Amazing Time of Year


I just love this time of year.  Each season has it’s pros and cons, but this time of year is just beautiful.  The grass is really green, the new leaves on the trees are such a pretty green color.

The above photo was taken through the windshield of my car.   I love Mt Ascutney and this view of the mountain from the NH side of the Connecticut River is just awesome.  You would have to be there to really see how pretty it is.  Even on a kind of overcast day, it’s just beautiful.

I had to go to West Lebanon, NH because I ordered something at Michaels Craft online and instead of paying shipping, I went to the nearest Michaels store and picked it up.  So fun to get out and enjoy such a beautiful day. ❤


I stopped at a couple of Farm Greenhouses along the way.  Some of the flowers that they have are just so awesome.  The above pink Iris caught my eye.


Then the lavender was next to the pink Iris’s right where you park your car to browse through and around lots of Greenhouses.  Plants and beautiful flowers everywhere.


Hanging Geraniums in every color as well as every plant you can think of. ❤


The most vibrant red Geraniums were irrisistable.  I had to buy one and I just love it.


I also bought the above plant because it is just easy care and grows and grows like an ivy.


They had part of a Greenhouse just full of Succulent plants and some of them were in cute containers.  All reasonably priced.


I loved everything about that place.  So fun to visit.


Then I took a side road that had a sign pointing to Maple Creamees and I came upon a new set of Greenhouses that I never visited before.  They were about a mile down a windy country road along the Connecticut River and it was called Edgewater Farm.

There were lots of Greenhouses and I enjoyed browsing.


I liked all their displays and beautiful plants.


The Creamee place on that road was closed.  But I just went to my favorite Creamee place and treated myself to a Maple Creamee.   Believe it or not, that is a small Creamee in the above photo.  So fun and it was a fun treat after a long day of being out and about.

IMG_20180606_143622546 (1)

On the way back I passed one of my favorite covered bridges with Mt Ascutney in the background.  It was an overcast day, but still very pretty.


I found a really neat mirror that I have been wanting for a long time.  I just love it as it looks like a window.


I also found a really cute stepping stone that I really love.


Vermont is really pretty and there is a mountain top skyline toll road drive on Rt 7A between Manchester and Arlington that has awesome views.  There is even places to stop and have a picnic while enjoying the views.

Hoping you all are enjoying the beautiful weather that is pretty much everywhere this time of year.