St Patricks Day Inspirations


I saw the above little Leprechaun centerpiece for St Patrick’s day for an inspiration.  I thought that it would be really cute to use a candle holder and put those chocolate covered with foil gold coins in the bottom, use some shamrock stickers on the candle holder and put a little Leprechaun in it.

leprechaun 2

I searched and found the above little Leprechaun on Amazon that would be perfect for the project.



I saw the above Shamrock shake that has Peppermint Schnapps in it.  But it also has coconut milk ice cream and coconut milk with green gel food coloring.  I think it would be fun to have and not all that fattening.

I searched and found some of those little containers like above ones  and found some on Amazon.  They always have those Shamrock plants in the grocery store in March.  Cute to put on the tablescape for St Patrick’s day.


I like the polkadot plates, the green placemats and the white candles in the above tablescape.  The green ribbon with a shamrock is cute for the napkin holders.  Also the cute containers with the chocolate-gold foil covered coins is a neat idea.



I like the above description of Irish.  A lot of Irish on my Dad’s side.  His mom was full Irish and his Dad’s Mom’s name was McKee which was also full blooded Irish.


A nice Irish breakfast is berry scones.  I put the recipe on my St Patrick’s day ideas on my Pinterest.


I found a recipe for corned beef and cabbage for the slow cooker that sounded easy and kind of good.  It was a Martha Stewart recipe.


And then a Guinness Chocolate Cheesecake. Yum!  I pinned the recipe in my St Patrick day ideas on my Pinterest.



An Irish Pub Salad would be fun to enjoy on St Patrick’s day.  The recipe included Tarragon dressing and I pinned it on my St Patrick’s day ideas on my Pinterest.  I also have a board on my Pinterest with some awesome Irish recipes.



I think the above Shamrock ribbon wreath is a cute idea.


I love the above sweater from L L Bean to wear for St Patrick’s day.


I like the above outfit idea.  Except the heel on that boot is a little extreme.


Those earrings are on HSN and I just love them.  They are perfect for St Patrick’s day.  I think they are in the Colleen Lopez’s collection.



I like Kate Middleton’s shawl that she wore for shopping.

kate's shawlThe pattern for that shawl is online and it says that it is easy to knit.  I pinned the link to it on my sewing and crafts board on my pinterest.


So stylish and classy.



And that’s my inspirations for St Patrick’s day which will be coming up in a few weeks.



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