Simple Pleasures


I love the high ceilings, the island, the white cabinets, the wood floor and the airiness of the above kitchen.  There is even a laundry room on the other side of the kitchen which would be awesome.  That kitchen is simple and would bring anyone great pleasure.


And then the same ceilings and the darling living-room.  Love the open beams and the built-ins and the arch doorway.


I love the above to have in a little mud-room entryway.  I love the color and everything about it.


I love the above basket-weave pocketbook type carrier to hang on one of the hooks of the mud-room coat hangers.  It’s perfect to take to Farmers Markets.


I just totally love the above French style sewing room.  I would have the French doors open to flower garden paths.

quilt 3

The above quilt would be so fun to make in that sewing room.  Also, it would be awesome to create all kinds of projects.


I love healthy salads.  One of my favorites is kale or arugula with apples, walnuts and blue cheese.  My favorite dressing is so fun to make in a small canning jar.  I just put apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, chopped garlic, thyme, Italian seasoning and Extra Virgin Olive oil in the jar and shake it up.  One of my simple pleasures.

balloon 2

I love the Hot Air Balloon Festival that they have every year.   Just plain fun to watch.  They just go wild and free to the four winds.  There is a youtube video taken at Simon Pierce in Queechee where they skim across the water and then at the last minute give the balloon gas and go up over a covered bridge.


Foil packets on a grill are easy and tasty.  The one above is Butter Garlic Herb Steak with veggies.   I put the recipe on my Pinterest Foil Packets board.


I love pickles and the above pickle fork that attches to pickle jars is so cute.  It’s available on Amazon.


They have the Big Ships in Boston Harbor this weekend.  I think it would be so fun to see them.


I love needlepoint and soft throws.  The above is a Claire Murray pillow that can be made from a kit.

cottage 9

I love a little brick stone patio.


I would love to live near water and have a firepit.

7cc7cc2f6a28912aea55eda363d21f18 (1)


I love to cook and would love an organized spice drawer like the above where you could easily find the spice you are looking for.

phoca_thumb_l_Sunapee_cottage_exterior_front (2)

I love the looks of a porch where they have lantern lights.


I love the above idea for pull out shelves for pots and pans.


I think that it would be fun to have a garden tea party.

lenox 4

I love the Lenox Tea set and canisters.

And that is a few of what I think of when I think of Simple Pleasures.



kng arthr flr 2

I love Strawberry Rhubarb pie this time of year.  The star shape crust for the top of the pie is a neat idea.  I saw the recipe on King Arthur Flour website.  I pinned the recipe on my Pie board on my Pinterest.


Love all the recipes for using the spirilizer machine.  I have a ton of recipes on my zoodle board on my pinterest.  The farmstands will soon be having lots of fresh zucchini from local gardens as well as beets, carots and summer squash.  I got an OXO Spiralizer at TJ Max last week.  I’ve been wanting that machine for a long time and I was so happy to see a nice one at a reasonable price.


I love just sauteeing zoodles in butter and a little olive oil and squeezing lemon over them and then sprinkling on shredded Parmesan.  Yum!


I love salads in the summer especially because you don’t have to heat up the stove.  Plus they are very healthy.  I like the salad above with kale, chickpeas, artichokes, quinoa and cherries.  It looks like they put walnuts in it also.  I found some grilled artichokes in a jar at Marketbasket that I love to use.  The grilled artichokes are delicious in any salad.


I love a farmhouse porch with a glider swing.



I just love the above dining room set.  I would put a window seat in a bay window and this dining room set.  A fancy chandilier.


The ceilings style and everything about the above bedroom is awesome in my opinion.


I think that Peonies are beautiful.  They look like big cabbage roses.  They are easy to grow and come up every year.


I love Le Creuset and my favorite color is the Caribbean.


I love gardens and the above garden is so neat.    I would love to have a garden like that.


Barefoot Contessa’s garden is totally awesome.  I have a couple of her cookbooks and one time I read an article that showed all the cookbooks that she has in her library.  I think that I have watched every cook show that she has on the Cooking channel.  One cookbook that she has that is my favorite is her “Barefoot in Paris”.  It has easy French food that you can make at home.  She even shows how the French make flower arrangements.  She shows how the most famous Parisian flower designer, Christian Tortu arranges flowers and tips that she got.

She also shows cookware shops in Paris and says that good cookware not only enhances the quality of her cooking, but it’s also an incredible joy to use.  She uses Le Creuset a lot on her cook shows.

Some of my favorite recipes in her book are Zucchini Gratin, Carmelized Shallots, Beef Bourguignon, Lentil Sausage soup, Raspberry Royale, (she has a chapter on French wines),  and she has a chapter on French Cooking classes.  And she shows Poilane bread bakery in Paris and shows shopping in open air markets.  Lots of color photos.

Today it is very humid and yesterday the temperature was 94 degrees.  I am in my room I call my office with the door closed and the air conditioner on full blast.  Love it.

And that’s my thoughts for today.




I like the idea of visiting a harbor in Maine.  Such a beautiful state and their seafood is just scrumptious from the extremely cold water.  My brother lives in New Hampshire just over the border from Maine and him and his wife have a time share in Maine that is right on the ocean.  They go to Maine often and have seafood.


I would love to have a deck that had a view of the ocean.


I love how kitchens have a little breakfast nook in a bay window.


I would love a small cottage something like the above somewhere near some water and walking and biking trails.


I love harbor towns in Maine.  The salt air and fishing boats are just awesome.


I wouldn’t mind having a place in Florida in the winter either.  The best of both worlds.  I love how in Florida they have like a sun room with a pool in a lot of their houses.  You get the sun and no bugs and a year round pool.  And the houses are affordable.


I went through a stage where I wanted to travel and my dream place to see was Paris, France.  My niece went to Paris with her school and was not impressed.  My sister and her husband visited there and they were not impressed.   One of my friends that went to Paris said that everyone smokes cigarettes there and just not an impressive city.  I don’t think I would want to go there so much anymore.


I took quite a few years of  the French language in school, starting in the 7th grade to the 12th grade.  So have fooled people into thinking I spoke fluent French.  I always loved all things French.  It’s just such a romantic and historic country.  But in recent years I just lost interest in it.


And that’s my thoughts for this first Saturday in June.



Farmers Markets


The Farmers Markets are opening up now.


I just love this time of year.  Lots of sunny days and temperatures that are in the 70’s.  The Farmers markets are opening and they have all kinds of awesome local products.


Nothing like farm fresh eggs.  I love to make eggs for breakfast sometimes and also boiled eggs in a potato salad.  A nice omelette with fresh herbs, a garden fresh salad and a glass of wine.


Lots of times they have herb plants that are a really reasonable price.  ❤


You can even buy garden plants that have already had a head start from planting.  And maple syrup.


Lots of times there are all kinds of canned goods.  How fun it is to have home made dill pickles to put in your pantry. 🙂

69.33-Pepper Place Farmers Market-flickr-Dan

The fresh local garden produce is just plain awesome.  Also very healthy.


All kinds of stuff to choose from.  I just love it.


It’s as nice as having your own garden almost.


Lots of times they have baked goods that are just scrumptious.

Snow Heath_Bread

Lots of times they have home made bread.  Yum!


All kinds of neat stuff.  Love the dried lavender.  ❤


In Woodstock, they have a whole building for a Farmers Market.  Plus another market on the Green.


I love when they have sunflowers.

ls (1)

Then sometimes they just have Cafe’s and Markets that are just so fun.


I love the greens that they have.  Especially the rainbow chard and kale.  So fresh and so good.


This is one of my favorite outfits to wear to Farmers Markets.

And that is my thoughts for this second day in June.

Spring Days


I love the idea of a eucalyptus wreath.  The one above was made with faux eucalyptus and a few sprigs of real eucalyptus to have the fragrance.  I also love the arch mirror.


I also love the idea of building a green house out of old windows.  And I love the idea of little flat rocks for garden paths.



The above wine was awarded one of the best in the world Rose wine.  It only costs $8.99 at Aldi’s and Trader Joe’s.  What a nice refreshing wine to try for summer.


I would love to have a little waterfall like the above and have gold-fish in the little pond with the rocks around it.  I love the lily pads as an extra special touch.


I also love the idea of a fire pit with Adirondack chairs around it.  I love the flat rocks making a kind of circle patio.


Lemon Cheesecake is like a must bake for Spring.  I pinned a recipe on my desserts board on my Pinterest that sounded really good.


I got a pasta bowl at T J Max that is my favorite dish.  I like the colors and the sunflowers on it.  I made a Greek salad using Ina Gartens recipe and it was perfect for that dish.


Then today I made a Bean Soup and the dish worked perfect as a dish for that soup.  I made up my own recipe using Paula Dean’s seasoning and some thyme.  I found a low sodium chicken broth at the Food Co-op that I really like.  I had rainbow carots, celery and onions to start the soup and then added Canellini beans and power greens.  It made a nice lunch for a kind of chilly Spring day.


I love a picket fence and a trellis gate idea like the above.  It’s just classic and never goes out of style.


I love the tea party idea that I saw for little Pistachio Bundt Cakes with Lemon Curd.  I put the recipe on my Pinterest tea ideas board.


I like how they decorate the window at the Taftsville store.


The Farmers Markets start opening this week.  I can’t wait to start going to them.

I haven’t been posting in my blog lately.  I kind of got writers block.  But am going to start enjoying my blog again.