I love the designs that people come up with to make quilts.  There are all kinds of patterns and kits.  Sometimes you can just use a sewing machine to make the quilt making easier and faster.


Quilts are old fashioned and just pretty.  I would love to have quilts in a beautiful cedar chest for storage and also to use to make a beautiful statement for decor.


I love the colors of the above quilt.


One of my favorite flowers is the Heavenly Blue Morning Glory.  The style of the quilt above is reminding me of a Claire Murray design.


I love the above idea for a border for a baby quilt.  Just adorable.


Love the above idea with a little frog pattern for a baby boy quilt.


My Mom made a Butterfly quilt with her cousin when she was a kid that was similar to the above quilt.  I would like to make one like it to honor her memory.


A quilt called a Yo-Yo Quilt was also popular back in my Mom’s time and she said that she made a Yo-Yo quilt.  I love the colors of the above Yo-Yo quilt.


When I was looking for Butterfly Quilts, I came across the above idea.  So pretty.



I like the above pattern.  It reminds me of a sunburst.


I like the above color combination, also.



Quilt pillows are awesome in my opinion, also.

One of my Grandmothers had quilts that she made stored in a trunk at their farm house.  My aunt said that the key to the trunk was lost, so I never got to see the quilts.  I can only imagine them.  I bet they were beautiful.

My Grandmother saved all of my Mom’s baby clothes.  She gave them to my Mom for my sister who was the first born.  I can only imagine how cute they were.  I never got to see any of them.  Must have gotten lost in the shuffle before I was ever born as I am 8 years younger then my sister and there were two babies born between me and my sister.

My Mom used to tell me about a little Fox fur hat, jacket and muff that she had when she was little.  I asked my aunt about it and she said that it was still at the farm a ton of years ago and my Mom could have them if she wanted.  In other words, it was not for me.  I never even got to see them.  I think I was the only sentimental one.  My Mom was not interested in it.  And after my aunt passed, everything on the farm was just either given away or auctioned off.  I did get some keepsake photos that my Gram had and a letter that my Mom wrote when she was 10 years old that was written to her Mom.  I treasure them.

I love the stories my Mom used to tell me about her life as a kid.  Rural, northern Vermont was cold in the winter and it still is to this day.  It borders on Canada.

She went to school by horse and sleigh with a heating stone and a buffalo robe for warmth and the school was a one room school house.    When she was a teenager, she went to a private school and bordered there.

Times have changed, but I still like some of the ways that they had in a much more laid back and enchanting time.




Morning Coffee


I love the above photo.


I love blender smoothies.  The above is fast, easy and makes a nice summer cool beverage or even breakfast.


I love the idea of a nice cup of coffee and cold cereal with berries and orange juice.


I’ve always loved the thought of an English type cottage garden.  From what I have read, I picked out a few must have plants that would be in the garden.


Hollyhocks first of all would be nice.

$_3 (1)

Then some Lavender.

$_3 (2)

Daisies would be just beautiful.

$_3 (3)

Delphinium would be colorful and just awesome.

$_3 (4)

And the blue Hydrangea.  That would be my 5 must haves for an awesome English garden.


I like recipes that are fast and easy to make yet scrumptious.   Little clean up and dishes.  The above one pan Blackened Cod, Sweet Potatoes and Zucchini sounds good to me.  I have everything to make it except the Coriander and Smoked Paprika plus the Cod.  I’m going to pick up the Cod on Friday because that is when the grocery store has the freshest fish.  Gotta try it.  I put the recipe on my one pan meal board on my Pinterest.

door idea

I saw a neat idea for storing a hair dryer, shampoos and stuff.  I broke one hair dryer by twisting the cord too much.  I love how there is a space to put the cord that keeps it from being twisted.  So handy and organized.  I love how the whole compartment just takes up a little space and is there when you slide the vertical drawer out.


Dream laundry room inspiration.


Home spa idea.

Have a wonderful day.




I love lamp posts with climbing vines on them.


I love garden paths and climbing roses.  Just so beautiful.


Cottage gardens and garden benches.


I love cottage garden colors.


Peonies and Foxgloves are just beautiful.


A picket fence with climbing roses is so old fashioned and just beautiful.

(c) Annette Timmermann

I love manicured hedges that make little boxes for flower gardens and garden paths.  And then a topiary hedge.


I love the above color combinations.  Because one of my Grandmothers was totally English, I am attracted to English style cottage gardens.  But then my other Grandmother was total Irish.  And add to the mix a French Grandpa and the other Grandpa Dutch.  So I have a mixture of tastes.


I just love the idea of a garden tea party.  So elegant and just plain awesome.


I love fancy tea pots like Royal Albert Miranda.

tea cup

Then the tea cup to match.


Then the plate.

tea flowers

Add a bouquet of flowers that are perfect for tea.

Lenox tea

Because the Miranda pattern is very hard to find and is out of stock a lot, I could settle for the Lenox Butterfly Meadow pattern tea set.  Just beautiful.


I just love English style tea cups.

bathroom 4

I love a spa type bathroom.  The above idea is just gorgeous.  The window and chandelier just are a plus.


Some beautiful cabinets.  OMG.


Spa plants here and there.


Lots of candles.


Soft white, fluffy towels.


How about a spa towel warmer for the ultimate.

grill 3

An outdoor kitchen to grill all summer.  Who would want to leave home?

grill 1

Add a pizza oven, a warming oven and a rotisserie to make it the ultimate inspiration.

And those are just a few of the inspirations I find.





Le Jarden Potager


I just love a beautiful French style kitchen garden where flowers are mixed in among your herbs, fruit trees and vegetables.


Actually, I love any kind of a garden.


I just love little pathways and sectioned off shapes.


A beautiful French kitchen garden is usually bordered by a clipped hedge.  I love their layouts.


If they have a chicken coop, the chickens somehow always get out because they just like to be free range.


I just love the ideas that make for a beautiful garden layout.


Marigolds attract bees and that’s why it’s important to buy organic Marigold seeds and plants that are grown in organic conditions that do not contain insecticides which are bad for bees and garden.

The Marigold’s scent masks the scent of the veggies so garden pests and predators are not attracted there.  The Marigolds also add color and beauty and are low maintenance.  They are hardy enough to stand up to droughts and frost.


The French Marigold petals open at sunrise and close at dusk.

Gardens are just fun to work in and watch grow.  So beautiful.




The above smoothie recipe came up on my facebook memories from a few years ago at this time of year.  Sounds really good to me.


I like that cauliflower rice that you can make in your food processor or I’ve also seen it in the frozen vegetables section of the grocery store.  I have made a stir fry before with the cauliflower rice just using onions, mushrooms, pea pods, broccoli and shredded carots which is the veggies I like.  In the recipe above, they used onions and garlic first and then added the veggies and rice as well as 2 tablespoons of reduced sodium soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of sesame oil and a teaspoon of freshly ground pepper.  They also added scrambled egg.  I think I just will add the soy sauce and sesame oil next time I make the stir fry.

05a758456cf2522dadc86cda1438ceab (1)

I like twisting flagstone paths.  Also the cathedral ceiling and French doors in the above style house is a style that appeals to me.

cottage 9

I like brick paths and outdoor garden tables.


The Seal Harbor Martha Stewart kitchen cabinets from Home Depot are just beautiful.


The above appliances are gorgeous in my opinion.


I like all the above that Sur Le Table website had at one time.  They all match and are a sunshine color.


I like the oversized comfy chair above.  How nice would that be to sit in while writing in a journal in the early morning with coffee.


I love Lake Sunapee and Sunapee Harbor.  It’s just beautiful and the lake is crystal clear water.  There is a dinner boat cruise that goes out on the lake in the evening and it leaves the harbor and goes around the whole lake.  About half way into the cruise you can see beautiful sunsets and on the way back you see all kinds of lake cottages with all the lights on and fire pits and outdoor fun all over the lakeside.

Then the state park on Sunapee has a beautiful beach for swimming.  When my kids were little, we would pack up some sandwiches and stop at a bakery and pick up some brownies on the way and have a cooler full of ice-cold beverages and spend the whole day enjoying the beautiful lake.


Fun beach at Sunapee and there is a grass area with picnic tables and shade trees.


I like the above Asher style ring.  I found one that is the exact style of that ring only not real diamonds.  It’s fun to wear once in a while when I go grocery shopping and makes me feel like a million bucks.  And it sparkles like anything.


My idea of a relaxing afternoon is a cup of tea and scones with orange marmalade.  I love fancy tea cups.


I love yoga and can’t even imagine have a room like the above with a good luck Lotus on the floor.  What a beautiful space for yoga exercise with the sun shining in.  A yoga mat, candles, pillows and a soft throw would be all you would need.  Maybe a TV with a DVD player with yoga instructors to have a yoga class whenever you wanted.


I like the above yoga space ideas.


In Burlington there is a bike trail that goes for miles down Lake Champlain and you can see the Adirondack Mountains in New York state across the lake.  It’s on our bucket list to ride our bikes on that trail.  We’ve been on the Stowe bike trail quite a few times that is wicked fun.  Stowe bike trail also has roller blading on it which is also fun.

Well, it’s getting late so I suppose I have to call it a day.





I love Saturdays because there are a few new cook shows on.  I like to save some of the  recipes that I see by saving them to my Pinterest boards.  Then I can just bring them up with my Ipad when I want to try out a recipe.  I like the Ipad holder that I found on Etsy.  It’s a nice one that was hand-made by someone in North Carolina.  I love it.  I also figured out how to get Google Play going with my favorite music non-stop while I am working on a recipe.  Probably no big deal to most people, but it took a little while for me to figure out.  I love the Ipad that my kids gave me a few years ago.


I like the cute idea for using wine corks for an herb garden.  Some have skewers and the horizontal corks are on a fork.  The idea was on “The Kitchen” on the Cooking channel.  They had a part of the program called “Green Thumbs Up”.  All kinds of tips like putting coffee grounds in plant soil once a week to make the soil nitrogen rich.    And then they showed a Cinnamon Plant Spray which is just 8 oz of warm water and a tablespoon of Cinnamon whisked together and allowed to sit for a few hours or overnight and then strain it with a coffee filter or a fine sieve so you don’t clog up the sprayer.  It’s a natural fungicide.

Then they showed a flower tower with purple lobelias, yellow dahlias and tall white Lupines that was just beautiful.  It inspired me to check out flower tower ideas.


I love the above idea.  It’s colorful and easy to put together as you can buy that flower pot tower container in plastic.


I think the above is a cute idea.


I love the above idea.


I love the above container idea that was sold at Walmart.  But it’s out of stock now.


They put gravel in the bottom of each section for drainage.


And then put in the herb plants.  Fast and easy, plus you can start using the herbs right away.  Love it.


I would love to have an English Cottage style garden.  The above seeds are typical of what you would want to plant to get a Cottage garden.  Love it!


Kind of neat idea with the pink, white and purple theme garden.


Same idea colors in a container.  Would also be pretty in a window box.


I love little garden paths and garden gates.


I love the above Greenhouse that someone made from old windows.


I pinned the above recipe on my “One Pan” board on my Pinterest.  I love the idea as I have some Zucchini on hand and can get some summer squash at the local Farmstand if it’s out yet.  And just pick up a piece of Cod at the grocery store.  It calls for Smoked Paprika and Coriander which I will also have to pick up.


I love the above idea for family photos.


I like inspirtional stuff.


I love how the above garden is all planted in neat rows.  That’s how my Dad always planted his garden.  Then in the corner of the garden he had a rhubarb patch that came up every year.


Succulent plants are very easy to take care of.  I came across the above idea when I was looking for tower planter ideas.


I like the above idea for a dining room  The Hutch to show off dinnerware.  Then the natural light from the French doors.  I would have a crystal chandelier.


I saw the above exercise room that is so cool.  Love the wall of windows with a view, the high ceilings and window wall.


I pinned a ton of healthy recipes from Valarie Bertanelli’s pinterest board.  I couldn’t help myself, but I know that some people don’t like it if you take more then 10 pins at a time.


Loved the Roasted Salmon detox bowl idea.


I was watching Valerie’s cook show and she had Everything Waffles that were like an Everything Bagel.  Then she put smoked salmon on top and sour cream, dill and capers.  Looked good to me and usually I can find the recipe on the Cooking Channel, but I could not find that recipe yet.  So I went to her Pinterest page and that’s where I saw all the Healthy recipes but still couldn’t find the waffle recipe.

And that’s what caught my interest today.


Quilt Inspirations

quilt 3

I love quilts and the wedding ring pattern of the above quilt is a quilt that I would like to make.  There are quilting classes that you can take on line and I would love to learn how these quilts are made.  I have a sewing machine that is especially designed to make quilting fast and easy.

quilt 5

I like to watch the Create channel and there is a quilting program on there that shows all kinds of techniques for making quilts.  Today there was an artist from California that was in New York and saw a flower that they don’t have in California.  She took a photo of the flower and used it as an inspiration to make a quilt.  She used image transfer paper and old linens and lace for backing and design.


I love the colors that she came up with and she chose some matching material for backgrounds as well as old linens like pillow cases and bureau scarves that she picked up here and there.  Also she had a binding that she said that she picked up in France that was matching her colors.  And the bird was from a water color painting.  I thought that it was beautiful.


I like Vermont wildflowers and I would like to figure out a way to make a quilt with photos that I love.  The above Lady Slipper is an inspiration.  I’m no artist, but I like to design pretty things.


I love Sunflowers and Butterflies.


A little birds nest would look awesome in my opinion.


A little block of wildflowers here and there.



Maybe a little duck.


Maybe some Peonies.


A beautiful swan.

green mountains

Maybe a little landscape tucked in.


And a cute little Robin.


I think I would use the above for a border.

Just some inspiration that I got from watching the quilt art classes on the create channel on TV.