Last Day of August


With Labor Day weekend coming up this weekend, I saw the usual ideas for the weekend.  Corn on the cob on the grill, kabobs, hamburgers and deviled eggs.  I made a new board on my Pinterest for Labor Day ideas.


I saw a recipe for Taco Burgers that sounded good and pinned the recipe on my Labor Day Pinterest board.


I love the idea for a S’Mores Bar.


I saw a recipe for a burger sauce that had a few extra touches in it that sounded awesome.  I pinned the recipe on my Burgers board on my Pinterest.


I love Broccoli Salad and especially when it has bacon in it.  I pinned that recipe on my Salads Pinterest board.


Seven Layer Dip is always fun and I love the idea of those little individual servings.  I put that recipe on my Labor Day Pinterest board.


And then a recipe for the grill that sounded really good was the Hawaiian Chicken Bacon Kabobs.  Yum!  I pinned that recipe on my Pinterest Labor Day board also.


Then a Berry Trifle to celebrate the end of summer.  Could do individual or a big trifle. I think that I put that recipe on my Pinterest Labor Day board.

18a5bf7a54b30ed05e4e02f49e744698 (1)

It’s getting soup weather again and I love the idea of Panera’s Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Soup recipe.  I put that recipe on my Pinterest Soup board.


I love the ideas for toppings for soups, like scallions, shaved Parmesan, sour cream,  grated cheddar and Oyster crackers.  All kinds of bread ideas on the side.


It was chilly yesterday and I made myself some Lentil soup using lentils that I buy in bulk at the Food Co-op and keep in my pantry.  I loved using my Pioneer Woman bowl and dish.  I used organic 3-color carrots, organic celery, chopped onion to start with all sauteed in my Le Creuset pot which I love.  Then I added low sodium Chicken broth, organic bay leafs and thyme and the cup of Lentils and just let them simmer for about 50 minutes.  Love it.


And I saved some of the soup in my favorite soup cup to have for lunch for today with a nice salad and some crusty bread.


I saw a neat throw pillow at Pier-1 Imports for Fall decorating.  It’s called Fall by the Sea Pumpkin Pillow.  I love the colors.


Sarah Vickers has a really nice New England style and she has a website called “Classy Girls Wear Pearls”.   I like the above dress.

dress 2

So for my frugal find, the dress originally cost $90.00 and it’s on sale for $31.00 at Macy’s.  It would be nice to have for next summer and this is the time of year to get a good deal at end of summer sales.


Sarah Vickers lives in Rhode Island with her husband.  Can you imagine being able to have a romantic Pizza on a dock with your husband at sunset.  Now that would be a really fun way to celebrate the last days of summer.


I like the idea of fat burning foods.  I wonder if they really work.  The trouble is, I have read all kinds of books on nutrition and healthy diets.  The doctors all contradict themselves on what is healthy.  I guess that you just have to think for yourself and use common sense.


I’ve always wanted to plant the seeds that are always in lemons when you buy them.  I wonder if it really works because lemon blossoms are just a heavenly scent.


A baby spider plant from my  original Spider plant fell off the plant and I put the baby spider in water and let roots grow.  Then I planted it in Miracle Grow potting soil and got the above beautiful Spider Plant with babies of it’s own.  I love that plant.


The original Spider Plant is in my window with my African Violets.  You have got to love plants.  They are just so fun to care for and watch grow.

And that’s my thoughts for today.  Have a fun and wonderful day.






End of August


I love Sunflowers.  They have a beautiful bouquet of the Sunflowers at Pete’s Farm stand in Walpole for $5.00 right now.  Another treat that I love at Pete’s is peaches that they have now that are from Alyson’s Orchards.


I like the shawl type sweater that Kate Middleton wore when she went shopping.  It’s just right for this time of year and would look stylish with a pair of stretch jeggings, a white V-neck pullover and a pair of comfortable flats.  I think it would be fun to wear grocery shopping.


I found a free pattern to knit a shawl almost identical to the one that Kate Middleton has.  I put the link to the pattern on my Pinterest sewing and crafts board.  I found the pattern about a year ago.

Barefoot Dreams that is available on QVC has a soft shawl type sweater that is not knitted but is a very soft material in the same style idea.


I like the Olive Garden and their Zuppa Toscana soup sounds like an awesome recipe.  I pinned the recipe on my Soup recipe board on my Pinterest.


The crockpot Sausage, Spinach and white bean soup sounds really good.  I make one like it with Kielbasa that I really like.  I put the recipe for the crockpot soup on my Crockpot board on my Pinterest.


The Crockpot Turkey Breast sounds really good, also.  One turkey breast could be used with potatoes and green beans, then sliced on top of a salad and finally in delicious soup or a sandwich.  So you could get several meals out of it.



A couple of years ago we took a tour of a Yankee Barn home in Grantham, NH.  I love the double sided fireplace that they had in the cathedral ceiling great room.  On the other side of the fireplace was the dining room.  Just plain awesome.


When the Fall Maple trees start getting color in about a month or so, Route 100 in Vermont is a beautiful route to take to see some beautiful Fall foiliage.  Also the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts through the Berkshires is really pretty for a Fall trip.


I saw a really cute idea for a Fall door on Etsy and it can be personalized.  My grandchildren call me “Ma-Linda” So I would have “Ma-Linda’s Pumpkin Patch” with my six grandchildren for my pumpkins.


I saw the above idea for organizing the kitchen counter.  It looks like it saves space to me. There is never enough counter top space in my opinion.


And that’s my thoughts for today.  I think that Fall is my favorite time of year.

Friday….August 25, 2017


I was thinking of some of the old New England foods that I knew as a kid.  One of my favorites was gingerbread with whip cream.  I put a recipe for the gingerbread in my Vermont recipes on my Pinterest.


Yankee Baked beans with maple syrup,  bacon and dry mustard the way my Mom made them was always fun to have on Saturday nights for supper with hot dogs.  I put that recipe in my Vermont recipes on my Pinterest, also.


I like corn muffins with chili and a really fast and easy recipe that always comes out really good is to add sour cream to the Jiffy muffin mix.  There is a really easy recipe that I love that I pinned on my muffin recipe board on my Pinterest.


On some of the cook shows, I see design ideas for the kitchen that I sometimes like.  For example, I like that oval window in Sara Moulton’s TV cook show.


I like the lanterns, the cabinet colors, the post on the side and the back splash of Sara Richardson’s cottage kitchen from her design show on HGTV.


I really like the colors and design of that kitchen.


And then Sara Richardson added on a room with windows to take in the ocean view.


Love the lounge chair idea.


I like the colors that Sara Richardson used in the guest bedroom and then the glass doors that open to the outside is a neat idea.

What an awesome beach cottage.  Sara designed and made over an older cottage and with the location right on the water, just wow.


I love Lobster rolls but they are expensive and I can’t cook a lobster.  I saw a really neat recipe for a Seafood Sandwich that used that Imitation Lobster or Crab Meat.  They used mayonnaise, chopped red onion, lemon juice and Old Bay Seasoning.  Sounds really good to me and I saved the recipe in my Pinterest Sandwich board.


I saw the above and it made me laugh.  I always wanted to be the dancing lessons type and delicate and all that.  But I was not a delicate child and liked to climb trees to the tree cabin, roller-skate, ride bikes and just have fun.



I saw the above on Pinterest and I really would like to be organized and if the day is started right, the whole day seems to go better.  I put all the ideas on my Organize board on my Pinterest.   A few things I remember is to put a load of laundry in, get dressed, read the bible, make a To Do list and a few other things that I can’t remember.  I hope have a nice cup of coffee in on the list and maybe journal.


I like the above dressing table idea.  A 3-way mirror to be able to comb your hair just right and then fancy perfumes in a tray like old Hollywood style.  And then drawers for make-up and stuff.  I love the chair, also.


I like jumpsuits.  They are figure flattering and comfortable.  I like the above style and would like to find a pattern like that and sew up a couple of jumpsuits with all kinds of neat material.  When I was a Junior in High School, I had enough credits to graduate so my senior year I took a couple of subjects just for fun like Fashion and Fabrics.  I loved it and learned a lot on how to sew and now I’m glad that I took an interest in that because it can save you money and also it’s hard to find clothes that fit right and it’s fun to choose fabrics.

And that’s my thoughts for today.  Have a wonderful day!



Thursday……August 24, 2017

nantucket 3

I would love a cottage like the above.  Just so pretty.

kitchen 7

I love how a kitchen has soffit lights in the ceiling, track lights as well as lights under the cabinets.  And if that isn’t enough, chandelier lights and lights under the top stove hood.


I saw a recipe for Cape Cod Turkey Salad.  The salad had cranberries, walnuts, mayonnaise, sour cream and cubed turkey.  Yum!


I also saw a recipe for Newport Clam Chowder that won a chowder cookoff in Newport.  The recipe called for butter, chopped onions, a little flour, a quart of shucked clams with liquid, 6 jars of clam juice, a lb of boiling potatoes chopped, half & Half cream and some fresh dill.  Everything was cooked separate and then mixed together.  I pinned the recipe on my soups board on my Pinterest.



I love jewelry anyways, and the above Ruby ring with a romantic name like Ruby Eleanor of Aquitaine Ring made by Hedgegrow Rose just melts my heart.  What a beautiful ring.


And then the awesome Lapis ring also made by Hedgegrow Rose.  So antique looking and just beautiful.  I put the links on where they could be bought on my jewelry board on my pinterest.


I also love pearls as they are just so classy looking and with the neutral color can go with any outfit.


I saw a recipe for Vermont Apple pie and the crust looked like my Gram’s pie crust.  The recipe just said to use a pie crust recipe, but I like how they dotted the filling with butter like my Mom used to.  I pinned the recipe on my Pie board on my Pinterest.

I came across a few frugal tips that sounded good.  One tip was to buy pantry staples when they are on sale at half price and then stock up.

Also to get rid of cable as it is just too expensive and use Netflex.


I came across a website that had awesome gluten-free recipes that were not expensive to make.  The above book was also on that website.  One recipe that I found interesting was home-made wraps for rolled up sandwiches.


There was also a recipe for home made hummus.  All the recipes were on


The sandwich wrap sounded good to me.

shephards pie

The Shepherd’s pie sounded like a good recipe, also.


I saw the above for a fashion idea to wear for Fall which is coming right up.  I think I would skip the shoes idea.  But I like the sailor style top with the stripes.  The jeans are cute if they are stretch.  The jacket is kind of classy looking because I saw Kate Middleton with a jacket just like that on.  The leather strap watch is classic and the purse is a little like a safari bag and I think I would skip on that.  The glasses are a little much, but I’ve noticed that is the style now.  I use my cell phone camera and it works really nice, but a professional camera is kind of neat.

And that’s my thoughts for today.

August 23, 2017


I love Woodstock, VT.  My friend Sigurd Swanson grew up there.  It’s fun seeing all the places that he knew and enjoyed as a kid.  The Middle Covered Bridge got it’s name from being in the middle of town.  Across from the bridge is what they call “The Green” and it’s the same size and shape as a battleship.  Then the Woodstock Inn is just gorgeous and is across from “The Green”.


I love the window box ideas that are all over the beautiful town of Woodstock.  That town is just gorgeous any time of the year.


Gillingham’s General Store reminds me of Nantucket for some reason.  The store has awesome coffee, wine, cheese and all kinds of really quality wares.


I love butterflies and I think that the Monarch Butterfly is one of the most beautiful butterflies.


I also love coastal New England.  It’s a classic style that never goes out of style.


I think that it would be awesome to live near the beach.


Nothing like a New England Clam Bake with lobster, steamed clams, corn on the cob and clam chowder.  Yum!


I love Rhode Island and I’ll never forget the Del’s Frozen Lemonade.  They have little Food Trucks all over the tiny state of Rhode Island that sell nothing but Del’s Frozen Lemonade.  And it is to die for.  Sooo refreshing.  Just unbelievably good.  Del’s has frozen lemonade down to a T.


I like the style idea of a slip dress with a denim jacket.  I don’t own a slip dress, but I have a neat sundress that I like to wear with a denim jacket.


I like my sundress with the denim jacket and got my inspiration from fashion blogs.  I have some sandals that are similar to the sandals on my inspiration.  My dress is a designer dress but about 1/3 of the original cost because I got it at TJ Max.    My sandals were 40% off and I had a $10.00 coupon and I love them as they are very comfortable.


I have a crock pot and also one of those machines that takes the air out of the container bags and seals them, so the above idea for “Freezer to Crockpot Meals” sounds interesting.  With the machine sealed bags, anything in them is good for a year.  No freezer burn.  So I saved a lot of the freezer bag idea recipes on my Pinterest.  I have a ton of boards on my Pinterest and I think there is a board for Freezer meals.


I like the above hairstyle for a kind of updo.  I’ve noticed a lot of that style lately.

7c01ab87be3407e9e00539025da5b152 (1)

Some kind of cute DIY ideas from Pinterest.  I like the Farmhouse look and you can sometimes get some inexpensive but cute stuff from the Dollar Store.


I love the above bracelet.  It reminds me of Nantucket.  I put the link to where to buy it on my Jewelry board on my Pinterest.


Have a wonderful day!





Monday….August 21, 2017


The above is the view of the Eclipse of the Sun today from Boston.  That photo was taken with a special camera from a rooftop in Boston.   In this area, a 60% totality was visible.   I watched the eclipse on Channel 7 news all afternoon.  So amazing as they tracked the eclipse from Oregon all the way across to South Carolina.  I enjoyed the whole show with some popcorn.  It was magical the way it got kind of half dark outside.   I didn’t have any lens glasses, so I did not look up at the eclipse.


In some states they showed 100% totality and the moon totally blocked the sun and it got as dark as night time for about a few minutes.

ring diamond

When the sun started to come back out, it had what they called a “Diamond Ring Effect”.  So awesome.


I think that the above Mt Ascutney is just a very beautiful mountain in Vermont.  I love the view from the air.


King Arthur Flour has baking classes at their store in Norwich, VT.  They cost about $100.00 or more to take a class.  But they have on line classes that you can take for $19.00, which is awesome.  I like the class that they have for pro techniques for fruit pie baking.  They have the same instructors as they have at their store and I love the Roasted Peach Pie idea and all kinds of fruit pies that they have in the on line course.  King Arthur Flour is one of my favorites of all favorite places to visit.


I like inspirations from Julia Child.  One of these days, I’m going to get Julia Child’s cookbook “Mastering French Cooking”.



I love the above cottage look from Nantucket Island.  Climbing roses love the salt air from the island.  And then the salt air makes cedar shingles Nantucket grey.

Real Estate on Nantucket is really expensive.  When I was on the island we stayed in town at what they called Stilldock.  What a beautiful area within walking distance to the Jetty beach and Brandt Lighthouse.  To buy a house there, you would not even be able to touch it under a million dollars.  Right next to a marina and all kinds of artist shops and restaurants and little cafes.  The person that owned Stilldock owned his own Jet and also several places on Nantucket.  Sigurd designed and remodeled the inside of part of Stilldock and we got to stay there in an apartment that was like a condo for free while he was working there.  I had the best tan ever and I’ll never forget that summer.  I worked in a gift shop for spending money and did I ever have love it.  Sigurd worked all the time and I mostly went to the beach myself and walks when I wasn’t working, but it was still awesome.


I love photography and saw the above inspiration on ideas for photos.

And that’s my thoughts for today.

Friday….August 18, 2017


I think that the Staub cookware is beautiful.  Some of the Staub is on sale at Sur La Table and they have a coupon code that is “Apple17” that gives you an additional $20.00 off.  That’s like a $20.00 coupon.  I like the Rooster knob that they have on the cookware.  It would be fun to make Jaque Pepin’s Coq au Vin in one of those rooster pots.  I pinned that recipe on my Sur La Table recipes on my Pinterest.


I love the Staub braiser.  Le Creuset has a similar braiser that they call “Fait Tout” which is French for “does everything”.


Some of Staub cookware doesn’t come with the knob, but you can get a decorative knob free with the above form if you spend $200.00 on their cookware.  Love it! ❤


I love the Staub pot that has a Rooster embossed on he lid.  It’s on sale at Sur La Table plus you can get the Rooster knob for free with the form they have.


My favorite dinnerware is Pfalzgraff Pistoulet pattern.  Right now they have a code “Back40” that gives you 40% off one item on any Pfalzgraff item.  That is a nice savings.


I have the above Pistoulet soup mug which I adore.  The bottom salad plate is Pfalzgraff but not from the Pistoulet pattern.  It’s an Italian pattern and just matches that soup mug.  Love it. ❤


The above book is on Amazon.  It’s mostly about organizing your time, with all kinds of ideas with organizer forms.


Growing up, my Mom made American Chop Suey quite a bit.  My grandsons love it when I make it for them.  It’s just browning hamburg with a chopped onion and adding cooked macaroni and some spaghetti sauce.  So quick and easy and it’s good.  A little tossed salad to go with it.


My Mom used to make a cookie that is called “Hermits”.  They are delicious and there is a recipe on the Yankee Magazine website that is similar to my Mom’s.   I wish that I had gotten that recipe from my Mom.


I saw the above top that was featured on “Stitch Fix”.  It’s a cute style and just right for Fall that is just around the corner.

dress 3

I bought the above denim dress that was marked down to $29.00 from $67.00 on QVC from the Clinton Kelly collection.   I like it because it’s classic and doesn’t go out of style and it’s good for all seasons.  Plus Clinton Kelly designs clothes that flatter the figure.  On top of that, you could buy it on 3 easy pays.

skirt 2

I also bought the Clinton Kelly A-Line skirt that was on sale and also on Easy Pay on QVC.  Just a staple for the wardrobe.


I want to get Clinton Kelly’s book that has all kinds of neat ideas in it.  The book is on Amazon.


I like the above idea for a Juice.  I have a juice machine that works a lot better then a blender.  Especially when you use kale.  Love it. ❤



I love a nice sea breeze and the salt air.  Gotta get to the ocean and enjoy the last days of summer before Labor Day.  Have some fried clams and some chowder.


Autumn is just around the corner.


I think that Fall is my favorite time of the year because it really is perfect weather.  Not to hot and not too cool.  It really is a beautiful time of year in New England.


I love it when the Maple trees start getting beautiful colors, which will be in about a month and a half or so.  The peak of color is mostly in October when there is a frost at night and then warm in the day.

And that’s my thoughts for today.

Monday….August 14, 2017


One of my favorite places ever is Sunapee Harbor.  I love the boats and there is a neat Anchorage Restaurant where you can get some chowder and a salad and look out over the harbor.  There is also an ice cream shop where they have Gelotto as well as all kinds of ice cream.


I like the above inspiration.


The above emblems to put on a kitchen aid mixer are really cute but they got sold out on Etsy.


I like how the Pioneer Woman has a designer mixer.  The designer that made that design charges about $1,000.00 for making a painted on design like the above.


For my frugal find, the above emblems can be found on Etsy for under $20.00.  I’m going to get them for my Majestic Yellow kitchen aid mixer.  The emblems are supposed to be waterproof and removeable without leaving a mark if you want to change the design.



I like the idea of Brussels Sprout Bacon Gratin.  I pinned the recipe on my Casseroles Board on my Pinterest.  They used to have an appetizer at the Longhorn Restaurant that was the same idea and it was really good.


I like the Pioneer Woman’s Chocolate pie decorating idea.  I put her recipe on my desserts board on my Pinterest.  I used to make a Chocolate pie with just making a pie shell and then putting a chocolate pudding from a mix filling.  And it was really good.  But the from scratch recipe using dark chocolate and all kinds of good ingredients sounds really good.


On the morning of the 11th and 12th just before dawn was supposed to be one of the best times to see meteors in the sky ever.  Well I got up at 4:00 AM on both of those mornings expecting to see something like the above.  I saw one shooting star on the early morning of the 11th and on the 12th it was cloudy and could see none.



On Nantucket Island, the salt water air turns the cedar shingles on the cottages a Nantucket grey.  And then the picket fences look so awesome with climbing roses as well as the climbing roses on the grey cottages.  It’s like going back in time to see the cobblestone streets and the designs of the cottages.  They protect the look by not letting any new buildings go up.  People can only renovate from the inside of the cottages.


Vermont is known for it’s covered bridges and there are a lot of the bridges scattered around the state.


Vermont is called the Green Mountain state.  You really should have 4-wheel drive if you live in Vermont in the winter.


I like the above field of wildflowers.  So pretty.


I think that the Monarch butterfly is one of the prettiest butterflies ever.


I like the above corner hutch.  The color of it would be perfect to display my Pistoulet dish collection.  I like the round table and the tablecloth idea, also.

coffee center

I love the above Pistoulet coffee and tea canisters.  It just has a French cottage look.


And that’s my thoughts for today.



Thursday …August 10, 2017


I like wildflowers and it’s fun to pick a bouquet of the flowers if you go for a walk along a walking trail.  The flowers look so pretty in a mason jar.


I like Jacques Pepin’s new collection that is sold at Sur La Table.  I especially like the chicken coffee mugs and the colorful soup bowls with handles.  The collection is beautiful, but a little expensive for my budget.


For a frugal find, I love the African Violet that I found at the Price Chopper for only $2.99.


For a Fashion find, I like the above Barefoot Dreams Lite Circle Cardigan.  It’s made by a company called Barefoot Dreams out of California.  They can be found on Amazon.  Really soft material

barefoot dreams

The Cardigan also comes in a beige color.


I saw a blog where this couple from New York took a few days to vacation in Vermont.  They stayed at the Kendron Inn which is in West Woodstock, VT.  The above is a photo of the breakfast that they had on the Kendron Inn porch that was on their blog.

Sigurd’s brother, who is a doctor in California stayed at that Inn the last time that they came out here.  We had dinner on that porch complete with a bottle of wine as they invited us to have dinner with them.

There is a swimming pond in back of that Inn that guests can swim in.  Beautiful Place.


Cabot Creamery has some nice recipes on their website.  One recipe that sounded really good was the Veggie Tart that was made with a cornmeal crust.  I pinned the recipe on my Veggie recipes board on my Pinterest.


The Cabot Creamery Instant Pot Macaroni and Cheese sounded easy to make and really good.  The dish had cream cheese, cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheese in it.  I pinned the recipe on my One Pot Meals board on my Pinterest.


I found the above habit ideas on Pinterest.  I like stuff like that for my Organizer.


You know how you like to have a non-stick pan to cook eggs in?  But you have to be careful of that non-stick stuff.  I saw the above green pan from Sur La Table that has ceramic non-stick.  It sounds like a nice pan to me and it costs $49.00.

The best frypan I ever had was a Le Creuset that was cast iron with a ceramic lining.


The last time I went to Burdic’s Chocolate, someone had Frozen Hot Chocolate.  Yum!!

Perfect for this time of year.



Saturday August 5, 2017


Yesterday I just decided to enjoy the day and make myself happy.  I really don’t want to get depressed and try to keep my spirits up in this uncertain and turbulent world in which we live.

I don’t have a lot of money to spend and like most people want to stay healthy.  I don’t particularly like the area in which I live.  I was born here with no choice, made stupid choices at a very young age and ended up back in an area that I despise.  There is no way to make any kind of a living.  Jobs that pay barely enough to keep you alive.  Food prices that are sky high.  Taxes on everything you buy.  My older brother moved out of here way back in the 70’s and says he gets depressed if he ever has to come in this depressing area.  He lives on the NH coast near Maine and just a stones throw to Boston.  Always made big money and enjoys life.

So I don’t feel one bit guilty or narcisstic if I try to keep my spirits up.

I just put the radio on in the car, put the car on cruise and cruised on down the road a bit.  I bought some Seafood salad that was really fresh and all packed in a nice container in the deli of a neat store.  And only cost me $2.29.  Made an awesome light supper with some nice salad greens.

Which reminds me of the nightmare I had trying to buy some seafood salad in an in town  grocery store that charges at least $2.00 or more on each item then any surrounding areas.  First of all, there was this kid that looked about 12 that was working over by where the fish part of the deli counter is.  This obnoxious woman was ahead of me and I had to wait for her while she was making the kid pull every piece of Salmon up and weigh it on the scale until she got the one she wanted for 2 people she said.  Then she made the kid cut off the thin top part of it and then she changed her mind and wanted to try another one, twice.  Well, I saw the kid flopping raw salmon onto the weighing machine and she had plastic gloves on and I was sure she would leave those gloves on and weigh my seafood salad on that cross contaminated scale.

So I went down to where the cold meat section of the deli is where they just slice cooked meat to weigh on the scales and asked the guy clerk after I waited in line for my turn, if he could just go 8 feet down the counters and get me some of the seafood salad.  Well, he looked at me like I had put him out sooo bad on what his job was.  And he hmmmed and haed and then said, let me wait on the one behind you first.  So I was pushed aside and he waited on 3 people, all which had come along after me, taking his time, shooting the breeze and just totally ignoring my request.

Finally when there was no person in sight, he went down packed that seafood container and weighed it on that cross contaminated fish scale in the raw fish section.

He brings it back, and I was just livid.  It was too much for him to bring it back and weigh it on the Deli clean scale.  Said nothing but had to buy it after all that and I just threw it away.  I couldn’t eat it.  My fault for even attempting to get some seafood salad without traveling 20 miles to another area.

The next time I went in that store and wanted seafood salad I bought it at the salad bar and packed it myself in a container.  It was $6.99 a lb and cost me $5.00 and it was all chunks and awful.

So the really good seafood salad for the reasonable price of $2.29 in the deli of another area and the salad was really good, just made my day.


Then I got some local blueberries, veggies and a bouquet of Zinneas at a Farmstand in Walpole, NH.  If I bought the Zinneas in the snotty Florist in this town, it would cost probably between $12.00 and $25.00 plus tax.  I got the flowers for $5.00 and they last for over a week.  They just cheer me up and worth the trip.


Then, because I love Burdick’s Chocolate, I bought a Raspberry Madeleine as well as a Chocolate Madeleine.  And a Chocolate Macaron and a Cherry Macaron.  I put them on my Paris dish and had a cup of Starbucks Dark Roast coffee in my Paris coffee mug.  Oh, why not.  You only live once and that is as close as I am ever going to get to going to Paris, France.  I love the fancy, new little container Burdick’s has in their little Cafe for pastries to go.  You can tell, I needed some real cheering up as I was close to the depressed button.

I probably spent $25.00 for everything I bought on my trip and I put $7.00 worth of gas in my little Prius car which filled the gas tank.  Then I took a chance and won $7.00 on a $1.00 scratch ticket.

So, being very poor and living on an income that is below poverty level, I survive.  And even manage to have fun once in awhile.  Once in a great while.


If the weight of the world gets to me, there is always nature to turn to to see some beauty in the world.


I like the above inspiration.

Tomorrow is another day.  Keep your spirits up and make the most out of what you have and appreciate what you have.  That’s what I try to do.