Lavender and Le Creuset


I really like Le Creuset cookware anyways.  But the new color that they came out with that is like a lavender color and they call it “Provence” is just beautiful.


They even have Le Creuset soup dishes in the lavender color.


That Le Creuset braiser in the Povence color is just so Spring like and I just love the lavender color.

le creuset

I just love the tablescape idea with the lavender candles, a little lavender tied into the napkins.  It’s just elegant and very French.


Le Creuset also has a new color called Fleur Heritage.  It goes good with the Provence lavender.



I saw a really neat ice cream cone that was made with a home made waffle cone.  Then they shaped the ice cream into a rose.  Yum!


Le Creuset also has a new pot that has a flower for the top handle.  I love the sunshine color also.


I like the little  Cocotte in the Provence color, also.

Le Creuset is very expensive and I  only have 3 pieces of it in the Carabean color which I also love.  I have a grill frypan, a braiser and a 4 quart dutch oven.  I make a lot of soups in the dutch oven.  Some day I’m going to get something in the Provence color.  A sauce pan and the braiser would be awesome to own.  Then the fleur heritage casserole dish would match beautiful to both the Provence and the Carabean.


We got snow here today.  I couldn’t believe it.  And there is going to be more snow next week according to the weather report.  Unreal.  My mom used to call snow this time of year “sugar snow”.   Friday it’s supposed to be in the 60’s.  This weather is erratic and it is good weather for maple syrup because it’s cold nights and it usually warms up during the day.

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