I love salads and I saw a recipe for a Fall salad that had Cabot Oak Cheddar, bacon and apples in it.   Sounds good to me.  I think it would be good with just plain Cabot Cheddar in it also.


I love soup and salad.  Also Simon Pearce restaurant in Queechee is an awesome place where they have floor to ceiling picture windows with a view of a waterfall and a covered bridge.  I found their recipe for Vermont Cheddar soup and pinned it on my soup Pinterest board.


I really love Craftsy website where you can take courses on line.  Right now they are having an awesome, awesome pre-Black Friday sale on and I would like to take about 10 of the courses.   I just got a Kitchen Aid food processor and I am definitely going to take the above course with George Geary.   I want to make the most of that awesome food processor.  And there is a huge discount on a lot of interesting courses from quilting, knitting to baking.  I love them all.  But will definitely be able to afford to take a few of the courses with the awesome discounts.

tea box

I like the above tea holder box.   It’s on line at the Walmart and one of the Pioneer Woman’s new products for Fall.  I would put my selection of Stash teas in the little drawers because the tea bags are individually wrapped with the name of the tea on them.  That box would look cute on a pantry shelf.


My fondest inspiration is the Yankee Barn Cottage.  I just love every angle of it from the farmers porch on the front to the screened in porch and balcony on the back.  The best part of it is it’s a modular that can go up in a few weeks time.  And it has open beams, a balcony and french doors on the second floor that lead to an outside balcony.  But the really amazing part is that it costs less then any home that is for sale around here that is even half way decent.  I love how they landscaped the model home.


This is the back of the cottage.   I just love every angle of that home.


The only thing that I would do different is I would put a customized kitchen in it because I just totally love the Martha Stewart kitchens from Home Depot.    And a custom kitchen by a designer would cost about 10 times more then Martha’s kitchen from Home Depot.  The above kitchen is very affordable.  I just love it and I loved it from the first time I ever saw it at the Home Depot.  I could just imagine that kitchen with open beams and cathedral ceilings.


I would also add a little breakfast nook like the above to be off to the side of the kitchen.  I would have a bench that went around the bay windows with a white round table and chairs.


I love the pull out drawers for pots and pans or bowls.  Martha’s kitchens have details that make a kitchen a place that you want to be organized and have a place for everything and everything in it’s place.


So organized and just a dream to cook in a kitchen like that.   I mean what a dream kitchen.


This was my view out my kitchen window a few mornings ago when I got up really early.  I just thought that the sky looked beautiful with the sun just starting to rise up over the horizon.  It inspired me to get up early and also go to bed earlier so that I can wake up early.

And those are my inspirations for today.






November is the start of getting colder and the leaves all falling off the trees.  It’s also the month of my birthday and also Thanksgiving.   Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday and I was born on a Thanksgiving day.   About every 4 years or so, my birthday will be on Thanksgiving day.



We could get snow anytime.  I can remember one year at Thanksgiving that we had a real “northeaster” and got over 2 feet of snow.  But this time of year at the beginning of November it’s usually just a dusting of snow now and then.


I saw a neat pin on Pinterest that gave recipes for spice blends.  They had two blends that I was interested in which are the Chili blend and the Apple Pie blend.   Maybe the allspice blend would be good to have.   I have some neat little bottles that I got at T J Max that would be perfect for keeping the blends in for the pantry.  I put the recipes on my Spice blend board on my Pinterest.


I love the beautiful houses in Woodstock, VT and how they decorate for Fall.


The Creamery in Woodstock has homemade ice cream and mile high apple pie that is just really, really good.   You can order whole pies there for Thanksgiving and several times I have ordered a mile high apple pie and their pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.  But several times we have just gone in and had a slice of apple pie with vanilla ice cream at the Creamery.   So fun and a real treat.


I love how the Woodstock Inn decorates for Fall.  So beautiful.


Woodstock is just a beautiful town with lots of picket fences and colonial houses.


The Middle Bridge is across from the Woodstock Inn.   There is a big park that is the shape and size of a battle ship between the bridge and the Inn.



I like how L L Bean has monogrammed tote bags.   Also their sweaters and jackets are perfect for New England weather.

I saw an idea for a nice little toddy for Fall that is called Bourban Maple Apple-Cider.

3a30f856f40979e51d9224a82b8092c2 (1)

Slow cookers are always fun to cook with because you just throw the ingredients in the crock pot and forget it.  Then you have a nice supper all cooked for you 8 hours or so later.  Soups are always good this time of year.


Samantha Brown had the above luggage on HSN a few days ago.  I love the burgandy color and also the extra containers that are sold separately to make packing organized.



The days are getting chilly now.  It rained all day today and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.   But the weekend is going to be sunny and cool.

If you turn around in New England, the weather changes.


I like how in the mornings, there is always a mist in the air.

And thanks for visiting my blog.  Please comment as I like to hear from you.






Monday Musings


Yesterday was my friend Sigurd’s birthday. He grew up in Woodstock, Vermont so we took a trip to Woodstock by going country roads all the way as that is what he likes.


We went over the Taftsville bridge just outside of Woodstock and went on a country road to Woodstock and then South Pomfret and Suicide 6.


Most of the trees were bare of leaves because of the bad windstorm we had a few days ago.  So I was surprised to see the above tree at peak.   So pretty.  That tree was along a road that we used to go for walks on in Woodstock.

IMG_20171031_175411583 (1)

We went by a house that I love the landscape of with the stone walls and long driveway.  I also love the farmers porch on the front of that house.  Such a beautiful setting for a house.


Along that same road are two friendly horses that would always come down to the fence to greet us when we went for walks on that road.  Sigurd had a Morgan horse when he was growing up and he enjoys seeing those horses.


Because Sigurd likes the Chinese Buffet in Whiteriver, VT we went there to celebrate his birthday.  So I think that he had a really nice day.


I made Sigurd a birthday card with the above photo on the front of it.  I love to make cards and I personalize them with photos using Walgreens photo cards.  I had some photos of Sig’s grandkids and also I put some pumpkins on the back of the card because he was born on Halloween day.


The above is the photo that I put on the back of Sigurd’s birthday card.  He should like it because those pumpkins were in Woodstock.

We had to go through Hartland on the way home and through the Skunk Hollow road.  Hartland is just a very small town but there were a ton of kids with their parents out trick or treating.   Cute little kids skipping along so happy to be getting treats.  One house that we went by had about 30 kids lined up all the way down the walk and the sidewalk.  Those house owners must have had to buy plenty of treats.  I only get about 8 kids at my place as they have a big trick or treat party a couple of days before Halloween in town for the kids.

So hope you all had a Happy Halloween!