doesn’t look much like Spring in Vermont after the blizzard we got this week.  When I went out to clean my car off, the snow went up to my hips on one side of the car where the wind drifted the snow.  The skiers love it.  It’s a light powdery snow.

And that’s my thoughts for this cold day in March.





Snow Day


It’s like a blizzard out there today.  The visibility is bad and even the snowplow almost got stuck plowing the deep snow out here today.  Spring is only a few weeks away and we get  a snowstorm like this.


I knew it was going to be a bad day today so I picked up the above Daffodil plant to bring a little sunshine into the day.


They have Spring styles out everywhere now.  I guess the style this Spring is the “cold shoulder” look and prints.


I like the above supplies closet idea.  Perfect to store the vacuum cleaner, paper towels, cleaning supplies, brooms and mops.  Love it.


I also love the above idea for a pantry door. So organized and it would be easy to find the exact spice that you need and a handy place to store aluminum foil and plastic wrap.


I really like Kale Salads.  I put the recipe for the above salad in my Salads board on my Pinterest.


I love the cauliflower that is chopped up to look like rice that is in the freezer sections of the grocery store now.  They have one that has peas and carrots in it also.  I love the stir fry idea and I tried adding it to a veggie soup and loved how it turned out.

6804584a66177ff090a4e6a7b5dc5cde (1)

I love salad ideas.  They are healthy and you can make up any kind of salad from what is in the fridge.


I love the scalloped potato with caramelized onion with gruyere cheese idea that was on Sur la table.  I’m going to try to make that before Easter for a trial run to see if it comes out good.


I love the above 1929 Good Housekeeping magazine cover.  Also love the price of the daffodils.  Wouldn’t it be nice if prices stayed the same and wages went up.

And that’s my thoughts for this snowy day in March.


Dream Ideas


My best dream is the Craftbury Cottage that is a modular from Yankee Barn Homes.  I like the porch on the front and the screened in porch on the back.  I love the farm house style of it.  I love the way the above one is landscaped.

dream home

The swing on the porch and chairs along with the hedges in front of the porch with flower bushes on the side.


The cottage has open beams and there is a loft and a balcony with french doors on the back side of the loft.  I’ve looked at a lot of houses and the ones that cost as little as the Craftsbury are no comparison.  All you would need is a piece of land that has electricity at the driveway and the only extra  expense would be to do the artesian well and drain field.


I like the above style for a garage to go with the Craftbury Cottage.

The plot from upstairs2

I would have a garden like the above in my dream place.


A greenhouse would be awesome.

101990048.jpg.rendition.largest (1)


My dream kitchen is the Martha Stewart Seal Harbor kitchen from Home Depot.  I would add a double wall oven in there.




Then a French style sewing room with French doors that open up and have a view of flower gardens.

prius 5

My dream car is the Prius Prime.  I love the headlights on that car.  And the silver color.

prius 4

Also the tail lights.  It has LED tail lights.  The car also has a charge port for cell phones.


The 2017 Prime Prius has Navigation and bluetooth.  The really neat part is that you can get a $4,500.00 tax rebate for buying a Hybrid.


I had a little dog like the above one time except it was a beige color.  I think that I would love to have one like the above and name him Bandit.


I love the above laundry room  It doesn’t take up a lot of space but there is plenty of room to fold clothes.


I like the above living room style.

It’s been cold and dreary here this dull Monday.  And for the next two days a blizzard is supposed to hit.  A northeaster bad snow storm.  So to get away from horrible weather, I just can dream of nice things.

And that’s my thoughts for today.




If you like to be cozy and comfortable on a chilly Sunday morning, Vera Wang designer pj’s are the way to go.  I got my pj’s at Kohls with a gift card that I got for Christmas.  They were having half price sales and you could get a really good deal on them.  They are made out of a material that is super soft and they have a little stretch in them.  Just really comfortable and they fit like a dream.


Then a leisure breakfast is always fun on Sunday mornings.  I love to pile on the toppings to oatmeal.  Then I pour Almond milk over it.  Yum.


Then I like a second cup of French Roast coffee in one of my favorite mugs.  Catch up on my Email and stuff on the computer.

9f85e1c19b938d14ae394ef10d255b67 2

King Arthur Flour with Craftsy has an online course for the Essentials of Bread Baking.  It’s on a special price of $19.99.  If you take a course like that at King Arthur Flour it’s like $159.00 or so.  I would love to take that course.  Sounds like fun and you can take it at your leisure and it includes all class materials.  Awesome.


Sur la table has a complete dinner that you can buy online for Easter that serves 8 people.  It costs like $195.00.  It is sent frozen to your home.  I love the Gruyere Scalloped Potatoes with carmelized onions, the green beans with bacon, green beans tossed with almonds, bacon and lemon butter, the wood smoked ham and the carrot cake with pineapple, shredded carrots & walnuts with vanilla cream cheese frosting.

I love the ideas for an Easter dinner and found similar recipes to make that dinner for like a fraction of the price they charge.


I love the green beans idea and found the lemon butter with garlic and bacon green bean recipe.  Would just add sliced almonds or not.


Then I found a ham recipe that was like the way my Mom used to make ham with the sliced pineapple and cloves.


And I love the Gruyere Scalloped Potatoes with Carmelized Onions idea and found several recipes that sounded perfect.


And then I found a Carrot Cake recipe that had pineapple, shredded carrots and walnuts with a vanilla cream cheese frosting.

I pinned all the recipes on my Pinterest Easter ideas board.

I love inspirations on different websites that are out there.


Then one of my favorite fashion bloggers suggested the above sweater to wear for Spring weather.  I think it’s perfect for this time of year.


I found the above sweater on the L L Bean website.  I think that it’s perfect to wear for St Patrick’s day.


I like cameos.  I had a beautiful pin identical to the above cameo and gave it away years ago.  I wish that I had kept it now.  It was made in Italy and that was a real diamond. It was a gift from my husband before he went to Vietnam.  Don’t ask me why I searched for a cameo like it.  I couldn’t afford it myself and it only brings back memories that I want to forget.  Plus I am trying to think positive and be happy and appreciate what I have.


I like pretty patterns in dinnerware.  The above Lenox pattern is called French Pearl.  I adore the color of it and everything about it.  A 16 place setting for 4 costs about $450.00 on the Lenox website.  But QVC had the setting for 4 for $110.00 and you could buy it on easy pay for like payments of $39.00.  I wanted it so bad but that color sold out in a matter of a few hours.  They only have the pattern in white left on QVC.  And it didn’t include the mugs.  But I found it on Wayfair on their outlet in that beautiful color and got two settings for $66.00 and free shipping and it included the mugs.  I could not help myself.  Somewhere down the road I will add a little at a time to the settings.


I like the Lenox tea set and canisters and they were both on sale at a really good price with easy pay on QVC a few days ago.  But I could only put them on my wish list.  So pretty.

IMG_20170312_171306644 (1)

I made a fun soup for lunch today that had a lot of flavor.  I used Turkey Bone Broth and started out with chopped onions, celery and chopped baby carrots which I sauteed in olive oil.  I added baby bella mushrooms and Canellini beans.  Then something that was really good was I had a packet of chopped cauliflower in the freezer that was like rice and it had chopped carrots and peas in it.  I put Italian herbs, a couple of bay leaves, Emerils Italian seasoning and some thyme.  And if that wasn’t enough I added a teaspoon of Dijon Mustard and a couple splashes of Vinegar.

To make it fun, I used my Paris soup mug that I got at TJ Max.

And that was my fun Sunday on a horrible time of year in Vermont.

Spring Dreaming



Cute little bunny idea for a Spring flower-pot.


I think that Spring tulips are so pretty.  I love the idea of the green mason jar and the rafta string tied around it.


I like the idea of colorful Spring bulbs in a planter.


Sometimes at craft stores they have bunny shaped vines.  What a neat idea for a wreath on a Spring door.


I like the pussy willows on the bunny vines with a pink bow, also.


I love forsythia for Spring decorating.


White Hyacinths are my all time favorite.


A coconut cake is always nice to have for a Spring dessert.  I put several recipes for coconut cake on my cake recipes board on my Pinterest.  I actually bought a whole cookbook because I wanted one recipe in it that was a coconut cake with a lemon curd filling.


I need a new car and I like the 2017 Prius Prime.


I just like the headlights and tail-lights.


I put the above recipes in my St Patrick’s Day Ideas.


I love the idea of putting Shamrocks in a little black pot.  They always have shamrocks this time of year in the grocery stores plant section.  And they always have those little black pots in the craft stores.


I like cathedral ceilings with open beams and a fieldstone fireplace.


I like succulent plants.  They are kind of expensive to buy at the farm stands but they had a really neat deal on about 3 trays of all kinds of succulents a few weeks ago on one of the home shopping programs.  I couldn’t get them, but they would have been fun to plant in lots of pots like the above.


I love soups this time of year and I found a really neat recipe for broccoli cheese soup.  I pinned the recipe on my soup recipes board on my Pinterest.


I had the above photo taken a year ago when I was doing dishes and there was a full moon out there.  That was the view from my kitchen window.

And that’s my thoughts for today….