Easter Inspirations



I just love the Sunrise Service on Mt Tom in Woodstock, VT.  It is just so beautiful and so inspirational.  Early in the morning like that you can’t see the village of Woodstock below as it feels like you are above the clouds.  It’s quite a hike to get to the top of Mt Tom, but so worth it.


A nice breakfast of Eggs Benedict is perfect for Easter morning.  Add some freshly baked Cinnamon rolls with hot coffee and it makes a nice little tradition.


An Easter Parfait is always cute with a Lorna Doon cookie and a little Peeps.



A fancy coffee and a Croissant is always fun, also.

I like chalkboards and it’s fun to see the ideas people have to decorate for the seasons.


An easter Lily is a must to have for Easter.  The sweet aroma and the beautiful blossoms are just part of Easter.


A simple table with Tulips is just easy to do and so pretty.  I love a Chocolate Easter Bunny to enjoy for the day.



A nice Spiral Baked Ham is very traditional for Easter Dinner.


I saw a really neat idea for a Layered Spring Salad.  They used a thick and creamy Buttermilk Ranch Dressing on the top layer and then bacon and shredded Cheddar over that.


They used American Cheese Slices with cookie cutters for decorating the Spring Salad.  Cheddar cheese was too hard and wouldn’t work.  The cookie cutters were only $3.00 from Walmart but they also have the same type of cookie cutters at King Arthur Flour that make a pattern on the cheese.

Scalloped potatoes and asparagus are always traditional.


A nice Easter Limoncello is always nice.  I saw the above with raspberries and it looks so refreshing and Spring like.


I saw the above whole wheat bunny rolls and I thought that they were so cute for Easter.  I put the link for the recipe on my Pinterest Easter ideas.


I saw a cute idea where they made Peter Rabbit’s Carrot Zucchini Muffins that had shredded carrots, shredded zucchini and shredded apple added in them.  They found the above cute little Peter Rabbit muffin holder on Amazon but it’s out of stock now.  There is a similar Peter Rabbit muffin wrappers on Williams Sonoma website.  I pinned the recipe for the muffins on my Easter Ideas on my Pinterest.



Barefoot Contessa’s Coconut Cake is always a neat idea for Easter dessert.  Yum!

Easter057 (1)

The above Easter cookies are so cute and it makes you want to make some.  But they were bought at Big Lots.  They were marked at $1.00 each but at the register came up as ten cents each according to a blogger.  I would never be lucky enough to find anything like that at Big Lots.  So expensive looking.  I just like them for an inspiration on how to decorate Easter cookies.  It’s just royal icing that makes them look so nice.  And then a star tool for the lamb.


The above little Chics are an adorable decorating idea for Nutter Butter cookies that you can get at the grocery store.


My son is doing an Easter Egg hunt for his little ones and the above kit would be so cute to use.  I’m sure my daughter in law thought up something cute to use for the Easter Egg hunt.


I love the above wreath for Spring.  It was on QVC and just perfect for Spring.

And that is my Easter Inspirations.












































I love Tulips and the pink and white together is beautiful for Easter.



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