I love the Sunflowers that are in the farmstands now.  So sunshiney for the tablescape.  I think they look awesome in a blue mason jar.  A tip that I read one time is that if you cut the stem under running water a little that it makes them last longer.


It’s fun to buy a new lipstick for the beginning of Fall.  Avon lipstick is always good and I think that I like the Heat Wave color, but everyone has different tastes.  Kind of a good deal right now for the Beyond Color lipstick marked down from $8.00 to $4.99.


Good time to celebrate the beginning of Fall by riding the bike on the walking trail for a change.


Maybe buy a new cardigan would be fun.  I like the above style.


I like the above style jacket.  It’s light and just right for Fall.

Fall capsule

A lot of blogs have capsules where you can make a ton of outfits from a few separate items.  I like the above idea where items can be switched to make lots of different looks. The above was an idea for a Fall capsule.


It’s a good time to switch around Fall clothes into the closet.  The above is my idea of an affordable dream walk in closet.  I have a walk in closet, but not all the built in shelves or the middle island.

0b60303400ec6dbb01414f24697bf443 - Copy

I would add the above hassock to the end of the island.  So elegant looking.


Then a beautful crystal chandelier for a finishing touch.  Love it!  I always was a dreamer.


A new bag for Fall is always a neat idea.  I love the above style, but I know there are lots of ideas.


I love dinnerware and one of my favorites is the Pfalzgraff Pistoulet collection.  I own the above set that I bought one piece at a time.


I love cauliflower rice and I like the idea of the above Mushroom Risotto for a healthy lunch.  It’s really easy if you buy that frozen cauliflower rice that has peas and carots in it.  You just stir in a little beef broth to the microwaved “rice” in a frypan and  add some sliced sauteed mushrooms with a little parmesan over the top.  I have the above recipe which is using cauliflower chopped in a food proceessor on my veggie pinterest board.

And that’s my thoughts for the beginning of September.


End of August


Zinneas are so colorful and plentiful at the farmstands this time of year.  The mason jar as a vase is so country and just a nice touch.


The Summer Squash and Zucchini are plentiful at the farmstands now, also.  A neat recipe that I saw one time that the Pioneer Woman picked up from staying at a fancy hotel in New York for a low carb breakfast was the above.  She had grilled tomatoes with hers.  But I just sauteed a red onion with summer squash and zuchinni and put two organinic, jumbo, poached farm fresh eggs on mine.  She had a couple of slices of Montery Jack cheese on the side.  But I put a couple of wedges of Cabot Cheddar on the side of mine.  I pinned the full recipe on my Pinterest breakfast board.

dream room

Everyone has different tastes, but I like the above style.  It’s country and just comfortable looking.  I love the throw pillow with the old time pick up truck.  The round hassack is just so comfy looking.  The white fireplace and the round soft rug complete with a crystal chandelier.  Then the bay window with the beautiful stained glass and built in book case on the side.  I love the flower print pillow in the chair, also.



One of my classmates from school that is one of my facebook friends, went to a really neat restaurant in Bar Harbor, Maine called the Route 66 restaurant.  I love everything about that place and it’s on my bucket list to visit.


Their lobster rolls look good to me.


They serve hot fudge sundaes in a little Corvette dish and that looks like fun.


Another place that would be fun to visit is the Perennial Pleasures Nursery in Hardwick, VT.  They have afternoon tea in their gardens.


Their specialty is English Cream Tea.

gift shop tea

They even have a gift shop.


You can buy a hat to wear for tea in the garden.



It looks like a lovely atmosphere.


Buttermilk Falls

Another fun place to visit is Buttermilk Falls in Ludlow, VT.  So pretty and a neat swimming hole.


I love a pantry for the kitchen and saw the above pantry door in one of Yankee Barn Home’s houses.  Love the idea.


With all that is going on in the news and the stress all around us, I found the above idea to just have a mental cleanse challenge.  Sounds good to me.


Essential Oils sound healthy to me.  I first became aware of them from a yoga blog that I saw one time.  Then I saw the above recipes on Pinterest.


Then I read that Kelly Clarkson lost all her weight from reading “The Plant Paradox”.  I read all I could on it and found that it’s mainly avoiding Lectins.  Above is a very helpful chart on what Lectins are all about.


They say that it is good to meditate and I don’t know the proper way they meditate.
But when I want to just think of fun times, I just close my eyes and think of how beautiful Nantucket Island is.


I used to walk out to the Jetty Beach near Brandt Point every morning before work at one time.  Thinking of those times always is a nice little getaway from any stress.  I am sure everyone has special times in memory that are fun to meditate with.

And that is my thoughts on this end of August day in Vermont.



Yoga is not easy for me.  Absolutely none of it.  I got the 21 day yoga retreat DVDs  and went as far as 3 days and just had enough of it.  I mean it’s brutal.  It’s supposed to be good for you but I do not like it.  I got the yoga blocks and the pillow and mat.  The blocks and pillow make it so that you can be a beginner at it.  Even so, it’s just not my cup of tea.  You have to hold those stupid poses and balance and core stuff until you want to just throw the DVD out the window.   The above is a view from the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe from one of their rental cottages.  That is a beautiful area.


They have an Austrian kaufeehouse that used to be called a Tea house.  We had so much fun having tea out there on that deck one time with their scrumptious pastries.


The Trapp family lodge has cross country skiing trails and they let you hike on the trails in the summer.  The above is little stone chapel in the woods on one of their trails.  It is so awesome and there is a box with slips of paper where you can make a wish and put it in the box.  My wish never came true.  Sigh.


The rooms at the Trapp Family Lodge are just beautiful.  The white comforter impressed me as we got a tour of the rooms and I copied the idea for my bed at home.


I would much rather ride a bike on the bike trail or go for a long walk and enjoy the scenery then to make a pretzel out of my body with yoga.  I don’t particularly like hiking on mountain trails either.  The only fun part of that is the views when you get to the top.  The above is Stowe and it is a 5 mile trail, mostly flat.  So you go up and back it’s 10 miles.  we’ve rode bikes on it, rollar bladed and walked it.  It’s mostly flat but a bunch of horrible bridges that are like an arch over the river.  Dislike the bridges.


I got some radishes from the farmstand today and also some Alouette cheese spread that has garlic and herbs and it had chopped chives on top.  I also got some Artisan Sourdough wheat bread that I toasted and what flavor for an open face sandwich.  Love it.

gils 7

Around here, people like grinders.  One of the best is a grinder from Gil’s in Rutland.  They have a Hot Italian Grinder that has peppered ham, Capicola, salami, provolone cheese, shredded cabbage, tomatoes, pickles, onions hot peppers and seasoned oil on the inside of each side of the home made roll.  Yum!


I love coffee and would love to have like a Barista coffee center.  I love the above ideas on what to use to decorate a coffee center.  That cabinet is from Target and costs less then a bakers rack.  I love the chalkboard and that is on Amazon.  I collect coffee mugs and that mug rack is kind of neat.


The above is my inspiration for a coffee bar.


I love a grill for outside and the above set up is just awesome.  What a neat idea!


I love waterfalls and there are some neat ones in Vermont and also some nice swimming holes as they call them.


A really nice place in Vermont is Manchester.  All kinds of little restaurants and awesome shopping areas.  They have a bakery called Mother Mericks and it has the best donuts ever.


I would love a cup of tea with a slice of the above cake.  It looks like there is a garden view with fresh flowers on the table from that garden.  I think that photo is from an Austrian tea house in Johnson, Vermont.  I saw some flowers like that today outside a farm on a little table near the road that were for sale.  I almost bought them because I just love garden flowers and they just make a table look nice.  I have bought them there before and just loved them.  They lasted a long time.


Well, it’s late and I guess that I have to call it a day.  So over and out from Vermont.