Quilt Inspirations

quilt 3

I love quilts and the wedding ring pattern of the above quilt is a quilt that I would like to make.  There are quilting classes that you can take on line and I would love to learn how these quilts are made.  I have a sewing machine that is especially designed to make quilting fast and easy.

quilt 5

I like to watch the Create channel and there is a quilting program on there that shows all kinds of techniques for making quilts.  Today there was an artist from California that was in New York and saw a flower that they don’t have in California.  She took a photo of the flower and used it as an inspiration to make a quilt.  She used image transfer paper and old linens and lace for backing and design.


I love the colors that she came up with and she chose some matching material for backgrounds as well as old linens like pillow cases and bureau scarves that she picked up here and there.  Also she had a binding that she said that she picked up in France that was matching her colors.  And the bird was from a water color painting.  I thought that it was beautiful.


I like Vermont wildflowers and I would like to figure out a way to make a quilt with photos that I love.  The above Lady Slipper is an inspiration.  I’m no artist, but I like to design pretty things.


I love Sunflowers and Butterflies.


A little birds nest would look awesome in my opinion.


A little block of wildflowers here and there.



Maybe a little duck.


Maybe some Peonies.


A beautiful swan.

green mountains

Maybe a little landscape tucked in.


And a cute little Robin.


I think I would use the above for a border.

Just some inspiration that I got from watching the quilt art classes on the create channel on TV.


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