Friday….August 25, 2017


I was thinking of some of the old New England foods that I knew as a kid.  One of my favorites was gingerbread with whip cream.  I put a recipe for the gingerbread in my Vermont recipes on my Pinterest.


Yankee Baked beans with maple syrup,  bacon and dry mustard the way my Mom made them was always fun to have on Saturday nights for supper with hot dogs.  I put that recipe in my Vermont recipes on my Pinterest, also.


I like corn muffins with chili and a really fast and easy recipe that always comes out really good is to add sour cream to the Jiffy muffin mix.  There is a really easy recipe that I love that I pinned on my muffin recipe board on my Pinterest.


On some of the cook shows, I see design ideas for the kitchen that I sometimes like.  For example, I like that oval window in Sara Moulton’s TV cook show.


I like the lanterns, the cabinet colors, the post on the side and the back splash of Sara Richardson’s cottage kitchen from her design show on HGTV.


I really like the colors and design of that kitchen.


And then Sara Richardson added on a room with windows to take in the ocean view.


Love the lounge chair idea.


I like the colors that Sara Richardson used in the guest bedroom and then the glass doors that open to the outside is a neat idea.

What an awesome beach cottage.  Sara designed and made over an older cottage and with the location right on the water, just wow.


I love Lobster rolls but they are expensive and I can’t cook a lobster.  I saw a really neat recipe for a Seafood Sandwich that used that Imitation Lobster or Crab Meat.  They used mayonnaise, chopped red onion, lemon juice and Old Bay Seasoning.  Sounds really good to me and I saved the recipe in my Pinterest Sandwich board.


I saw the above and it made me laugh.  I always wanted to be the dancing lessons type and delicate and all that.  But I was not a delicate child and liked to climb trees to the tree cabin, roller-skate, ride bikes and just have fun.



I saw the above on Pinterest and I really would like to be organized and if the day is started right, the whole day seems to go better.  I put all the ideas on my Organize board on my Pinterest.   A few things I remember is to put a load of laundry in, get dressed, read the bible, make a To Do list and a few other things that I can’t remember.  I hope have a nice cup of coffee in on the list and maybe journal.


I like the above dressing table idea.  A 3-way mirror to be able to comb your hair just right and then fancy perfumes in a tray like old Hollywood style.  And then drawers for make-up and stuff.  I love the chair, also.


I like jumpsuits.  They are figure flattering and comfortable.  I like the above style and would like to find a pattern like that and sew up a couple of jumpsuits with all kinds of neat material.  When I was a Junior in High School, I had enough credits to graduate so my senior year I took a couple of subjects just for fun like Fashion and Fabrics.  I loved it and learned a lot on how to sew and now I’m glad that I took an interest in that because it can save you money and also it’s hard to find clothes that fit right and it’s fun to choose fabrics.

And that’s my thoughts for today.  Have a wonderful day!



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