I love the designs that people come up with to make quilts.  There are all kinds of patterns and kits.  Sometimes you can just use a sewing machine to make the quilt making easier and faster.


Quilts are old fashioned and just pretty.  I would love to have quilts in a beautiful cedar chest for storage and also to use to make a beautiful statement for decor.


I love the colors of the above quilt.


One of my favorite flowers is the Heavenly Blue Morning Glory.  The style of the quilt above is reminding me of a Claire Murray design.


I love the above idea for a border for a baby quilt.  Just adorable.


Love the above idea with a little frog pattern for a baby boy quilt.


My Mom made a Butterfly quilt with her cousin when she was a kid that was similar to the above quilt.  I would like to make one like it to honor her memory.


A quilt called a Yo-Yo Quilt was also popular back in my Mom’s time and she said that she made a Yo-Yo quilt.  I love the colors of the above Yo-Yo quilt.


When I was looking for Butterfly Quilts, I came across the above idea.  So pretty.



I like the above pattern.  It reminds me of a sunburst.


I like the above color combination, also.



Quilt pillows are awesome in my opinion, also.

One of my Grandmothers had quilts that she made stored in a trunk at their farm house.  My aunt said that the key to the trunk was lost, so I never got to see the quilts.  I can only imagine them.  I bet they were beautiful.

My Grandmother saved all of my Mom’s baby clothes.  She gave them to my Mom for my sister who was the first born.  I can only imagine how cute they were.  I never got to see any of them.  Must have gotten lost in the shuffle before I was ever born as I am 8 years younger then my sister and there were two babies born between me and my sister.

My Mom used to tell me about a little Fox fur hat, jacket and muff that she had when she was little.  I asked my aunt about it and she said that it was still at the farm a ton of years ago and my Mom could have them if she wanted.  In other words, it was not for me.  I never even got to see them.  I think I was the only sentimental one.  My Mom was not interested in it.  And after my aunt passed, everything on the farm was just either given away or auctioned off.  I did get some keepsake photos that my Gram had and a letter that my Mom wrote when she was 10 years old that was written to her Mom.  I treasure them.

I love the stories my Mom used to tell me about her life as a kid.  Rural, northern Vermont was cold in the winter and it still is to this day.  It borders on Canada.

She went to school by horse and sleigh with a heating stone and a buffalo robe for warmth and the school was a one room school house.    When she was a teenager, she went to a private school and bordered there.

Times have changed, but I still like some of the ways that they had in a much more laid back and enchanting time.




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