Wednesday July 26, 2017



I like a Big Mac, but the bun is too much.  I love the idea of the Big Mac salad.  The mac sauce is easy to make and you can use grass fed beef for the hamburger and this time of year garden fresh tomatoes and garden lettuce.  Then grate some cheddar over the top.  The mac sauce that I make is just mayonnaise with a little tomato paste and a little pickle relish.  But I have the official mac sauce recipe on my salads board on my Pinterest.



Paula Deen has some cute bowls that are out of stock on her website, but Amazon has a few of them in a set of 4.


I like the above idea.  TJ Max has a similar container that has little milk bottles in it.  So fun to pick up flowers at the Farmers Market and divide them into little bottles.


For a fashion find, I like Samantha Brown’s wrinkle resistant wrap style dress.  It was on HSN this week for $49.00.  It’s stylish and flatters any body type.  The dress came in the above blue and also it came in your choice of red or black.  I like the black one but the blue one is nice, too.  And red is my favorite color.


I just love a little French style outdoor table.  The above table is an inspiration for summer ambience.


For a household tip, a lot of laundry detergents contain dangerous ingredients, such as synthetic fragrances and chemicals known to release formaldehyde.  But you can get your clothes clean without comprimising your health — or going broke.

In Prevention magazine they had a recipe for Basic Laundry Powder:

1/2 cup soap flakes or grated plain bar soap

1/2 cup borax

1/2 cup washing soda

  1.  Combine ingredients well and store in a glass jar with airtight lid.
  2. Use 1/2 to 1 Tbsp per load.

Works best in warm or hot water.

dd224f741994080de2b7679efb956ec3 (1)

I love the above idea for a back yard drive in theater.  So cute and it brings back to the day.


I love waterfalls.  So pretty.



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