August 1, 2017


I saw a recipe for Chicken Salad that sounded really good.  The salad had chopped pecans, minced shallots, peaches and honey in it.  Then it was garnished with blackberries.  Yum!  Fast and easy if you buy one of those rotissirie chickens in the grocery store.  I saved the recipe on my Pinterest in either the salads board or the chicken recipes.  I like the neat container that the salad is served in and the plate under it.  So summery.


I like the above habit inspiration.  I would like to get in the habit of exercise and walks every day.


For a fashion find, I like the above Kelly by Clinton A-Line Skirt.  It’s classic and won’t go out of style.  Plus it is figure flattering.  It’s on sale for $22.54 on HSN.

P J 's

I think that the above PJ’s are comfortable looking and would be fun to add to the PJ collection and not look frumpy in the morning.  Plus they are on sale at 40% off at Nordstrom.


Although there is no help for me. 🙂



I like the color combination of the above flowers.  White and blue Hydrangas with Sunflowers.


I like little tuxedo style kitty cats.  I would like one just like the above and call her Minette.

coffee center

I like the Pistoulet pattern from Pfalzgraff.  The above Coffee and Tea center canisters is retired and not on the Pfalzgraff website.  But I’ve seen a couple of them on Ebay.

$_3 (4)

I love blue Hydrangas.  I read someplace that to insure the Hydrangas come out blue, you just have to put a copper penny in the soil.

Have a wonderful day!

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