Sugar Snow


There is a wet, heavy snow right now that is pretty because it’s sticking to the trees.  My Mom used to call this kind of snow that is late in the season “sugar snow”.  It melts like sugar and it’s a spring type snow that falls during the maple sugaring season.


I like Spring wreaths and the above wreath next to that color door just stands out.  So pretty.


Kind of a neat idea for a laundry room.  I would want another shelf added for folding.  I love the color of the cabinets.  There is an Annie Sloan Chalk paint that is called “Duck Egg Blue” that looks like the color of the cabinets.  I love the farmers sink idea.


I love the kitchen island idea with the contrast with the island and the white kitchen cabinets.  Neat place to store cookbooks and lots of work space.


I love salads and a neat recipe is just arugula and shaved Parmesan with a lemon vinaigrette dressing.  Love it.  I put the recipe for the vinaigrette in my salads board on my pinterest.  I have 2 pinterest boards that happened when I used my ipad to get to pinterest.  They are both under Linda Tuttle.


I love hanging water gardens.    They look so nice hanging in a window.


They have all kinds of the hanging water gardens on    They are from Vermont and were at the Boston Flower show this month.  I went online to their website and they had videos of the Flower show and even showed Boston Harbor.  It was almost like going to the flower show.  Loved it.


They have neat spiral containers and they come with the plants.


They really impressed me.  So beautiful.

fl show 3 bos

The above is the booth that they had at the Boston Flower Show.  So awesome.

tiny house 4

They had a tiny house display at the flower show and they had one of the water garden plants hung over the table like a chandelier.  So neat.

tiny house 2

The above is the outside of the tiny house.

flower show bos

Love the little breakfast nook in the tiny house and the neat hanging water garden over the table.



I love organizing ideas and the above tea holder caught my eye.  It’s on Amazon and I’m going to get it one of these days.


I love the above coffee bar idea.  She used that Annie Sloan chalk paint “Duck Egg Blue”.


Then for the top of the coffee bar table she used the above stencil that she got online.  She has all the information on  Awesome blogger.

I have not been tending to my blog over the last few weeks.  Everything happened at once to me and now I have a terrible cold.  It’s been one of the worst months of my life.

Feeling more like myself today except for the cold.


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