Le Jarden Potager


I just love a beautiful French style kitchen garden where flowers are mixed in among your herbs, fruit trees and vegetables.


Actually, I love any kind of a garden.


I just love little pathways and sectioned off shapes.


A beautiful French kitchen garden is usually bordered by a clipped hedge.  I love their layouts.


If they have a chicken coop, the chickens somehow always get out because they just like to be free range.


I just love the ideas that make for a beautiful garden layout.


Marigolds attract bees and that’s why it’s important to buy organic Marigold seeds and plants that are grown in organic conditions that do not contain insecticides which are bad for bees and garden.

The Marigold’s scent masks the scent of the veggies so garden pests and predators are not attracted there.  The Marigolds also add color and beauty and are low maintenance.  They are hardy enough to stand up to droughts and frost.


The French Marigold petals open at sunrise and close at dusk.

Gardens are just fun to work in and watch grow.  So beautiful.


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